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Friday, June 4, 2010

Te Journey Begins...Dallas first nigt

So, I am now aving to put te bottom of tis post at te top cuz blogger won't cooperate!  Tes are pics from te scrapbook I made as a gift for SLC :)  We also picked up a box of Pralines , famous to LA and a LA magnet for SLC and also for Jeremia's Birt family.  Te first few are NOa and ten a few of Noa's old roomies wose momma's sared pics wit me for my gift!  Let me know wat yall tink of tem :)  and ten below all tos pics is te actual post :)  lol
First page

Beautiful Allie :)

Adorable William!

Cutie patootie Benia!
andsome little Issac!

So te trip did NOTstart as we planned at all!  Post Man finally ran, took my mom to walmart to cas er ceck and get wat se needed and crank te van to TIS!  service engine soon?  WAT?  We ave ad tings done on te van for tis trip 2 times in te past 2 weeks, and NOW someting else? EEEK!  So off we go to Gateway to say ummm??  wats goin on?  and to boot, I grabbed NOA, my wallet and my keys to run momma.  NO DIAPER BAG, no SNACKS, NO SIPPY!  was SUPPOSE to be a quick run.  UGGG  lol  but at least tey as someting to entertain Noa :)

e quite enjoyed tis table!  To te point I wis I ad one!  O yea as you can see I was not able to bring my extermal keyboard so all my posts will not ave te letter tat is te last letter of Noa name!  lol  drives me nuts but could not figure out ow to fit tat ting in too.  so wis I could get tis laptop fixed!
so we finally got on te road after bein told it is an oxygen sensor tat is gonna cost a FORTUNE :(  but did NOT ave to be done now for us to make tis trip!!  Tat is suc a praise, course we are coming ome to a big van bill tat will need to be fixed!  uggg :(  Anyway so on te road we get and wen we stopped for a potty break I fell in love wit tis purse!  IN A GAS STATION!!!  But isn't it so pretty?  Te picture does not do it justice, te cross is sparkly and kinda jeweled.  ard to describe but just beautiful!!!  If I ad te money I would ave bougt it and said it was my ealry birtday present but I of course did not!!!

Random sot of Celeste dancing at supper wen we FINALLY got to eat last nigt!  Dallas traffic is someting else and ten you take a 6 lane igway and do construction so it s a 1 lane and it takes forever to go nowere!  lol
Picture of Noa at Restraunt!

tis ting is givine me fits wit pictures.  I PRAY it does not do tis in taiwan. UGGG

ang on tigt little frogie boy!  We are ON OUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just a bit longer little guy!  I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can almost feel you in my arms!  Mommy loves you soo muc.  I am sooo sooo scared to get on tese planes and come to you but I will do it because it is so imporant I be tere for you, and tat I meet your docs, and I talk to your Nannies and ave you in my arms forever! :)  I LOVE YOU JEREMIA!!!  Catc my kisses in te wing buddy, just a little wile longer!


Annie said...

Cool, Tami! You are on your way! That missing "H" on your keyboard is cracking me up! The scrapbook pages are absolutely adorable, really nice job! What?not the "check engine" light at the very worst time, classic. Glad you got going though!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Missing your "H" is like reading your posts in "code" -

My note to you in your "code language":

ave a safe trip and ope the fligts aren't too bumpy. can't wait to see you olding your newest son. Noa and Jeremia will be broters at last!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Tanks Annie :) Tiff! I LOVE te code message :) eeee Tat took talent to do it on purpose! :)


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

CAN't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon he will be HOME!!!!!

lorabelle said...

Thinking about you and wishing you would have bought yourself that purse! LOL...

Room for More said...

I love the scrapbook!

Big Texas "ugs' to you too!

That missing 'h' is Hilarious! Thanks for the updates!

Terry said...

So excited for you and your family as you become FIVE! Sorry to hear about the van, but happy to hear that it can wait until after you come home.

Have a safe trip and everything will be fine!

The missing H makes reading your posts more fun, and when you post pictures, you really don't need any letters or words to show the love and cuteness! :-)

The Family K. said...

You're probably up in the air right now as I type. I'm thinking of you and praying for your peace and safety. It's hard to believe that all your hard work and sacrifice over the last year and a half are about to reach their culmination soon. Can't wait to read what's next.

Expecting Good Things said...

The H missing is hilarious. I was like 'ok I know she knows how to spell'. What is going on? Thinking of you guys. Can't wait to see little J in your arms.
Hugs, Holli

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