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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kid City and ReAdoption HELP

Today was our first day meeting with the stay at home moms playgroup! :) They met at a place called KID CITY! This is a 4 story playscape at a local church open to the public for free. There is a starbucks on site as well but it also has snacks and juice and all kinds of stuff for purchanse. The playscape was not exactly toddler appropriate though parts of it were doable and it was tall so I could stand and walk in parts of it and climb and crawl with Noah! LORD HELP MY BODY! lol :) It was nice to meet some other moms from around the area and a couple of others with toddler boys just a bit younger than Noah! :) He really seemed to have a good time! There was a part of it with balls of all kinds, soccer, basketball, kickball, regualar kids balls etc. He LOVES balls so he was thrilled with that! :) I have some pictures to share below :) Hope you enjoy them :)

now for the ReAdoption HELP part! So when we got home with Noah we called our homestudy agency to do our readoption our Taiwan agency said we needed to do and were told that in Louisiana we dont need to do that and we need a recognition of adoption. So we have been working towards finding someone to help us with that and then today find out, no we need a readoption. UGGGH So then they are talking a total new adoption process as if he had never been adopted, that he is not our son as far as LA is concerned and such. I am FLIPPIN OUT! I am told to contact homestudy agency again, who say they dont understand why we would have to start all over but if so then we need a lawyer and not them and they give me a name to contact and such. So we are trying to figure out what to do. Basically they are sayin we have to do it as a private adoption but its really not, and then its not an agency cuz our Taiwan agency is not in Louisiana! I am like good grief. We have a finalized adoption from the court in Taiwan and they gave us our son! What's the big deal! So now I am despretly trying to figure out Louisiana Adoption law when it comes to IR4 visa and what we need to do. So I come across some stuff that says we need to do a Finalization of adoption which they say is a readoption, but not like starting all over and not needing the $3000 retainer lawyer. I have NO CLUE at this point what is write to do. I just know I want my adoption legal EVERYWHERE. I want my baby to have his citizenship and his Louisiana Birth Certificate and that be that. I want him to have all he needs and I dont like feeling like I can't do what he needs. I mean I know we will it is just really confusing right now. Have any of you adoption buddies out there done a readoption? especially if it was on an IR4? What was the process? did a lawyer go to court with you? any advise is most welcome. I wish I knew someone who has been through this in Louisiana! Please pray all this gets straightened out and that we can raise money quickly if we do have to do the whole thing over and HOW to do that and and and... Hey I may sound nutty but you should have heard me before my friend Lora calmed me down! Thanks Girl! I love ya and am so thankful for ya! Anybody got any miracles up their sleeve please send them my way!!!! Also please please continue to pray for my friends Shonette and Darrell and baby faith! They have to come up with alot of funds very quickly to get this little angel home! Thank you so much to those who have taken my $10 challenge to help them! Keep it up!

Me and my boy actin silly this morning! :)

Balls, balls, balls! :) Can you see the big grin???

I stold Jei Jei's hat! :) heehee

WOW mama! heehee

Noah and I IN the playscape! :) so fun! :)

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Sorry I haven't e-mailed you back yet! That play structure sounds amazing! Wish I could help with yoru Readoption questions, but it's so different in CA. Actually, pretty simple. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


check out yahoogroups and you will find a InternationalAdoptLA which is state specific. Perhaps they can help you with your questions.


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