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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PRAISE \o/ Praise \o/

November 27, 2007
Hi all :)
Well, I wanted to update yall. Today Bobby and I went and had our individual interviews with our local agency. :) It went very very well! :) He said that as soon as we get our references to them which anybody who feels led to write one can but I need them by tomorow night! :) Anyways, we need to get those to him, and our short physical paperwork and a financial record thingy and give him all that on Friday when he comes for the home visit. He said they are already workin on writing the homestudy and the way he talked they are approving us, so as long as they are ok with the house and all and with the financial things then it shoudl be done and we will have an approved homestudy good for 2 years in Louisiana. Then they will send that to our international agency and they will add whatever they need for Taiwan and then on and on we go :) God has so moved. We were able to pay the entire $800 today when we went in :) It was so good to be done with all homestudy fees now. We had already paid the clearance fees and sent off the application fees. It is amazing to me what all God has done so quickly. :) On top of that the application and the fees FINALLY arrived at our international agency just minutes ago and they called and talked to me! Noah is OFFICALLY matched with us so long as the homestudy goes through :) based on what was said today and all by our local office :) I am so excited :) They said that within a week or so I should get some updated pics and information about Noah! It is so strange how I am so thinking about him all the time and wondering if he is ok and such! :) They are mailing us more paperwork to fill out and more things to get done :) There is so much to do and so many fees and it seems things have slowed down but we are BELIEVING and waiting on God to show off some more :) If I let myself thing about that we need thousands and thousands of dollars I get very overwhelmed but if I can just go day to day and work and think of ideas and such and do ALOT of praying I do better. PLEASE be in prayer with us and ANY ideas you have for fundraising please let us know. We have 25 boxes of chocolate bars that we are trying to sell and we have to get them sold soon so we can pay the invoice. Please pray God blesses that. Also we have the homeschool books for sale and other books. We are working on getting some subway punch cards to sell. I am tryin to organize a Christmas Eve Dinner Plate Sale to shut ins and such but I have to make sure I have enough help to deliver and all :) And I have to figure out how to cook and all and get it ready around a family Christmas at 2 at Bobby's eldest sisters house. Anyways, not sure if that one will work out or not. Also several have said they will help with a bbq plate sale at some point and I thought of a spaghetti plate sale too. Anyways, any ideas are most welcome :) Anyways please keep it all in prayer and remember the homevisit Friday at 1:30 and also pray that I can get things around here the way I want them and all :) And please pray that I can find support group or and more resources for babies with Fragile X Chromosome Syndrome. :) And as always remember Noah in your prayers :)
Merry Christmas!!!!
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. :)
TamiJoy~Helpmeet to Bobby :)
Mother to Celeste (19) and adopting Noah (6 months, FX, Taiwan)
and the children of our hearts to come!
Please pray for our Noah in Taiwan!
I will bless you and give you many children; I will keep my part of the covenant that I made with you. Lev 26:9


Anonymous said...

I guess I am an answer to your prayer. I have 2 children with fragile X syndrome. My son is 11 and my daughter is almost 9. I blog as well and it focuses on fragile X. So feel free to come peruse my blog or email me with questions. (My email addy is on my blog :) )

Good luck and God bless

Too Blessed to be Stressed said...

Did you check out any yahoo groups?
Our soon to be adopted daughter has microcephaly and I found a group for that.

YIPEEEEE TamiJoy!!!!!!
I LOVE seeing GOd open the doors for an adoption!!!!! COME HOME NOAH!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Here's a link to lots of fragile x resources: Best wishes to you on your adoption journey!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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