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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noah Cuteness and PINK??????

I wanted to share some shots of Noah in all his cuteness! He is SOOO hard to actually get a picture of with him smiling and such. It is like he KNOWS what the camera is and he just won't cooperate :) I have TONS AND TONS of pictures of his ear and the top of his head! heehee

this was hard to get and it is not good but I had it in my lap while playin with him

my curious boy :)

so cute :)

Just love that boy! :) He is so fun :) and has the sweetest disposition most of the time and tries so hard to help. He definitly prefers to be at home as to anywhere else and when he is not home durin nap time things get difficult! It is so overwhelming to me to think he has been home 6 months and at the same time that has it only been 6 months! In some ways he acts like he has always been here and in others I see that he still does not trust that I am not going to go away. I want so badly to give this little panda boy all the love and security I can. I hate the panic mode cry he goes into when he thinks I am leaving. Which mind you I have never done. I do NOT leave him. The closest is to go in another room while he is in room with Daddy or Jei Jei for a brief time. He got some upset the other day when Celeste tried to dress him while I was in another room that he was almost hyperventilating. I just loved on him and pointed out see mama came back, I was just in the other room. I think is some ways he has regressed a bit as of late and I wonder if he might be testing us a bit. I pray we pass! anyway he is the most beautiful thing and I am amazed at how helpful he tries to be to be so young!

We love to climb on mama so I just kind turned him upside down! HE LOVED IT! :)
And I THINK we have a case of pink eye. My friend Leesa was here tonight and she says its pink eye so tomorow we go to doctor. I could not get a good shot of it but you might can tell in this one. I have NO CLUE HOW ON EARTH he could get pink eye! Poor guy is extra fussy this evening since this started and is runnin some fever. I am worrieda bout him and am anxious for to see doc tomorow.

I wanted to share Noah's Birthday party Invitations! I can't believe I am at the point of planning his birthday party and that he is gonna be TWO! WOW! And that I will be blessed enough to actually be WITH him ON his birthday! :) We settled on a party at a kindermusik place with an Elmo Theme! :) They made the invitations for him and I LOVE THEM! All my St. Lucy's mama's out there of all Noah's buddies! Anybody wanna go on a trip for a birthday party?? :) heehee Anyway wanted to share some of the invitation with yall :)

This is the front of the invitation! Noah had a FIT over it! :) He LOVES Elmo!

This is a cute poem she wrote. I hope you can read it but just in case you can't It says It's Noah's Emo Birthday!!! And he is turning Two! Elmo's here! We're here to Cheer! Let's come adn play and do! You're invited to his party, so come and have some fun! We'll sing and play and have a ball, Till all is said and done!

This is the inside with some fo the information whited out for security and such.
Well, I am going to try and sleep since Noah is asleep. Praying he rests much better tonight than he has the past few nights and he had no nap today so he needs rest.
WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


Jennifer said...

Aww I was hoping "PINK" meant adopting a girl!!!!!!

Sorry for the pink eye that is NO fun!! My kids got it from a cousin who they THINK got it from the WAL MART cart :( That was the only time she had been out of the house!

The Family K. said...

Oooh... Fellow Elmo-loving William would love, love, love to come to Noah's party. Why does America have to be such a big country? Can't wait to see pictures of the big day.

lorabelle said...

Wonderful new pics of our Panda Boy! I have to agree with Judy, I wish that we could come too because Allie would love it!
Still giggling about our texting yesterday... Hope that Noah settled down for you while you were at the doctors office. They pick the worst time to throw their fits, don't they? LOL
You are an awesome Mommy Tami

momwithfaithandhope said...

Bummer, I thought Pink was going to be about Noah wearing his sissy's clothes, or you adopting a girl, but not Pink eye! No worries, you can take care of that pretty easily. Just don't touch his face and rub yours. It spreads quickly. But you can recover quickly too! Love the Elmo invitation! Peyton loved Elmo at that age. Can't wait to see pics of his party!

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