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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Four Years! Wow!

4 YEARS!!!  I can't believe that it has been 4 years since Noah was placed in my arms!!! Wow!  I have been so emotional as I think in gratitude yet again to the Lord and to St.Lucy Center and the country of Taiwan for the HUGE blessing of Noah! :)  To Go be the glory great things HE hath done! :)  Children are a gift from the Lord! :)  The most amazing gift we could ever be entrusted with ! :)  So now some pics of our day yesterday!  We had plans originally for a small party and different things and those plans had to change, but we did have a wonderful family day together and I pray Noah was blessed and felt the love from all of us on his special day!

Began our day with extended bathtime!  It amazes me the difference in bathing Noah now than 4 years ago.  Then he was petrified!  Now he BEGS for a bath.  It is playtime but really learning time for him! :)  I love to watch him play!  I am sad I do not always think about it like this and sometimes I am caught up in things and either skip the bath or am frustrated I must stop and take time for this.  How stupid I am when I feel that way. Such an opportunity to learn from my son! :)  

Then it was off to Bowl and Grow Bowling League registration!  Noah will be in a little league every Saturday morning! :)  He will have a coach and a few little teammates!  Yesterday they just let the kids bowl for free after we registered them and it was Noah's first time bowling with no ramp to push the ball down!  I have to say for having never done it I was quite impressed with how he just jumped right in and tried and all :) He did great! :)  I can't wait to see how he grows and changes during this year's league! 
Next we got some lunch and then we were on the the park! Noah had a total blast! 

He is more and more agile!  I can so see that he has come so far with his physical therapy! 

After playing on the play equipment a bit he asked to play in the splash pad!!  He has such joy when he gets excited! :)  loved watching him! :)
Trying to redo the gotcha day picture of the 3 of us :)  

This was hillarious!  Trying hard to get a family picture using my phone and me take it while in the picture!  did not go well as you can see! LOL  never did get a good shot!

Then we were off to the ice cream parlor!  First time ever at one for the boys! :)  They loved it :)  LOOK at Noah's MINI banana split!  HUGE lol

A few random shots from the day! :)  The ones of Noah cracking up in the van just make me smile!  Was not sure I could even get him as I drove down the road like this but he and daddy were playing and giggling and I knew I wanted to remember that forever :)

It amazes me how much this sweet Panda boy has grown and changed!  I look at pictures and video of his first week home and I am amazed!  he was so tiny :)  I miss my baby Noah so much but I LOVE my Noah right now so much!  I think I can't possibly ever love him more and then the next day I do! :) 

For those who have never seen or want to see again!  Our actual gotcha day video and pics are in this video along with other things!  the music is great too :)  Enjoy!

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Robin said...

Happy 4 years Noah and Family! I loved the video. Noah was an adorable baby and he has the same sweet face now:)

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