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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NEW PICS to go with that date!!!!

So How does a good day keep getting better!  PICS in addition to the travel dates!!! :)   I have waited since January to see a new picture of our boy! These were taken at 2:54 pm Taiwan Time TODAY!!!  Which was 1:54 am central time here!  They went and took them special for us :)  Not sure why we have not gotten any in all this time but these are so precious! :)

Now , for a bit more about what we found out about when we go!  Here are snippets from the email from SLC staff :)
              please let the family know we all very    gratitude them ,they are so kind wonderful family
              we love Liang Chung,he will go his forever home ,
              I will ask NANNY NURSE to prepare more information'n't worry ..
              I think they can come here to pick up Liang-Chung  on Jun.7th  AM10:30
             please let me know if the date would be okay
              we would like to  ask if the family can share with us about the adoption in the coming day?
                we will invite our  Sister Tang,and reporters come here on Jun.7th
               do you think it's a good idea?  we just want to share family BIG LOVE with other family
              thank you so much     

So from what we undestand Sister Tang is Sister Therese that is over all of the orphanage and the Sisters that started it :)  We are quite honored they would like us to share about our heart of adoption and what God has done in us and in our journeys!  And how God made these special babies!  To others they are special needs, but in reality they are just special!  I am a nervous wreck, but also excited!  :)  LORD use me as a mouthpeice for all who will see this now and in the future! :)  I can't wait to hold my newest son! :)  This has since been confirmed that our date is June 7th at 10:30 am!  That is local time 9:30 pm June 6th.  Ait will be either Tuesday or Wednesday.  For Jeremiah's benefit it is probably going to be Wednesday so not as much transition all at once and not straight from St. Lucy's to a train!  Also , because of the date being much later than we ever thought or imagined, the lady who was suppose to go with us as the extra person to film and document what is said and all with Jeremiah's care can't now go, she has a missions trip that week that has been planned a long while.  This is sad to me and her and we both cried to not share this time together, BUT, Celeste graduates May 14th and will be done with Clinicals and all and so she will be GOING WITH US NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She will be the extra person.  PLEASE PRAY her passport gets done quickly.  They are there now expediating it!  You may wonder why we need an extra person but it has been advised and we have agreed with that advise! :)

I am bouncing OFF the walls!!!!!!  :)


Kat said...

WOO HOO! AWESOME!!!! Love the pics! He's getting so big!!!

Envyshope said...

Tami - he is just gorgeous! I am so happy for you! June will be here before you know it! YAY!!!!!

The Family K. said...

Awww... what a beautiful boy. I know I've said it a million times today, but congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. And I'm so happy that Celeste will get to come along, too. With her along, I'm sure you're also going to get some great pictures. I'm so excited that the SLC staff will get to see Noah again, too. I'm sure they'll be impressed by how much he's grown and how well he's doing.

Go get him!!!

Annie said...

Tami! God is good and congratulations on travel!! I am so excited for you and also for the chance to share your "big love" story. He looks adorable and I can't wait for you to have him in your arms.

Rachel said...

Wow! Look at those smiles! I hope you get to go meet him soon!

Room for More said...

This is all so wonderful! I am happy Celeste is coming along and you have a DATE!!! Congratulations to all of you!

Lisa said...

Oh Tami!!!!!

Happy happy tears of joy!! Even your little guy seems to know something big is afoot ~ he looks happy and KNOWS his family is coming AND soon!!

Yay & double yay!!

How wonderful they wish to share your story during your travels ~ and you know what?? It should be shared....over and over & again! Its just that beautiful!!

Sending big hugs!!


Terry said...

Double exciting day in your house! He is so gorgeous! I am so happy for you and I think it is amazing that Celeste will be joining you on your trip to pick him up! Everyone will be together!

Sharing your story, what a wonderful idea, and compliment! Tell everyone is right!!

Can't wait to see the pics of you holding him!! So excited with happy tears of Joy!!

momwithfaithandhope said...

How exciting and what a blessing that God is using you to spread the word of adoption and unconditional love! What an honor. Glad Celeste will be able to join you, it can never hurt to have an extra set of hands and someone you trust and love by your side! June will be here before you know it!

Robin said...

Fantastic!!!!! He is very handsome.

cherished blessings said...

Praise the Lord. Jeremiah is FINALLY coming home! Hooray! He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and prayers for a safe and wonderful trip!!

cherished blessings said...
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The Hernandez Herd said...

I am thrilled for your family. The staff at St Lucys is wonderful and I am sure your son is getting loads of love. Wishing you a safe journey, Victoria

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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