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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


God's timing is PERFECT and today my heart sooo needed a lift and guess what was in my INBOX today!  PICS of my Frogie Boy! :)

Is he not the most beautiful handsome thing!!! :)  They cut his hair and his Jei Jei (big sister) is NOT happy!  She calls him HAWK cuz of the hair and is QUITE unhappy!  LOL  He definitly looks 22 months old in this picutre!  This was taken January 27, he turned 22 months on the 29th!!! 
I just gaze into those eyes and I pray for them so much!  I know that it is unknown how much vision he will have and the latest update is not encouraging but whatever it is , it is!  We will do all we can to help him be all he can be!

Here is the latest update we have on measurements and medically
12/8/09 20 mo. Height 29.7 in 75.5 cm 
Weight 21.1 lbs 9.6 kg
Head Circumference 15.7 in 40 cm

1/10/10 21 mo. Height 30.3 in 77 cm
Weight 20.7 lbs 9.4 kg
Head Circumference 15.7 in 40 cm

So it appears he LOST weight and the head circumference has been the same for about 4 months, but I am not sure if that is normal or not.  I do know that all his measurements are below the 3rd percentile.  He looks so big in pics but the growth chart says he is a tiny guy. 

Now for Medical:

December 23, 2009: Because of recurrent nasal congestion and his heavy breathing sound, the doctor suggested to have an endoscopy test. The endoscopy results showed that his has no throat problem. His left tonsils was slightly swollen. The nasal endoscopy showed no structural nasal abnormalities. His nasal was clear. There was no obstruction and his nasopharyngeal tissues were very obvious.

December 28, 2009: He had a regular visually-impaired follow-up examination at the Hospital. The doctor said that there was no improvement because the results were the same as the one done on May 20, 2009. His visual response was not good. He eyesight was extremely poor. He did not respond well to the object of sensory stimulation.
December 09: He has a good appetite. He is adjusting to his new and better mobilization splint. He is sleeping better now.
I am wondering about the splint and am thrilled they have gotten him something.  I think it will help with the rigidness and atrophay possibilities that was mentioned in the last updates.  I can't wait to have him in my arms!  I am wondering what all kind of wraps, slings, and carriers I should try to take with me not knowing what will work for him.  I am hoping to get some hand me down ones from folks so I can have a quite a variety to try there when we get him.  I am also DREAMING about a stroller a friend has that I saw on her blog awhile back!  A double umbrella stroller!  Will be good for airports during the trip and all.  Needs to be easy to shut and have each side independently recline or sit up. And my back prays it wont be too short so I have to stoop over!  I am prayin to find one and affordable! :)

Here are some pics of Panda Boy!  He has a chest cold and so he and I are home today, Bobby did emergency diaper and grocery run for me and he and the girls have gone to Church.  We leave town tomorow to go out of town to the Neurologist.  :)  Will also see dear friends and have supper with them Thursday Night which is soo nice :)  Noah ate up the time in a hotel with just Bobby and I last time so I am exctied for that this time.  Also more reward points for Holiday Inn!  We will actually get double the points for this trip cuz I signed up for a special :)  The more points the better, will give us discount when we go to Taiwan and stay at Holiday Inn in Taipei!!! :)  We will stay in Tainan a few nights too but at Tayih Landis so no points to discount that but the Holiday Inn in Taipei is such a blessing since we can use points we have earned to reduce the rates :)  My friend Suzanne stayed there when they got their beatiful Taiwan princess and so we are excited now :)  Anyway, we leave tomorow morning after I go walk!  It is kinda neat, I posted on the playgroup about Strolling Mama buddies and one lady met me Tuesday to walk the mall together.  Since then several more have said they want to join in, so I am not sure how many will meet us tomorow.  Looks like I willl do Tues, Wed, and Fri mornings normally and I hope to have Strolling mama buddies with me each time!  Looks like I started something! :) heehee  Anyway, on to the pics that you really want, sorry so long winded!  LOL
My sweet Dear Daughter Celetste took this and then did some computer alterations to it and all :)  I LOVE this picture and would love to have it blown up and framed if it would work!

we are goin through a stage I guess.  He will get in his chair to eat and does not stay long or eat much.  Screams DEE DEEE DEEE for down.  We get him down and then he goes around cryin for us to give him food!  It is a constant battle, put him backin chair, he wont eat.  So tonight we had french toast and I just handed him a peice.  He ran around and ate it!  NOT in my comfort zone for him to have food walking around but I decided to choose my battles and it made for a much more pleasant evening, especially with him sick.

this is poopy face.  he has such a hard time with his bowels STILL!  Miralax and all and we stil have issues.  Pediatrician is not concerned.  I AM.

breaks my heart :(

I love this shot!  lol  It is like he is saying WHAT?  lol

ok, so Noah shoudl have been a girl!  The child is addicted to SHOES!  LOL He loves them, he will say chew chew chew!  He sees them across crowded stores, on tv, you name it.  He walks all over the house in anybody's shoes!  :)  and he will get it in his head he needs his shoes!  Now we do NOT wear shoes in the house, usually kick them off straight away inside the door.  Well out of the blue when we are going nowhere he will start screaming CHEWS CHEWS CHEWS lol and he just won't give in!  and boy if you are runnin somewhere to say drop Celeste at hospital and I grab him in jammas wrapped in a blanket and put in the car to run her and run back, if he wankes up out of the house without shoes he FLIPS OUT!  so funny to me.  I would not care to EVER wear shoes again!  LOL  course could not really do that but it is so funny to me how he is!  lol  a 2 yr 9 month old boy addicted to shoes, trucks, cars, trains, and balls!  lol

with his love of wheels and putting things in and out he adores his shopping buggy!  It is an old kaybee toy hard plastic one kinda like a little tykes one!  It is NOAH PROOF!  LOL  he has rammed it into wallls and all and it is still going!  :)  lol :)

