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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Brother Activities!!!

I am in shock and awe that we pull out of our driveway in 2 DAYS to begin Journey to Jeremiah!  I am excited and petrified and worried and stressed all at the same time!  I found out on my weather thing on my phone that there will be storms in Taiwan when we are flying there so I am even MORE petrified than before about the flights.  I am TRYING so hard to HAVE faith and not be scared, but am NOT doing a good job of it.  And to be quite honest when I think about it I am not sure if I am more scared of the plane crashing and us maybe dying or the horrific feeling of fear that whole time.  Last time was horrible to be so tense and so afraid for so long!  And the pain in my legs (prayin this time will be better as I have lovely flight stockings supplied by my dear friend Lora and her hubby!  Great to have friends and docs caring for you across the miles :)  I am blessed in that) and how sick I felt.  I have bought tons of dramamine PRAYING it will help more this time.  I wish I could let go of this fear and just enjoy the ride but it is so horrible to feel that for so long, and then being claustraphobic and feeling trapped as well, but what am I gonna do, go sit out on the wing for a bit so I dont feel closed in!  LOL  Now that would work just fine!  LOL NOT!  even if possible, fear of heights would knock that one out.  I HATE being a fearful person.  As a Christian I am NOT suppose to be this way!  ugggh.  Anyway, we are trying to get packed, figure out what is best to take and all and get the house completely ready and spotless.  My neice was suppose to do an extra cleaning while we were gone but she ended up getting a job and now won't have time.  I remember how exhausted I was after coming back with Noah and how hard things were and so I need it all ready and ready to be slightly neglected if need be for a bit.  also , noah got so sick so easy so I want it basically sterile! lol

So, when Noah got home off the plane my friend Sherry and her family were one of the families there at the airport and they brought him a panda skin from Build a Bear.  They left it unstuffed and said when he was bigger we could take him in to have it done.  So, we decided a few months ago we would do it right before we went to get Jeremiah and he coudl have it as a travel buddy! :)  We also decided to have him make a build a bear for Jeremiah as his gift to Jeremiah when they meet!  We have a train for Jeremiah to gift Noah when they meet!  So we ordered the skin for Jeremiah's build a bear awhile back.  Well, yesterday was the day!! since Bobby is off for Paternity leave now and Celeste had gone to lunch with a friend for her bday and needed a ride home, and build a bear was close by so we met her and picked her up and the family four headed to build a bear! :)
Meet Buddy! :) 

Meet Frogie!! :)

Being stubborn, he had been holding them and then when I wanted a picture would not hold them anymore!

Celeste holding them to try and convince Noah to do it! :)

Both have a lullaby sound in the right arm and both have 4 hearts in them, one for each of us.  Noah would not step on the peddle to make the bear and he would not do anything with the hearts, he did give them a bath , Celeste has some pics on her camera and that may be in them, but she is asleep still so I am posting while I can and have to go with these from my phone!

Here is a video of my Panda Boy :)

Photo and video editing at

Jeremiah my love!  Hang on tight sweet man, we are coming soo soon.  JESUS will keep us all safely to you and then all 5 of us safely home! :)  We love you little frogie boy and until we get there, catch my kisses in the wind sweetie!


MO said...

I love the idea of the Build A Bear. I will have to put this on the list I have yet to start for when we go to pick up our little boy. I think big brother would enjoy picking out something and making it.

Robin said...

What a great idea with build a bear. It is so crazy busy right before you leave. Hopefully you will be so tired when you get on the plane you are able to sleep the flight away. Make sure you get one of those neck pillows...they will help. I am so excited to follow your travels. You are almost there!

Annie said...

Wow 2 days, Tami!! I will be praying for peace instead of fear. I hate that you feel that way, poor thing. Cant wait to hear of your travels. Those Build A Bears are really adorable!

lorabelle said...

Build a bear is so cool! Allie and the boys love going in there too. It gets too pricey when you have 3 who want everything they see though, and it's hard to avoid the tears when we can't have everything we want. Needless to say we don't do it "beary" often. LOL!
Your family will be in our thought and prayers as you travel in just a few short days. Hope you or Celeste will try to post while you are there!

Kat said...

Praying! Once you leave I'm going to do a great big happy dance on my blog...wait, that didn't sound right (smile). I can't wait to celebrate your family in each others arms (better?! :)). HUGS!!!!

Expecting Good Things said...

I'll be thinking of you a lot in the next week. Your plane ride will be great! I can relate because I'm afraid of flying too but think... there are hundreds of flights to Taiwan every day. I've never heard of one crash. Concentrate on J and take the max dose of dramamine. Hugs my friend! Can't wait to see Little J in your arms FINALLY!
Hugs, Holli & Family

Ellie said...

Congratulations, Tami Joy!!! I haven't been to your blog in quite awhile! I remember when you first brought Noah home, the joy, the blessings, the adjustment. Now, I stop by to see that you're heading out for Jeremiah!!!! I will be praying for a wonderful, peaceful trip for your sweet family!

Brenna said...

May God bless your travels and give you a sweet homecoming with your precious Jeremiah!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Praying for travel mercies and for a journey of blessings. You are REALLY bringing him home. . .He made it happen!! He is good, He is great. Thank you Gracious Father for blessing my friend with another child.

Lisa said...

Sending you HUGE wishes for a safe and wonderful journey to bring home your newest blessing!

Please know you will be flying on the prayers of so many of us and I hope its a more comfortable flight for you this time around!!

LOVED the BaB's...wonderful idea!!

I'll be following along and simply can't wait to see that first family pic of you all together...forever!!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I know my words will not help....but I have been a flight attendant for Delta for 20 years!! In 20 years I have had NOTHING happen on any of my flights. Most pilots have flown for years in the military, and they also all have families at home that they want to return to as much as you!! I absolutely promise you the part of the trip you should worry about is the drive to Dallas. I can guarantee you will arrive and return SAFELY. If sweet Noah is travelling with you, maybe if you can't get rid of the fear for yourself...try it for him. As all of do not want him to be fearful of flying(it can take you so many wonderful places) and he will sense your fear and stress and it will make his trip stressful...the same for your sweet boy waiting for you.

You can do this, and if you will just look at this as a project that you will get through, and it will be so much easier if you will just relax, and you will be a much better mama when you arrive if you have had some rest on the plane!!

Have a wonderful trip, so glad to see you are finally have worked so hard to bring this sweet boy home!!

maybe a tylenol pm would be good for the long flight!!

Again I PROMISE you NOTHING except some bad food and smelly lavs will happen on the plane:)


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