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Saturday, April 23, 2011

6 years and counting!

6 years ago today my amazing hubby Bobby danced me into an amazing adventure of our life together.  Little did I know then all that would happen and how amazing the dance of life was going to be.  I am blessed to share my life with a true man of God who somehow found a way to love even me!  I NEVER thought there was a man for me, a man I could trust even a little, and a man that could love me with all my scars, weight, weakness, etc.  But somehow I lucked out and God sent me Bobby! 

I dont have a scanner so this was a photo on my phone of the pictures we had made in the photo booth outside theatre on the boardwalk! :)  For the first time since the night before we picked up Noah Bobby and I were alone togther today for a couple hours.  It was a HUGE thing for me to leave my babies but Bobby really wanted us to go to the movie on our anniversary even though the entire celebration could not happen until May.  Celeste and my mom sat with Noah and Jeremiah.  Noah flipped out when we left and I felt awful but I had a blast while we went to the movie and were able to hold hands without a little boy pulling our hands apart wanting to get between us!  I feel guilty that I had a good time and left my babies and made Noah so upset and it wasnt even something for his benefit.  It was a slight test because the PLAN is for a church friend to help Celeste keep both babies overnight on May 20th at the friends house while Bobby and I have a night away.  We will stay in a hotel and do dinner and a movie and SLEEP IN.  LOL  I have joked if I dont chicken out and take Jeremiah with us that I will probably still wake up even so. LOL  Pray for that time and that I can actually let them keep him.  I am so torn because the idea of the plans Bobby has sound awesome but its just so hard to leave my babies and worry they are having there needs met and are safe.  And Jeremiah has above and beyond needs but my friend went to therapy with us to learn more about how to help take care of him for the night, that is above and beyond.  She wants so much to help! 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Sisemore
April 23, 2011
6th Wedding Anniversary Movie Date
The Louisiana Boardwalk


Amy L said...

Happy Anniversary!!

The Family K. said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so glad you were able to get away, if only for a few hours. As much as it breaks your heart, it's probably a good experience for everyone involved. I know I always have a tough time saying goodbye to my kiddos, but I'm always so recharged and ready to be Mom again when I come back. Here's to a good upcoming night away!

Linnea said...

I think it is healthy for the parents to get away from the kids not only for the sake of the marriage but also the sake of the kids. My husband and I go out every Sunday. People think Im crazy for leaving my 5 kids one with special needs but it has kept my marriage strong and surviving. It is God, Husband then kids and not any other way.

Be blessed


alli said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that you took this time away for just you & Bobby. Remember, your marriage is important. The Lord continues to remind me of this. Even though our children DO need us, we MUST take care and nurture our relationships with our spouses. You should not feel guilty, but rather you are teaching Noah to value marriage. It is a GOOD example to set before him. You also NEED a night away. You can do it!!!

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary Tami and Bobby! I am so glad you were able to go to a movie! Really it is to all of your benefit to have a bit of time off together. To refuel your relationship and get a moment of peace. You definitely should do your night or weekend away! You really won't regret it.

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