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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Noah has been diagnosed with Eczema! Poor guy! At least we finally have a reason for his constant itchy skin and rashes and such and the specialist seems to know what she is doing! AND I GET TO BATHE him daily again! The old pediatrician told me I was bathing him too much and making his skin dry. so she said every other night, that didn't work, so she said less baths and on and on. Poor Noah. I know how much a nice bath makes me feel better! So anyway he now is to have a warm (not hot , not cold) bath daily and have cream rubbed on him from top to bottom! :) Baby massage :) He loves it as we already have done one rub down :) Anyway I am so happy to be able to bathe him more regular and feel lke a better mom and to help his itching would make me feel so much better :) He has to have special soap, special cream, etc but it is all worth it to give him the sweet soft non itchy baby skin he deserves! :) I fixed the video in the St. Patrick's Day post so yall can scroll down and see it now. Sorry bout that. Computer went nutty. No pics right now but I will have some more soon! We are off after nap to check out a bakery for Noah's birthday cake! His birthday is coming april 19th! :) HE WILL BE 2!!!! Can you believe it? Seems like he wont be a baby anymore then but he is still MY BABY!

We send you blessings and KISSES IN THE WIND!


The Family K. said...

Awww... poor little guy. We're no stranger to skin issues around here, so I feel your pain. I wonder if it was the eczema that was waking Noah up?

Ruth said...

So glad you have a diagnosis and treatmet to help. Being itchy is no fun! I hope relief will come soon...

momwithfaithandhope said...

Poor Panda boy. My niece has such severe eczema that it makes me hurt and itch to look at her skin. Poor girl sometimes has to wrap her hands up with bandages to go to school. Don't forget about your clothes, his bath towel, etc. being laundered in detergents and then hugging on him which may be enough to make him itch! Hang in there Noah!

Paula Perry said...

poor guy, Sarah has the same problem its a nightmare. i get her allergy sorted out for one thing then another pops up.
Try keeping a food dairy and seeing if anything flares it up, its often to do with food allergys.
Good luck, i am glad he likes the rub down, sarah hates it. unless she does it herself...which is very very messy, and i get alot of the cream on me. take care Pxxx
ps it would seem that a lot of Tawainese have skin problems like this...

Kerry Shealy said...

My two year old had terrible eczema until he was 18 months. I took him off of milk because he had a fever and his eczema was almost completely gone in a week! It would flare up if he had milk products, so it was easy to see what was causing the eczema. It's definitely worth a try (to take him off of milk) and see if it works...if you haven't done it already! Btw, he loves soy milk...
especially the chocolate soy!

Mel said...

he'll be 2???? no way, how did that happen??!!
sorry to hear he's got eczema. i know this sounds kinda nasty, but until my kids are about 3 years old they only bathe once a week (clean genitals, face and hands several times a day so). babies and toddlers's skin doesn't get dirty or sweaty like ours does, so they're really fine with a weekly bath.
hope and pray noah heals quickly.

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