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Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Adoption Day..My Day and feelings...

Today is National Adoption Day!  I had such great dreams for this day.  We are working on our 2nd adoption at this point.  Adoption has touched my life in a way that I could NEVER have imagined even when I had such great dreams about it, they do not compare to the miracle of our lives!  We had a fundraiser planned today at Sam's Club.  Now, It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving AND National Adoption Day, what better day to hold and be hopeful of an even better than ever amount being raised.  Well, this day did NOT turn out at all like we thought it would.  We arrive at Sam's today mindful of how things went last week, and that we had been moved to an area that was far from the door and had affected our sales, We set up at that location anyway, knowing that it might affect things, but praeryful that God would make up the difference.  Well, not ten minutes into the sale someone comes out and informs us we have to move.  UGGGH ok, now if you remember from last week, we were moved multiple times that week each time further away so I was not excited to hear yet again we have to move everything again.  They moved us to a point that noone could see us and the only folks even possible to hear us was like 1/20th of the parking lot as they walked from that area.  The girls were REALLY mad about it and were like why not just tell us to leave.  I thought this as well, but thankfully I did not voice it.  I did ask if there was a way to get something in writing to let us know once and for all WHERE we were suppose to be so that we could make sure and be in the right place and figure out a way to draw attention to us if this was where it was.   That request was never granted.  But we stayed at the place we were told though it made things very difficult because this place had no way to block in a safe area for Noah, so hence having to hold a squirmy 2 year old.  On top of all this it chooses today to get BONE COLD!  and rain and mist off and on!  After almost 3 hourse we had raised only $20.  Bobby sent me, Millie and Noah off to do errands for Thanksgiving and he stayed.  He said he did not want Noah and I sick.  Celeste went to her boyfriend's family Christmas and Noah and Millie and I did our errands and Bobby stayed and froze for hours more.  In the end the final total raised was $99 and 9 cents.  NOT the $520 or more we had so hoped and prayed and anticipated.  I am extremely thankful for hte $99.09 we did raise, but to say the least I am disappointed.  BUT, I have to trust that God has a better way!  My earthly eyes cannot see it, but I KNOW it is there!  I know the Lord gives folks the gift of giving.  I KNOW he leads folks to give and I will trust that he will do that in this case or he will lay it on someone's heart to offer a personal loan or something.  I HAVE to trust that HE has it in control.  God wants me to depend more on HIM in this and not on ME!  In my mind when we scheduled last Saturday this Saturday and Tuesday I had it figured at about $500 each sale for $1500, half of what we are pass due on payin the agency.  I was so excited that we would not have to worry about that half, Well, apparently US selling candy was NOT where it was to come from because it has not.  I need to remember that this is about God and how HE chooses to help us do this!  I need to think outside the box.  It is not fair of me to put God in a box and say to the Father of the Universe basically, umm Father I have scheduled these sales to get this money and this is how we are raising it.  umm NOPE.  Forgive me Lord for taking control here.  What we made today is a blessing from God!  If I trust my God, then I trust that HIS WAYS are the perfect ways.  Anyway, thank you for letting me share this lesson I am learing today!  I hope it makes some tiny bit of sense to someone.  I have NO CLUE how we are going to come up with the rest of this $3000 in time, but GOD DOES!  I am going to spending ALOT more time in prayer asking God what HE wants us to be doing to raise the money!  We have a sale scheduled on Tuesday.  Noah, Sam and I will not be going with Bobby.  It is not safe the way things are for the boys to be there for any length of time.  Whatever Bobby is able to make in the time he is there we will be so thankful for and we are praying for direction of our next steps here.  So yes, this day did NOT turn out the way I THOUGHT it was suppose to, but that is not necessarily bad.  The Lord promises to work ALL things for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to HIS purposes!  We KNOW God called us to Jeremiah and to orphans, so we will count it all Joy.

 In the midst of all this we had a JOYFUL day with our Miracle of Adoption Noah WesLee Sisemore!  He is such a Mr. Personality and brought joy to us and everyone in his path today, at the sale, at the stores on my errands, you name it!  I can't tell you how many loud laughs he brought out of me today!  When I think of National Adoption Day I am reminded what an absolute miracle it is that the country of Taiwan would give me this bundle of Joy that is MY SON!  WOW!!!!!  Now, I will copy what my friend Judy did on her blog today!

This is my Panda Boy Noah Nov 20, 2007 waiting in Taiwan.  This is the closest I could get to this date!  You would havethought that hair was gonna be curly!

Panda Boy today, November 21,2009



The Family K. said...

Thanks for the reminder of who we are who God is. So easy to forget sometimes, eh?

What I've also taken away from your post is a confirmation of what a good team you and Bobby are. Not every husband and wife would labor together so diligently and so well. You go, Bobby, for freezing your tail off for Jeremiah!

Happy Adoption Day to your beautiful family!

brazzel6 said...

I just wanted you to know how much you inspire me! I posted on my blog today about believing and put a link to your blog there! Hope you don't mind! I am praying that things will be done above and beyond all that you have asked of Him!

Thanks again for inspiring me!
Believing with you!

Lisa said... be blessed with these children is more than many of us ever dreamed and for more beautiful than we could have hoped for!

I'm sorry the fundraiser was such a let down ~ I hope the next goes differently!


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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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