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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Boys! :) Panda Boy and Frog! :)

HI All :)

Well I got update pics of Jeremiah tonight that were taken in early April :) YIPPEEE :) He appears to be sleepin in them which is so sweet :) I also was told about Vista Printing and I got some free items ordered there today! I have pics of some of the things I am ordering, the new pics of Jeremiah and pics of Noah :) Had to share Panda Boy and Frog! :) I am still kinda in shock that in the not so distant future I will be saying The Boys ALOT but for MY TWO SONS! WOW! :) I can't wait till they are together, till we are all together! I have been a bit discouraged on the financial end of things but I know I went through times like this on Noah's journey and look what all God did! It is going to happen and we are gonna be so taken aback yet again as God begins to show off! :)

This is a free yard sign that I have to put out front :) Maybe folks drivin by will see it and maybe go to the blog and donate!

Panda Boy still has a cold but is SOO into the camera and "tryin" to smile and lookin into it when you take picture. Isn't this the cutest thing :)

I said cheese and he did THIS! :)

look at that face :) lol :)

I love this sweet smile :)

ok, so we look up the other day as we are all in livin room and Noah has climbed up on his horse! this is a first for him to figure out how to get up there : ) so cute :)
another shot on the horse :)

This is a free banner I am gonna have to put up when we are at fundraising events :) I did not save it again after I added the blog address to it but it also will have that ! :) I can't wait to see all these things in person :)

And here are the NEW Pictures of Jeremiiah :) He is so precious :) I can't wait to pick him up and just snuggle :)

Here I am wonderin if he is havin a bad dream. The face looks so sad :(
Jeremiah my sweet froggie boy! Mama and baba and Jei Jei and Gege love you so much :) We are trying so hard to come up with more and more ways to get the money to bring you home honey! Hang in there sweetheart and KNOW you are on our hearts and minds every second of every day! I LOVE YOU and I send you KISSES IN THE WIND!


The Family K. said...

I know I felt the same way when I could finally refer to my kids as "the boys." It's surreal, isn't it?

Yay for update pictures. Jeremiah's hair just invites you to run your fingers through it.

June Berger said...

All the pics are great, but I love the ones of Jeremiah! He's so beautiful! I know the funds are always a source of concern, they were for us too. We know we have a loving God and that He will provide for our needs. It's so frustrating to know that so many more children would be adopted if it weren't for the high cost of adoption :o( . But that too is part of God's plan, even if we can't understand it. Praying for your finances.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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