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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cup a Cup a IT FIGURES...

Well, Pand Boy, Mr. Noah FINALLY has the oral skills to drink out of a sippy cup! YIPPEEE! He has decided upon the ONLY kind he can and will use! :) What a big boy :) He is doing so well with it! We still have our bottle and rock rock with mama for nap and bedtime but are using the cup most of the other times. This cup was given to me along the journey and Noah LOVES IT NOW! It is a NUBY and the top is made out of silicone like a bottle nipple material but has a sippy cup spout with the two little holes. So I go off yesterday to buy MORE Magic cups since we now have cups he will use. In all the town I can only find 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGH apprently NUBY is changing the top to be silicone but a straw like nipple to it. Guess who does NOT like that and won't use that. Guess who will ONLY use the other kind of Nuby that appears they are phasing out! YOU GOT IT! IT FIGURES! lol So we have only 3 cups, now that does not seem like as bad as if we only had 1 but I need him to have more than 3 cups! LOL First off, he threw ONE of the cups out of the shopping basket UNDER shelves at walmart NEVER to be seen again, so umm now its 2 cups! EEEK! I am gonna try another day to see if I can find THE CUP again! LOL Anyway now that I have shared all that here are pics of my baby boy using HIS BIG BOY CUP and trying to use a spork! :) so sweet :)

This was taken the FIRST time he ever actually drank out of it! I had been trying different cups and putting them on his tray with water during meals and so far he would try, get mad and throw it! This specific cup has been thrown before but this day I am sitting there beside him as we were all eating and watching a movie and I hear the sucking sound and I about killed myself to get the camera when I realized he WAS DRINKING from it! :) Go Panda Boy! :)

My sweet man with his cup and spork :)

Look at him really tryin to use the fork :) He is getting sooo big!

another adorable shot!!!!

Jeremiah sweetheart, your big brother is learning so much here at home and he is so ready to start teaching you all he knows! :) EVERY time he sees your picture on the yard sign we have or anywhere he has to stop and kiss you! :) He loves you already! :) Mama and Daddy love you too and are working SO HARD to come up with ideas to raise the money we need to come and get you little froggie boy! :) Until we get there catch my kisses in the wind sweet love!


brazzel6 said...

Tami, funny but those were the first cups that Kensli used, too. She loved them! Sorry to hear that they are so hard to find!

Your newest little man is darling!

Ruth said...

Hi Tami - those were the ones my girls transitioned with too! I can't believe they are phasing them out. We have a couple of the straw ones now - luckily Ryan really likes those... Good luck hunting down the sippy top ones.

From the Heart said...

Loved your post. How I miss having babies around. Not only are my girls grown but now my grandchildren are getting older and bigger. Our grandson will be 16 in a few weeks and our granddaughter will be 11in October, but they still like to have hugs. Them and their mom and dad brought dinner today to celebrate my birthday which was yesterday and of course they all had to have a hug.
They are just growing up to fast or I'm getting older too fast.
Thanks for sharing yours,

The Family K. said...

Way to go, Noah! What a big boy!

If I happen to see anymore of those Nubys in the local stores, I'll try to pick you up one or two.

Anonymous said...


Munchkin makes a similar cup with a silicone top, just the cup is a little smaller. You can get the Munchkin cup at Target.

momwithfaithandhope said...

YAY! He's onto the cup. I think we still have those here in CA. I'll look for them too!

Mel said...

what a cutie. see he has a new haircut - fit's him very well. praying for ya and adoption #2.

lorabelle said...

Yeah for big boy Noah! It is wonderful to see how much he is thriving! He sure is a cutie pie!!! Allie didn't like those sippy cups, but it sounds like many kiddos do.

Stacie said...

Walgreens has the same type cup, they are 2 for $3.00 and are in the baby aisle.

Ramona said...

I just love hearing about the strides our kids are making. Jaden is just now getting the fork and spoon down - seems like such a small feat but when your child is/was developmentally behind, it's a HUGE feat! So, Congrats Noah for such a big accomplishment!

Lindsey's mom said...

We have so many of those..Target had some in Anchorage just last week. Check them out.

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