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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noah's surgery and hospital adventure

Noah had surgery monday morning about 7:30 am central time. He had to have his tonsils and adnoids removed as they were huge and causing alot of problems. The ent also decided to check on Noah's tubes and see how they were doing. Turns out the left tube was clogged with the same gunk that caused the original problems and they had to clean it out really good. He says Noah will have to have them cleaned in office every 2 months his wax issue is so bad. They came and got me as soon as he was in recovery so that he would see me first thing when he woke up. Funny, last time I begged for that and the nurses and all that day said it was NOT possible or allowed, this time I did not ask, and this group of nurses came and got me on their own cuz they knew he had only been home for 9 months! Go figure. Anyway I got to be holding him the first time he opened his eyes and was singin and rockin and talking to him before he even did. That was wonderful. They and I tried to get him to take bottle or cup but he wouldnt. They said he woudl when he gets home and they were away and all. We were home by 9 am. Well, not too long after Noah starting throwing up. They had said that might happen and not to worry unless it was alot. Well, it kept up but then stopped and he slept a lot. by 2pm he had not had a wet diaper all day and would not drink or eat a thing. I called the ent at that point and they said he had fluids during surgery and would be ok as long as he could drink by night. They called in phengran suppositories to stop the vomitting. So the day went on. He would either sleep, cry or throw up all day. Well, by evening he woke and wanted a drink and to eat a bit. So I was hopeful that the naseau from the anesthesia was gone, no such luck. He began to violently throw up, almost like convulse looking. It really began to scare me. I called ent line and got a message if emergency call your primary doctor. I called pediatrician and got the nurse on call and she said go to ER. So we did. they decided to try an iv with fluids , the meds he had thrown up all day and some more nauseau medicine. He had thrown up all the antibiotics adn pain meds and such. They thought they could get it in him for a couple hours and go home. They had FIVE failed attempts at putting iv in him before finaly the 6th time worked. POOR GUY! He was SOOO good. He barely cried at all, just a bit on and off but not like you would think. Evenutally when he still couldnt drink they just admitted him to hopsital and sent us up to peds. Things slowly began to improve. He has had alot of fluid adn antibiotics and such. Last night after a final iv dose of antibiotics they let us bring him home. We left about 9 pm. He was holding fluid and food down fine yesterday afternoon and evening. Well, this morning he woke up, ate breakfast and threw up! UGGH. I called pediatrician and he wanted to see him so off we go to docs. They gave him a shot for naseau and some more meds to bring home and said to keep him calm and quiet and go very slow on liquids and then add food again. Watch for signs of dehydration again and go from there. He has done better since we have been back though is drooling alot which is not normal for him. Anyway, please keep him in prayer as he continues to heal and all. Below are some pics for yall :)
This is in the admitting waiting room :) He was mr. personality at 6 am

Here are our matching bracelets! :)
Noah and "melmo! :) heehee

I thought this of him with hand on hip was adorable :)

gettin our gown on! :) He is already been given some meds!

Now the "funny drunk" time begins! :) He would just laugh for no reason! :) heehee I just held and held him before I had to let him go in to surgery.
This is later that night back at hospital in ER. He so does not feel good :(

FINALLY got the iv on 6th attempt. He was poked in both hands, both feet, both inner elbows. This was the last place they wanted to put it cuz the one in surgery that morning had been there and they did not was to do it on such a sore spot.

This is Noah when feelin better the next day sittin on cough playin with gift that one of his therapist brought when she came to see him :) See how they have the foot wrapped? to keep iv goin they had to bend foot down and put it on a board. He could not get up and stand or walk at all. HE was not thrilled about that when he felt better.

the lighting is bad but its Noah and Daddy!

This is a picture takin of Noah and I in a bouncy at Jumpin for Jeremiah! I have a bunch to share later when I post about the event. Did not have time before Noah's surgery and so will catch up later with a post about it and Father's Day and all. I will say the turnout was very low but Jumpin Jupiter was beyond wonderful and gave ALL they made that night. $140! I have a check to send direct to our agency! EVERY penny helps so we are thrilled!

We felt like we had Jeremiah with us in spirit because as we went to Noah's room at his surgery THIS frog was on the door! :) Also when he was admitted to peds there were frogs on wall outside his room up there! So frogie boy was with us in our hearts and little reminders!
Jeremiah sweetie pie. Mama aches to hold you in my arms and just stroke your skin and work your muscles and just let you know how much we love you. Your big brother keeps pointing at your picture and kissing you :) He loves you already just like we all do. Hang on sweet boy. SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY we will get the money and we will come and get you home! Catch my kisses in the wind sweet baby boy!


Ruth said...

So sorry to hear that Noah is having such a rough time. I hope the worst of it is over. I wouldn't worry about the drooling, I was 12 when I got my tonsils out & I still remember how much it hurt to swallow anything, so he would probably rather drool than swallow. Poor little guy, prayers that he is feeling better very soon!

Kelly said...

So glad you finally updated! Glad that he is better now. That pic of him with his hand on his hip is halarious!

soontobemomof9 said...

There is a surprise for you on my blog! :)

Kat said...

I'm so glad he came through surgery ok! He is just adorable...poor sweet little one!

From the Heart said...

Wondered what had happened to you. You are still in my prayers as are your family.

The Family K. said...

What a rough day. I'm so sorry for all of you. Still, it's good to know that the surgery should hopefully put Panda Boy in a more comfortable place down the road. I hope you all get some good sleep tonight. I'm sure you could use it.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Sorry to hear you've had such a difficult time. Hopefully Panda boy will be back up to speed soon, and in the long run will be healthier!

lorabelle said...

Poor baby boy! My heart just aches for our Panda Boy. It's painful enough without all the extra things that can go wrong...
Lots of hugs and kisses coming your way Noah. Feel better soon!

Wishing you added strength too Tami. I know it's emotional and heart wrenching seeing your baby in pain and knowing there isn't a lot that you can do. As many icy pops and ice cream that you can get down him with help soothe his discomfort.

marina said...

Tami - I know how hard it is to have you child go through surgery - my oldest went through an appendicitis. Poor little Noah with his foot all wrapped up. He really is so sweet. I can't believe how much he's changed in the last year. Thanks for following our journey again - it's so emotional remembering it. I remember Noah at St. Lucy so very clearly. He has really blossomed with your love!!

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