Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Prayers and Pics

HI all :)  I wanted to ask y'all to be praying for us tomorow as we have another Candy Sale in front of our local Sam's Club.  We NEED this sale to be BIG.  We did not do as well last time as the time before and it was hard and upsetting, though we are thankful for EVERY PENNY we did make.  Please pray tomorow does amazing.  Pray in agreement with us that God will Show Off in a BIG WAY with the sale and funds coming in for Jeremiah in other ways too.  Also, PLEASE pray for the Target Giftcard Giveaway Fundraiser this week.  I am suppose to draw the winner on Thankgiving and then announce it on the day after.  At this point we have not had much interest at all and I am seeing that it was NOT a good idea.  This is the LAST week to enter so PLEASE if you have $5 or more to spare and want to take a shot at winning a $50 target gift card, PLEASE DO :)  Hey it is gonna be really neat for someone to come home from shopping on the day after thankgiving to find out they have $50 target card on the way to them! :)  Someone has to win, might as well be you :)  Now onto sharing some pics and some excitement in our day today :)

This is so cute to me :)  A lady at our Church wanted a picture of Noah with his neck showing so we took some without his shirt.  He is such a cutie :)

Isn't my boy handsome!? :)

Noah LAYS on my alot with all his weight!  He will stand by me in my chair and then LEAN on me!  That child is HEAVY!  lol

Excuse the mess but I thought this was so cute.  Noah is "reading" to Sam!  heehee  He would smack the floor and say his version of sit!  lol

We got a surprise in the mail today from my friend Lora!  She sent me a box with a donation of some coffee's (that smell AMAZINGLY GOOD to someone who doesn't drink coffee, heehee), some bags, a mug and some candles to help me make up some gifts to sell at the Show we are going to have a booth at.  It was SUCH a blessing and I can't wait to see how it goes.  I am VERY nervous about coming up with enough stuff to sell to keep us at the booth for the full two days and bring in the money!  In additon to the things for the fundraiser she sent happy's for my kiddos! 

Here is Jeremiah's! :)  Is that not the cutest frog :)  I LOVE IT!

Celeste LOVES her earrings that she got! :)  She is like "They're Dangly! "  lol  apparently she "LOVES" Dangly earrings!  heehee

And my Panda Boy Noah got a real fur baby panda!  It is the CUTEST thing, it snores, it cries, it moves!  It has a little bottle and everything.  This picture Noah is giving the baby a kiss!

This one he is feeding the baby panda! :) Is that not the cutest thing!!!! :)  It was HILARIOUS, he took the bottle out of panda's mouth and looked at the nipple, turned it back over and hit the bottom of it tryin to make the liquid come out! LOL  He is TOO smart!  We tried to explain it was pretend.  Not sure he got it but oh well! 

Jeremiah got his FIRST LETTER today in the Mail!  It came addressed to him and all! :)  It was from my friend Joy and it had the sweetest letter! :)

sooo sweet :)

Please do remember to keep us in prayer.  It has been over 7 months on this journey to Jeremiah and we are not in court yet.  Fundraising is so much harder this time.  But I know there must be a reason.  I KNOW the Lord used our Joureny to Noah to teach ME and so many others so many things about who HE is and so many other things.  I love this song and at times when I am exceptionally overwhelmed I really relate to it.  There is a part in it where it talks about sometimes you have to loose, well, I am going on record as saying I am not saying I think I am gonna loose the overall goal of raising the money and getting to Taiwan for Jeremaih.  I KNOW SOMEHOW that is gonna happen, but not necessarily the way I THINK it should.  sometimes my fundraisers will loose, they will flop, they have, quite a bunch of them! BUT, I have to keep trying and trusting and doing ALL I can.  So yes, tomorow I will get up and go and sit at Sam's all day and evening and try to fundraise and play with my Panda Boy!  All I have to do is look at him to KNOW that  dreams DO COME TRUE! 

I really like this song.  And our climb is the process, the fundraising, the preparation.

I get ashamed of myself when my faith gets shaky, when I look with earthly eyes, when I compare what I think it should be with what it is, when I WORRY about HOW is this gonna happen!  It really upsets me that I can't just REMEMBER that GOD IS ABLE!  Music is HUGE in my life!  It is how I feel the Lord.  It can change my perspective on this very quickly when I get some praise music going and start singing.  I can't waith for our "Get your Praise on Benefit Concert"!!  I NEED it :)  Anyway, when I get with the music and singing truths and opening myself up to God there is not better place!  I wish I cold have praise music with me eveywhere I go!  Anyway, this song says it all, I will look with eyes of faith, I will prepare things for Jeremiah's homecoming, because no amount of money is going to keep my boy from coming home!  I KNOW taht with MY GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  I pray this song fires you up like it does me!  So click play and PRAISE!

Jeremiah my sweet angel boy.  Mama feels SOO guilty baby.  I am so sorry it is taking us so long to get to you sweetie.  I know right this minute you have no clue that across the ocean you have a mama and a daddy and a jei jei and a ge ge that love you soo much and are working so hard to bring you home.  That there are so many folks who are doing so much, to make sure that YOU, my little frogie boy, get to come home!  Jesus promised you that He has a plan for your life little man and He does!  I can't WAIT to see how He uses you for His glory baby boy!  Hold on tight sweet baby.  When you feel air across your face, baby boy that is mama's breath riding across the ocean by the power of the Lord to send you my love and my kisses in the wind!  I'm comin as soon as I can...


The Family K. said...

How sweet of Lora. She has such a big heart.

Watching you struggle against the odds and come out victorious time and time again is an inspiration to all of us. I'm also looking forward to seeing God show off in a big way, too.

Lisa said...

Oh Tami, don't get discouraged or feel shame that your faith has been tested along this journey. Any of us would have the same hard days & have had 'em!

You AMAZE me with your unbending faith and belief and your capacity for LOVE!

Prayers coming from Illinois!!

Aus said...

Prayers for a great sucess today!

hugs aus and co.

lorabelle said...

You are SO welcome. I know that every little bit helps right now.
It was great to see Celeste enjoying her earrings and our Panda boy himself, enjoying his new panda pal. Can't wait for the day we get to see Jeremiah with his frogs!
Keepin ya in my thoughts!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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