Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial on things with us

Happy Memorial day to all of you out there! We visited a church yesterday that had an AMAZING Memorial Day Celebration and was very touching. We were quite blessed! Tonight we will eat some bar b q and just enjoy each other :) Noah and I will run and get some things for me to cook here in a bit and also make some copies of our Jumpin for Jeremiah flyer! I am getting so excited about that fundraiser. I am praying now very hard, please join me in prayer. I want to adverise it up and prayerfully it will do VERY VERY WELL :) Here is the flyer I made. I doubt you will be able to see it too good but you can get the gist on here!

If you live anywhere close and would be willing to pass out or put up flyers for this event PLEASE let me know and I can get a flyer or flyers as the case may be! I think this is gonna be a wonderful and fun night!

Noah seems to be maturing by leaps and bounds as of late and it is totally amazing to me! :) He is still talkin and talkin. He is tryin to say most things we say, even if he doesnt say it right he makes a sound to try and mimic us :) It is funny the things he can say that even strangers understand and then the things he can't seem to say. For instance he can say his version of Hallelujah! Now complete strangers can understand that is what he is tryin to say! :) Aint that a blip! :) this little bitty guy and a big word like that :) But then other small words he can't say. and some things he says like down is more just the d sound. and eat is the e sound. and more is MO lol :) and sometimes ma not sure with that. He says mama very well:) YIPPEE :) was a time I feared I would never hear those words! now he does not say it all the time but he can say and say it well :) He says Daa ee for daddy! :) sooo cute :) He is still signing some words and it so cute! He is INTO everything and he is tryin to climb everywhere! He still seems to have some major depth perception issues. he steps out on the front steps and we have to hold a hand because he wil just leap off! He does not and will not walk down a step at a time. He just seems to think he is gonna land where he is suppose too. This has happened when he has climbed up a bolster thing at Kid City. He turns around and expects to just step right back where he started, not climb back down. weird! lol and on the edge of my bed, he seems to NOT be able to understand that beds and chairs have ends to them and you will fall off! I am gettin good at running and catching!
Noah is definitly mr. Music! HE LOVES music and will be found dancing anytime he hears it :) tothe delight of anyone around :) sooo cute :) we spend the evening at some friends home last night and they had some miraccas and he just had a blast making music with those!

On a not as pleasant note it appears surgery is a possibility again for Panda boy! :( Mama is less than thrilled but wantshim to be safe. Pediatician says he has kissing tonsils and there is VERY little room for him to swallow, or breath through them. He thinks this is why he snores and at times appears to gasp at night. He also thinks he might not have as many choking issues with food if they are removed. We have an appointment with his ent on the 28th so we will find out more for sure then. It scares me to think he is havin trouble breathing! I wanted into ENT sooner but it was not to be :( ugggh

I am wondering if his other issue has something to do with the tonsiles. Noah will shove his hand in his mouth and make himself throw up. It is not when he is upset necessariy, it can be anytime. very very odd :( The other day I am driving a 20 minute drive and I heard the sound and I am talkin to him and telling him take your hand out and keep lookin in rear view mirror, well when I arrive he has throw up all over him and the car seat :( he does not even make alot of noise with it. I am wondering if he feels those big tonsils and he is tryin to rub them or something.
Well, I am on my laptop so that flyer is the only picture I have for today. I will try and post again soon with some Noah delight :)

I will be drawing for the avon gift set tomorow so if you want your name in the drawing please donate today! In honor of memorial day I will put your name in drawing twice for each $5 you donate to Jeremiah!

And this is the last week for the Target $50 Giftcard Giveaway!! I will draw for it on June 1st! :) So if you want your name in that giveaway please make a donation of $10 to the Jeremiah fund! I will also do a special for today Memorial day of 2 entries per donation of $10. We covet all your help and donations with all our heart and we hope some of these giveaways are a small way we can say thank you! :)

Please be in prayer for all our fundraisers, for ideas for fundraisers and for helpers for fundraisers. We are supposed to Walk for Jeremiah on Tuesday to try and sell some on the home and garden fundraising sheets. Please pray for folks willing to come out and and walk with us ;) Also for our baby bottle fundraiser :) Anyone can be involved in that. Basically you save your change in a baby bottle and when full you donate that to The Jeremiah Fund!

I pray you all have a blessed Memorial day and a fun time with your family at least at some point on this day :)

Jeremiah sweet baby boy. Mama aches to hold you in her arms, to snuggle your sweet baby neck and just smell your precious smell :) I KNOW that the day is coming soon! I KNOW our God is able baby and just hold on! We are working so hard and we are doing everything in our power to get the money QUICK! Till we get there baby catch my kisses in the wind!


From the Heart said...

God bless you and your husband for being so willing to take children who so desparately need help.
My prayers are with you,

The Family K. said...

It sounds like Noah is developing by leaps and bounds. I so hope that he won't need more surgery. Poor little guy. I'm praying that your fundraisers will be wildly successfuly.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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