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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Boy!

Noah is some boy! :) Today we had an appointment with his pediatrician because he is sick yet again. He had to have a finger stick, blood drawn from his arm and a TB skin test done. My baby boy did NOT CRY at all with any of these! I and the medical staff were shocked! I was especially shocked because when they drew the blood from his arm she had to move the needle around to dig for the vein after goin in because she missed it. I have had to have that myself and it hurts! But not one tear or even hollar through the entire thing! They said he was some boy! heehee :) I was a little concerned that he did not FEEL pain? what on earth! So then we have to have a throat and nose swab done. NOW comes the screaming! Noah has a thing about his mouth and nose. I am about the ONLY one who can enter and I doubt with a swab by even me! heehee So they got to see him in all his loudness and took several of us to hold him down. Then next was chest and sinus xrays! OH BOY did he NOT like those. I had to set him down though I was holding his arms and standing right by him. He bucked and everything. That was an adventure! Anyway Noah has been diagnosed with Asthma that is allergy induced by comeing to America is what she thinks. He also at the moment has bronchitis as well. THANK GOD NO PNEUMONIA which Bobby and I were fearful of after last night! They are also doing an iron study because his iron was low again. Noah weighed in at 25 pounds 8 ounces! That is a huge jump from last weigh in! He is 33 inches tall! 2 inches growth since last visit! and head circumferance is 18 and half inches. I have NO CLUE if that is good or bad. 25 pounds for a 21 month old sound big to me! Friends say it is little! I have no clue. I asked the nurse, who said ask the doctor, and she said she would look over his chart and tell me later. Whatever! So now I worry! Anyway back to my amazing boy! :) I just love this guy so much! I mean even being so sick he is so loving!!! :) And EVERY single day he says more and more. I just wrote an update on a form for St. Lucy's that goes to the agency to be translated by feb 6th and wish I had waited because he just keeps doing more and more new! There was not near enough lines on that form to begin with! I don't know if it is wishful hearing on our part or what but today it sounded like Noah said What's this!!!! and more than once I heard it so maybe! and Bobby swears he said SEEEE! and he will point at a baby on tv and say a rendetion of Baby! We may just be so hoping he is talking that we are hearing what we want to hear but it really seems like he is trying so hard to talk. I KNOW for sure he is saying hush! :) lol it comes out dush but EVERY time the dogs bark or get in a fuss he yells DUSH! Does that tell you what WE say to the dogs ALOT! heehee I am so amazed at my son every day whether or not he is really speaking or not. He just does more and more each day and he is so busy with learning and living! I was especially hurting earlier and I kinda half jokingly said Noah go get me a diaper form the box. Well, he took off in toddler run ( I JUST LOVE TODDLE RUN!!!!) and brought me 3 diapers from the box!!!! What a hoot! It totally amazes me that 4 months home, only 4 months of hearing english, and he can understand so much of what we say! And he can do so many things I am just amazed at! I know a 2 and half year old that can't follow directions like Noah can! I am shocked by him! :) He also can sign eat, more, and water (or a rendition there of with water!) and tonight he copied milk! :) I am so proud of him! :) I could go on and on and on talking about him but I am sure yall are getting tired of listening to me by now! :) here are some pics of my sweet Panda Boy!
This is his arm with the tb test and on the elbow you can see where they drew blood.
Sunday was our 2nd week of Bobby and I being the Toddler Sunday School teachers! Noah at one point actually got down and played! :) Of course Bobby and I were right in the room but it is amazing he played at all because he was so fussy, especially anytime we held or got to near another little one! The yellow corderoy overalls Noah is wearing were MINE when I was a baby, as well as my brothers, and Celeste also wore them! :) I have the cutest picture of her in them on a swing at a local duck pond park here! :) They sure made things good back then! My mom saved a ton of my things but of course alot of them a boy can't wear!

