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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Difference Four Years Makes! Happy Anniversary Binky Boo!

Wow! The difference FOUR YEARS can make! Four years ago today, April 23,2005, I married the LOVE of my life! Bobby has been the MOST amazing husband. I have never been so loved! :) He has given me all he can to make me feel adored and precious to him! :) He is my best friend and my husband. He is my coparent in raising our children! :) I am so increbibly blessed! I thought I would share a few pictures with yall :) AND I had an idea. Today is FOUR years since we married so how bought a $4 challenge for Jeremiah! For Anniversary gifts I want my baby boy! :) heehee So I challenge yall to give $4 and for EVERY $4 you give I will enter you name 4 times in the Giveaway drawings of your choice! :) This is only for today in honor of the most amazing FOUR years of my life! EVERY dollar counts to bring Jeremiah home, so if 10 of you give $4 then we have $40. That is a fed Ex fee! :) If 50 of you give $4 that is $200! THAT is what I need to rent space at the boardwalk and have something to sell while I am there to fundraise for THREE days where ALL the people are! You never know! 50 people could give $4. :) Anyway, on to the pictures! And if you haven't seen already ,below this post are pics of my sweet baby boys! Both of them! New pics of them :)

Bobby and I at the Fountains after our dance! I may not have been a YOUNG bride but I was a very nervous one! :) heehee :)

This is me durin pictures at the Church. Folks were cutting up to get me to laugh :) heeheee

Here is the small folks that were in our wedding :) What a time it was :)

As it is 2 am I could not find the most recent picture of Bobby and I so I thought I would show one that is 7 months old! This was taken by my freind Jackie right before we walked UP THE STEPS to St. Lucy's Center and our Son, Noah aka Panda Boy! :) Who would have thought then that 7 months later I would be fundraising like crazy again to go BACK up those steps to another son!!!

Hang on Jeremiah sweetie! We are coming darlin! We are comin! till then catch our KISSES IN THE WIND!


lorabelle said...

Happy Anniversary Tami & Bobby!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

The Family K. said...

Congratulations on 4 years together! Who knew that in 4 years, you'd be parents of 2 going on three kids?

Ramona said...

Happy Anniversary! You've made such a wonderful family and I love the pictures!

Empty Nester said...

Happy Anniversary friend! It has been an amazing journey for those of us who have had the privilege to share in it with you! I remember that day, all the days before, and the amazing ones after!!!!

Doug and Terrye said...

What a joy to be married to your best friend! Truly a blessing from the Lord :)

Terrye in FL

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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