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Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 16 in PICU ( 19 in hosp)

So God gave me what I wanted for my birthday today' my baby is off the vent and I got to hold him though only briefly. He is back in the bed because he started screaming and they said he must not want to be held. Back in bed he is better but now I feel so sad that he doesn't want to be held and I worry bonding was destroyed but all that matters is he
Get better! So want to post pics!!! But can't on iPhone for some reason


Jill said...

Praying for you. Eagerly awaiting pictures!. Don't stress about the bonding. It will happen. Sometimes they are overstimulated, especially in PICU because of meds, pain, fear... He will want to be held very soon. I remember some times like that with Jiliang, and being upset about that, thinking they were surely wrong and that it was something else. It is so hard to say. Just know I'm praying and thinking of you every day.
God Bless you all.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Happy Birthday Tami. . .I hope you are able to celebrate your special day. I think Jeremiah just needs some time to heal, and then he'll be ready for you to love on him. Remember how well he was doing in the rocking chair? We're still praying!!!!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Tami, bonding will happen. It may be delayed . . .he may have institutional autistic/RAD type issues POSSIBLY but even those can be overcome. It's a lot of hard work, but I KNOW you are capable of fighting for your son because you have fought so long and hard to get him, and have fought so hard FOR him just in these first few weeks. I wish I were closer and could come help . . . but I'm sending prayers and hugs.

Terri Fisher said...

Happy Birthday, Tami! In time, God makes all things have been called for a unique journey, and God will grant you the desires of your heart once more. Hang in there! Enjoy your special day!

Linnea said...

Happy Birthday. Glad you got to hold your son. I am sure this experience has not ruined your chances of bonding but it may take a little longer. Praying.

Be blessed

Room for More said...

Happy BIrthday Tami! Ditto to Tiffani!

Lisa said...


Oh Tam ~ I don't think the bonding is destroyed at all; it could just be that he is processing the newness of not having in the tubes and such!! It could simply be he is more physically comfortable right now in his bed.

AND he KNOWS you are there....right there beside him....don't underestimate the power of your love, strength and faith!! I believe he feels it....all of it!!

I think about you guys each hubby even asked how your little guy was doing today!! We are all praying and so happy to see each bit of progress and good news!!

Lisa said...

P.S. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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