I have to brag on my daughter for the year!  Millie made Honor Band this year and she made FIRST CHAIR for Clairenet!  I would never have known this prior to Millie in our lives but that is like the BEST to make! :)  Friday evenin we attended her Honor Band Concert!  She was quite excited!

Celeste soo does NOT like to have her picture made!  So difficult to get a picture that is not silly, but I love her silly personality! :)  heehee  She is doing amazing in her Phlebotomy Clinicals!  :)  I can't beleive she will be a Phlebotomist in MAY! :)  I am gettin nervous and prayerful.  There are TWO VERY important dates in May that I HAVE to be here for Celeste, one is her graduation May 14th! and the 2nd her 22nd birthday!  I have ALWAYS been with her on her birthday.  I am praying that our travel come at time we wont be one on those 2 days!  I can't beleive I am even thinking please don't send me at such and such at time, I mean I want that boy and of course we will go the SECOND they say we can!  Just praying that I am able to be here for my baby girl too!  I can't wait to have Jeremiah in my arms.  I would LOVE to have him and be HOME by May 14th but I have a feeling that is pushing things but then again GOD IS ABLE! :)  And the closer we get to summer the higher the flights and the more money we have to raise so lots to leave in GOD's capable hands! :)

I am so excited to share we have begun a Pampered Chef Party Fundraiser, You can shop online or you can come to the party at my house on February 25, 2010 at 7pm :)  It is suppose to be fun and Pampered Chef items are wonderful :)  Please check it out :)

And please remember the Auction for Jeremiah going on our Fundraising blog! :)  We have had some great things donated and I will be adding a Star Treck Original Drawing soon if you know any trekkies! :)  Probably wont get it up there till the weekend, but its coming.  Opening bid for it will be $50.  anyway please check it out and help spread the word!

I will also be putting up some conversation heart pillows to sale!  Need a gift for Valentines Day?  For the Love of Jeremiah Pillows will be your answer :)  They are $5 minimum donation each plus flat rate priority mail shipping which is like $4.90 I think it is! :)  Can probably get at least 2 in that box too, won't know till I try :)

Here are some of the Conversation Heart Pillows!

and some more!

This is a sweetie face pillow but she is kinda heart shaped, I have some other sweetie face pillows that are round and then some cute monster faced round pillows as well as little cute monster stuffed animals.  More pics of them are available :)

these 2 are a set for $10  they are BFF(Best friend Forever) Pillows

this is the back of the BFF pillows :)

for those of you who have written and ask for about my weight loss blog...
here it is

I am just starting it back up but can use all the support and encouragement you might have! :) 

Please if you have a moment during your days or night if you can lift up my sweet Jeremiah in prayer!  I know GOD is the answer to any question and HE can move all the moutians in our way to getting Jeremiah HOME where he belongs! Thank you for all who care for him and us.  I can feel your love from here! :)

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  Mommy's heart is so full tonight because I got new pictures of you to gaze at and see a little bit more of you!  I am so excited because they were taken only 8 days ago!  So neat to have such a recent picture of you and see how handsome you are and know you got a haircut! :)  Hang on tight my little man and rest in the arms of Jesus while you wait and catch my kisses in the wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

So glad you got new photos and an update on froggie boy! Such a blessing!! You are being so patient. . .you will hold him in your arms soon!!!

The Family K. said...

So glad you got these pictures when you did. God's timing is always the right timing, even though with this long wait for Jeremiah it may not seem so. One day it will all make sense. Until then, you're doing a great job working hard to bring him home. Kudos to you, too, for starting the walking plan.

lorabelle said...

SO happy that they sent updated pictures of Jeremiah! He is just as precious as can be, big boy hair cut and all. Tell big sis that she can let it grow anyway she wants to after we get him home!

Celeste did a really nice job with that picture of Noah. That is just beautiful! Of course she has a cute little model to work with, huh?!

Happy to hear that the Mall walking is proving to be a success and you are making new friends. That's a double bonus and good all the way around. Not like you need to hear it, but I'm proud of you! I happen to think the kid in all of us needs to hear that once in while...

soontobemomof9 said...

He is looking good. Can't believe they cut his hair!! Darn... but he is still adorable! You are getting so close to holding him! Hang on mama!

Noah is of course, still adorable! :)

Karrie said...

Congratulations on your update for Taiwan! I know how it burdens your heart to know he is losing weight but maybe he's getting ready for a growth spurt... you know, eat like a bird then like a piggie and back and forth. I know he will thrive in your arms Tami. Please Lord, let it be soon. ((hugs))

alli said...

my chloe, also adopted from taiwan, has had trouble with her bowels from the start. and still does at age 5. email me dallidesigns at aol dot com. i can give you some tips.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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