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Thursday, October 22, 2009

LONG Post and oodles of Pictures!

I thought I would post a bit and share some pics from the last little while! We have been busy with my mom in the hospital and working on raising funds for Jeremiah, Some family in town to see Mama and just life, sickness, you name it.

My Neice had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and Noah MET the big mouse! He LOVED him as long as Chucke did NOT hug him! heeheee More pics from Chuck E. Cheese later :)

Here are some pics from spending time at the hospital with my mother :) Notice the earbud in Noah's ear! :) He kept getting up to watch Jei Jei on the computer :)

such a serious face :)

he is givin her an eye here! heehee Wonder if he unhappy with her choice :)

so adorable

look how he is watchin the computer!

climbin over daddy to get to what we want! :)

crayon rolled under, I gotta find it! heehee :)

LOL determination! heehee

THIS made Papaw Harold's day! Noah FINALLY reached for him! :)

Aunt Dorothy sayin bye to her sister( My mama)

LOVE this shot of Papaw sayin bye to Noah! :)

Papaw and Noah :) This is the man, by the way where Jeremiah Harold gets his middle name! Hang on Papaw, another little one is on the way! :)

This picture has a story behind it! :) I had the camera in my hand. NOah climbed up in my lap, POINTED at the camera and posed! LOLOLOLOL

Mamaw sayin bye to Noah

This was on the way to a kiss :) heehee

These are from an afternoon at Bobby's oldest Sisters house. Nannie Beth is more than 10 years older than Bobby :) She and her husband (Poppy) are the grandparent roll in Noah's life and will be Jeremiah's!

Noah stole Poppy's heart. He gave Bobby this fire engine for Noah. Poppy had the fire engine for years and it does ALL KINDS of things! He wanted Noah to have it! Poppy is a FIRE MAN! He says when Noah is bigger he can ride on the Fire truck in the Christmas Parade with him!

Nannie Beth huggin Noah. Not a great shot.

Here is Noah reading Poppy's magazine on the couch :)

I wish I had a shot of Noah with Nannie Beth and Poppy's tv. It is a HUGE Tv and had football on it! Noah had a FIT! :) a good one! :) HE LOVED IT :)

More shots from Chuck E. Cheese. Noah is totally into Balls and Trucks! lol somehow he KNOWS he is a boy! heehee

Doesn't he look so big! :) JEANS are adorable :)

climbin up to the slide :)

peekin through :)

umm honey, you need to SIT on the slide! heehee

vweeeeee He LOVED IT! :)

Noah huggin the birthday girl! :)

He LOVED the ridin toys this time! :) sooo fun :) He kept havin us put him in again and again :)

Birthday Girl Nana pickin Noah up to hug! heehee

He LOVES this elmo hoodie :)

We asked if he wanted to go bye bye to get him to look at us! He waved! heehee

PLEASE pray for our newest fundraising venture. One of Noah's Therepist came up with an idea to try and get schools to hold Jeans Days. I thought OH we can call it JEANS FOR JEREMIAH! I LOVE IT! So we set off calling schools. Well, what sounds like a great idea to us not so much to others at least so far on the public school front, BUT I have a friend whose son attends a private school not far from here so we called them. Well, God was definitly in on that decision because the Principal is an adoptive mama herself! We have an appointment Tuesday morning to meet with her all about POSSIBLY doint a Jeans for Jeremiah Day! We meet with her and she goes to the school board and they have to agree to it. PLEASE keep in prayer this meeting and approval. I feel like if we can get this school on board it will help to get others! :) Then we could call and say such and such academy is helping us out with a Jeans for Jeremiah and we were hoping yall might like to help too or something like that! :) Here is the LOGO thingy I made , what do you think???

Please keep little Jeremiah in your prayers. I feel so bad that he sits in Taiwan waiting for us to get our acts together and come get him. We have to have about $3000 in about 3 or 4 weeks so that our case can go to court. PLEASE pray for favor and that we can raise the money quickly. We have a candy sale this saturday at Sam's Club. Please pray it will do above and beyond what we have ever done. Also we are going to talk to walmart about letting us have a day there. PRAYING they will. When we did a day there with our Church kids we raised over $1000 in one day! That was a few years ago before the economy was so bad and folks seemd to buy much more! Also please keep the Camcorder for Jeremiah fundraiser my friend Amanada is running for Jeremiah! And we are still running our $50 Target Gift Card Giveawy till Thanksgiving! That would sure be fun for someone as a Christmas gift!

If your kids go to school and you would be willing to ask your school to sponsor a Jeans for Jeremiah day please email me

Please continue as always to pray for Jeremiah and against seizures and that he will receive the BEST medical care possible while he waits. Please keep St. Lucy Center in your prayers as well. I know the Typhoon affected them in some ways and they have so many little ones, so many cases to be working on while lovin these angels till they come home! :) Taiwan as a whole I am sure could use prayer as well! Praying against anymore typhoons. Think they have had enough!

Thanks for caring and for the prayers!

Jeremiah sweetie, Hold on tight little man. Keep workin hard in your therapy and soon Jesus will bring us to get you! We can't wait to see you frogie boy! Until then, catch my kisses in the wind!


Ramona said...

I just love that picture of Noah giving his sister 'the eye'! It's so cute! I'm glad your mom is doing better. What a wonderful family you have.

Kelly said...

JonStevin has learned how to pose for photos also now. It's just way too cute. Still sending tons of prayers your way.

Lisa said...

So many pictures....all of 'em cute...not sure I could pick just one!

I'm praying that sweet baby boy #2 can come home ASAP and that this current fundraiser is a success!!

:) Isn't Chuck E Cheese a paradise for little ones??


Party of Seven said...

What a cutie you have there! congrats on waiting for your second son! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Shea said...

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You have a beautiful family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Good Luck!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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