Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! :) Being a family with a large amount of Irish in us we are big on St. Patrick's Day! :) We joked today that now that Noah was part of our family he was Irasian! :) heehee One thing for sure that he is, is a McCutie :) I love the little outfit I got him for today! :) We have all had our fill or our Irish meal today :) I made Corn Beef with potatoes, carrots and celery and our peanut butter sauce that goes with it and we had potatoe rolls! :) AFter supper some friends came by after Bobby had to go to work and we had chocolate cake adn strawberrry pie for dessert :) It was a yummy day though not good at all for the waist line. Here are some pictures and a video to share. Noah is hard hard to get pics of now! He will turn and you get an ear, the back of his head, or he just stares, but smile for camera NOPE. Noah has had a fussy day on and off as you can tell from the video, he laughs and he fusses. I have been told to try and get him to tell me in some way what he wants rather than just pick him up so you will see some of that in the video. He is such a funny little guy, I wish I could get that more on video but it is like he knows I am taping and does not want me to at times! Pray for Noah as he is having a rough night and was up about an hour after he went down and cried and cried and did not want to be rocked or anything and he pushed me away when I tried to rub his cheek which he usually likes. I am not sure if it is teeth or what. He has his first molars all comeing in but 2 are halfway through and the others have just broken through so maybe they are still hurting as they come more and more in. Poor guy. Also he was very burpy which is unusual for him. I did finally get him back down but I am worried about him :( Praying he feels better in the morning. We go to the skin doctor tomorow about his dry dry skin and rashes. anyway without further ado, pics and video below :)

Mr. McCutie aka Panda Boy! :) MY BABY BOY! What a face :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) The banner hangin between dining area and living room! :)

lol, we are so into our tongue now! He will pull me to him to kiss me and kiss me ane then stick that tongue out! lol he is a character! :)

Here is our front glass door with shamrocks aplenty! :)

Naptime! :) Rocked to sleep with mama! :) I LOVE this time of day :)

This is Noah with his friend Samuel! Now this was a comedy me tryin to get a good picture of the 2 of them! THIS is the best and Noah's eyes look wonky! :) Half the time he was getting up during the shot! He did not want to sit and pose! lol

Jei Jei, Daddy and Noah! :) All in there green! :)

this is me trying to get a shot of the onsie shirt! :) The only way I could get him to be still and see what is said! :) He is layin on my legs in my lap in the recliner :) He was smiling so big RIGHT BEFORE and RIGHT AFTER the picture! ugggh!

Supper Table set! as you can see my 20 year old is dyslexic in alot of things! Look at the silver ware! No matter how many times I tell her how to do it she almost always does it backwards and then is like huh! lol

By the time we got the camera durin supper Noah was throwing an Irish/Asian FIT! Not sure exactly what set him off but he is furious with us because we won't let him throw the plate! He has tried just as Celeste ran to get the camera so she came back to this face! :( Tears my heart out to hear him cry but I just dont think I can approve of THROWING plates! It is his new thing! You never know when, sometimes its 2 seconds into a meal, sometimes midway, sometimes at the end but he is into throwing the plate and the bottle! Lotsa training ahead of me I think!

This is Noah with my friend Tina! It was so funny, He went up to her and reached for her which is not the norm for him, especially with someone he does not know well. He has not seen her in a good while so I was shocked! So she starts doing itsy bitsy spider with him and he gets this look like what have I done! heehee He wanted up there and then was not sure why! :) go figure!

Ok, so I tried all day to get him to wear this little hat I got him and before I could get a picture every time it was off, but then tonight after he was in jammas he starts hammin it up with the hat! :) it was really cute with the hat and his st. paddy's day outfit :)

So cute :)

Where's Noah! :) Its a bit big! :) heehee

Top of the mornin to ya! :)

Tipping head back to try and hold it on! :) heehee

This video is long and probably boring in parts! Noah signs a little in it which is great to get that on video :)


Mel said...

fun fun, your dinner sounds yummie. noah is as cute and adorable as usual. like his new haircut - did you cut his hair?? we had corned beef, hash and who knows what for dinner ( i'm vegetarian, so i skipped), since hubby is irish/german heritage( US citizen so) and looks forward to st. patties day all year. desert - breyers mint/chocolate ice cream was deliciosos so, giggle.

Expecting Good Things said...

You DO celebrate St. Patricks Day! Thats cool. I feel ya on the throwing. Breelyn throws EVERYTHING! She has amazing accuracy. :)

Melissa said...

The first pic I said, "wow! He looks like his daddy!" then I stopped and remembered he's adopted :) lol Just shows how much a part of your family he is now!

The throwing must be a phase. My nephews would do it at that age too. Now their baby bro does it. He'll stop if you keep after him.

lorabelle said...

Love the video! it really shows a lot of Noah's personality Tami.
He is so cute and he is changing so much! Love seeing him so at ease, happy and laughing... I've been trying to get Allie girl on video as well, but when I pull out the camera, she would rather just ham it up instead of doing what I'm trying to get her to do! Now at least I know that I'm not the ONLY one! LOL
Keep enjoying your Panda boy!

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