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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IN THE RED, WHAT a doctor's visit!

Hi all,

Thanks for those who have been praying and checking in on Mr. Noah! :) We went to the doctor this morning and yes he has pink eye and they say in BOTH eyes! Not sure why they call it pink eye because his eyes are red and the lower lid are BRIGHT BRIGHT RED and goopy! One eye is worse than the other but both are not good. Prescriptions to take care of that. So Noah awakes this morning feverish and fussier than ever. They exam him and he has another sinus infection and also bad bronchitis with wheezing again. They decided to give him a breathing treatment there! I told them that he hates it but dont think they quite expected what happened! heehee So the nurse hooks it up, puts mask on him and he at first is in a kinda of shock state I guess cuz we have never done it somewhere else ya know. So he at first is cryin tears and just a little cry and then starts SCREAMING big time. She leaves! LOL I was like THANKS! SO I begin the exhausting battle of trying to get him to let me do it and him squirming and kicking and pulling it off and lookin at me with those eyes to HELP HIM and dont do this to him :( tears me up when I have to do something he doesn't like for his own health :( So then another office lady comes in and she is tryin so hard to help, she brings a dum dum lolipop NOPE not working, she takes the mask off and just try blowin in his face, he gets worse tryin to get away from it. I think I ended up breathing more medicine than he did! finally I had to hold him and she would help hold and wave it by his mouth and nose. So then they tell me he is back to every 4 hours at this point! So I am in for some major work outs to come. They are saying they think it may have been allergy induced with all the pollen and yuck here in Louisiana and he is just not use to it yet. He has never been here before in the spring. They said it may be a good year home before his body and immune system get use to all that is here. They are still not saying for positive he has asthma for life and I so pray he doesnt. Anyway, they are a wonderful office of wonderful folks and they really seem to love Noah! :) It is amazing. He had to get a shot, which he did NOT like and then we came on home. He is actually napping so this is good. Please keep him in prayer that he gets over all this quickly. Still have NO CLUE where he could have got pink eye but they said nothing to worry about. My eyes are kinda itchy but I wonder if it is my mind!

no pics right now but I will try to get some later today if little man is feeling better.

we send yall love and blessings and KISSES IN THE WIND


Sarah k said...

Wow Tami, Both eyes AND a treatment AND a shot.. poor Noah! He had a rough day indeedy! And now every 4 hours... we will pray that Noah gets use to it just in time for him never to have to return to the treatments! Our God is a faithful and Great God and He can heal those lungs!!! Hang in there mama!

Sarah k

Mel said...

smellablogging?? lol, you crack me up so bad.
sorry to hear noah is sicky. pink-eye, fun fun. we just went through pink-eye last week.
hope and pray he gets to feeling better. love them pics - at the posting below.
take care and God bless,'mel

The Family K. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you. We just did that horrible nebulizer torture at the doctor's office not that long ago, so I really feel your pain. TV is your best friend when it comes to the home treatments. I pray good health and good patience for all of you.

Kelly said...

Poor mama! You hang in there. Sayin a prayer for both of you.

lorabelle said...

Poor Panda Boy and Mommy!
My kids hated the pink eye drops, but they work rather quickly! Good luck with that Tami! LOL-
when it rains, it poors? Just one more thing... Hang in there, next week will be better!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Poor baby. Hang in there Mama! Your arms are going to be super strong after holdin' him down for treatments. Praying for good health! AND no itchy RED eyes for anyone!

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