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Monday, May 18, 2009


Lotsa First have happend for Noah in this month of May! :) The first being that of course he was HERE for the first time in May! It is so overwhelming as things in life happen that are yearly and the time comes and NOAH IS HERE! and It reminds me last year at this time he was just a dream waiting in an orphanage! Waiting on a hope and a prayer for GOD to fulfill HIS miracle of bridging the ocean and bringing my baby boy HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in awe still. WILL I EVER not be? I hope not to be honest. May we never forget what God did in gifting us with Noah and I am so blessed to be in the Journey to Jeremiah and having the honor of watching Father God SHOW OFF once again! :)

Ok, on to pictures :)

Here is Daddy and Noah! :) Just before goin to the first birthday party (other than his own :) heehee) that Noah has ever been too :) He actually went to 2 this month but the 2nd one the camera battery died so no pics :( the first one was taken on Celeste cell phone cuz the camera got left. I am so thinking I need a CAR CAMERA! lol that way when we are rushing I ALWAYS have a camera! heehee

Here is Noah's FIRST ICEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is big in our family. Celeste remembers getting an ICEE EVERY time she got poked at the doctor! heehee This was at the birthday party! He could not figure out how to get that ICEE up the straw but he loved it on the spoon :)

another shot of ICEE TIME :)

FIRST ever FAIR and Merry go Round ride. WHAT an adventure! He would have NOTHING at all to do with the horses so I tried the bench, just go get him use to is you know. Well, he SCREAMED bloody murder! We had to stop it. You can't see it here but he was havin a fit! and has a death grip on me!

First ever juice pouch. Now this looks so cute but he actually wore way more than got in his mouth! Back to sippy cup for a bit! :) heeehee

First fair food :) YUMMO

POINTING to ask for MORE FUNNEL CAKE! First time and he loved it :)

french fry in one hand, funnel cake in the other :) heehee
watchin daddy to see what HE is eating :) heeheee

Here's my Jeremiah frogie boy! :) Thanks to my friend Mel for making this sweet picture off one of his pictures! :) Is that not adorable!
Hold on Jeremiah sweetie! mama and daddy are doing EVERYTHING we can to get to you as QUICKLY as we can! God is a BIG GOD honey boy! He is SHOWING OFF already for you. He loves you and so do we. HOLD ON :) and while you wait , catch my kisses in the wind! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Empty Nester said...

I am thinking that you have a lifetime of firsts waiting for you to experience!

From the Heart said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing for children who have no mom nor dad nor home. May God bless you and your family and may He bring Jeremiah home to you soon.

My Journey to Hope said...

Congratulations on your new blessing! I wanted to invite you to stop by my blog and enter my Birthday Giveaway!


lorabelle said...

Lot's of firsts! He sure is a happy boy. Gotta love the funnel cake in one hand and the french fry in the other...Allie has a hard time "respecting the pouch" too! LOL. She can't help but to squeeze the pouch or the box. We're sticking to sippy cups for a while as well.

Patti, Zach and Molly's mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... just wanted to stop by yours and meet you. Your babies are beautiful! God bless you and may the Lord bring Jeremiah home quickly!!

Expecting Good Things said...

Awww. I love all the pics of Noah. And that pic of Jeremiah that Mel did is Completely Angelic. I really love it. Icee's Rock!

Mel said...

beautiful "firsts"!
great pictures. your noah is such a handsome young boy.
praying for you and a quick process to get jeremiah.
now what's an icee? half the world talks about it and i'm sitting here scratching my head. oh, i could google it, duh, lol.

Ramona said...

Wow. What an incredible week for Noah! He's just coming along by leaps and bounds! He'll be a great big brother to that precious little Froggie Boy.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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