He is always trying to figure everything out! :)
Not sure if you can tell but those of you that love table boy pics , Noah has found a shelf on an entertainment center in the sunday school room that he just loves to climb in! :)
And here he is climbing back out from under an end table! :) heehee
And here we are again with the original coffee table! He still loves to play on that shelf!
He is so into climbing now!! I LOVE this shot because you can see him looking back to see if anyone is watching as he goes to climb with he OBVIOUSLY knows he is not suppose to do! heehee He did not see me and the camera :) lol Never fear I got him before he got up and hurt himself!
We had the Boy's lockin at our house on the 23rd! The theme was Be on God's team and most games and such were football oriented! Noah is too young for the lockin since he is not in Kindergarten yet but since his parents are the children's pastors and it was in our home he got to come! :) He is wearing a football jersey handed down from cousin Bonnie! :)
Not sure if you can tell but he is HOLLERIN at the top of his lungs here! That is a new thing with him! LOL He just screams! Sometimes he will get to doing the toddle run back and forth across the living room with the new scream added in and then Samuel that I babysit some will follow and run and scream and most of the time the 2 pups are right behind them! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! heehee not really! :)
I love this shot! He thinks he is so big in the recliner :) heehee :)
Here is the panda boy who was in his crib when I had to put him in there and he was not too happy about it at first, then he decided to play a bit and finally fell out but refused to lay down! heehee I did lay him down after this and he was so tired it did NOT wake him up! :) Gotta love him :)
The way he is sitting here makes him look so much chubbier than he is! I was so shocked by the 25 pound 8 ounces as he has so slimmed up to me since we got him and I really had thought he lost weight and was worried if I was feeding him ok. Now I guess I can worry I am feeding him too much!
Well, I best get off and get to bed. Noah actually stayed asleep after I rocked him and I was able to lay him in his crib without waking him! I can actually sleep on my tummy for a bit if I get in bed before he wakes up. When he is in my bed I have to be on my back and him in the crook of my arm or he does not sleep. Praying his new meds help him to not cough all night!
I send you all Chinese New Year Blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


Sarah k said...

Ok... first of all.. POOR GUY! Allergies? Bronchitis? UGH!!! I am glad that is it though. It is probably the allergies aggravating the bronchitis too. They should be able to clear it up with a good antibiotic and an inhaler. The inhaler is the real key. I get bronchitis and asthma also from allergies! So he should be fixed up in not time. Josiah is just like me too! Go
I love the picture in the crib sleeping leaning against the bars.. lol. That was GREAT! And He looks so old. OH And 35 lbs? HOLY MOO COW! That is a good weight!!!! You go Noah!

Sarah k

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

OH MY GOSH! LOL I made a big TYPO! Sarah and all Noah is 25 pounds 8 ounces , NOT 35! LOL What a typo! I can't imagine my guy 10 MORE pounds! Wow! LOL I have gone back and fixed it but who knows how many will see it the wrong way first and think I have totally been stuffin the poor baby! Rofl!


lorabelle said...

I can promise you one thing. I will never get tired of hearing about Noah and all that he is doing NEVER! I love visiting your blog and seeing the pictures of our Panda Boy and all that he is up to. Hope that the asthma thing gets figured out and his allergies get better. Keeping you and Noah in my thoughts and wishing him well again very soon.

The Family K. said...

Apart from the awful bronchitis and allergies, it sounds like Noah is doing AMAZINGLY well. I can definitely hear the proud Momma tone coming through - and proud you should be! Your little boy is doing fabulously. And for the record, I think your friends are wrong. He's not tiny from the sound of it. Consider, too, that Noah would measure and weigh much heavier and higher on the Asian growth charts. Way to grow!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Poor panda boy. Hopefully he's feeling better soon! 25lbs seems like a pretty healthy weight for a 21 month old, but oh my, he is passing up Gracyn quickly!!! I'm with Sarah, he picture of Noah sleeping leaning up against the slats is cute - they do look chubbier laying down!!!

brazzel6 said...

Tami, I am so sorry Noah has been so sick! Hope he is doing better! As far as the 25 lbs, that sounds big to me. I have a
29 lb. 38 in. 3 yr old that will turn 4 on Sunday! I worry every time I go to the dr. that weight will be an issue, but as long as she is growing they seem fine with it all!!!! So, personally, Noah sounds fine to me!

Love all the pictures! He is so handsome!

Ramona said...

33 inches tall???? Are you serious? WOW. My 4 1/2 year old just hit 39 inches. Noah is looking so mature in just 4 months and he's so handsome! His life must be agreeing with him. I know what you mean, these little people have picked up on the English language so quickly! I'm astonished.

Lindsey's mom said...

I am glad he is better. Just my mom and nurse hat..they really should not diagnose allergies till at least age 2...of course obivious ones happen. He weighs more than Lindsey who will be 3 in May..she is 33lbs LOL! Hang in there with him..the upper resp stuff will get better. The one thing is he (sorry) may be allergic to the dogs...sorry but remote possibliity. HUGS!!!

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

Tami, He is getting cuter by the day! I have bronchitis right now. It is awful! I feel for your little guy! I hope all is well w/you!! missyou!

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