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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mom's Little Sweetheart and such

I wanted to share a bit about our FIRST Valentine's Day with Noah home! :) I just am so loving all the holiday's that last year I celebrated in sadness because my baby was a world away and put his gifts up in the crib to WAIT and this year he is here and so blended into our hearts and lives! A friend said to me the other day, its like he has always been here! :) Anyway, Daddy worked so it was a pretty usual day but when daddy came home we had gifts and supper and dessert and just time together :) I must say that it is so hard to find cute boy's clothes and things for boys for holiday's is worse at times. I did FINALLY find Noah a little tshirt for Valentines after having spent over a month looking at tons of sweet little GIRL outfits for valentines! I normally try to do onsie's because pants just don't do well on Noah but sometimes you just have to deal! lol I LOVE what the shirt said and it was definitly not girly so it was a go! :) and he did walk out of the pants before the night was over :) heehee Also at the end is a video where Celeste and I gave a gift to bobby and y'all get the pleasure or punishment depending on your perspective of seeing it! heehee I can't believe I am actually showing this to anyone but here ya go! :) heehee

My two little sweethearts! :) Celeste scares me to death sometimes playin with her "Bubby" as she has termed Noah as of late but he LOVES it! :) Made for a great shot! :)

Noah playin in his little tikes garden! HE LOVES this toy! :)

Here he is sorta waving! This is such a cute new thing! He waves bye bye and hi or HEY which he says ALOT now! When bobby comes in at night Noah jumps out of my lap and FLIES to the door and as bobby is opening it he is jumpin and screamin HEY DADADADADA heehee so cute

Not a good shot but had to jump through hoops to get it at all, but this is Noah giving Bobby his FIRST EVER valentine from a SON! :) And I had to go all over the place to find one that said from your son that was from a little boy and not a grown son! but I succeeded!

Such a beautiful child! :) Yes I know he is a boy and I should say handsome which he is as well but he is also beautiful1

the pants were too big and twisted and he kept putting toys in them! lol

he loves this toy and he bounces on it all the time :) and then sometimes he throws it! :) or just sits on it and watches ELMO!

here he is fixin to throw it! heehee you should have heard him grunting as he lifted it! :)

Here is Noah eating his Valentine's Cookie! :) He loves to eat!
Yes Noah is cryin in the background of the video because the only way we could do this for bobby was to put Noah in the high chair to watch us. If he was down he would run and scream at my feet for me to hold him! :) My little man LOVES his mommy to hold him and is VERY jealous when she has to do things with Jei Jei or someone else! And he waited long enough for a mama so that is understandable but sometimes mama has to do other things and we needed to do this for daddy! :) and no tears were involved in all that crying by the way. Weirdest thing to me how he cries like that at times but no tears! Anyway he is fine and I picked him up as soon as it was over! :) Ok, so here is the video!

WE send you Blessings and Kisses in the WIND!


Kelly said...

My boys are beautiful also. They can be handsome when I have to marry them off :o)

Tina said...

LOL...tooooo funny...wish I had thought of that!

Sarah k said...

Woo hoo!! love the shirt!! lol... too cute!!

Sarah k

The Family K. said...

I agree: holidays are so much more special w/the little ones home.

I love the dance. You've got some moves, there, lady! And Celeste strikes me as such a charming, fun young lady.

Tish said...

so glad you guys had a great celebration of love!!! the shirt is cute!

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