Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blessings in the Storm

We have had a rough few months to end out 2012 with the loss of Beth and Bobby's job and the job search not going well at all.  BUT I will say we have had sooo many blessings come sneaking in through it all.  Our kids had a better Christmas than they would have had if Bobby had not lost his job! We had a feast for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners all from gifts that would show up in the mail or at the door!  Some with no signature other than Santa or the Lord led us. We were blessed beyond measure and brought to tears of gratitude and excitement through it all.  We are prayerful going into 2013 that things will smooth out and the Lord will provide an amazing job for Bobby where God can use him and use that job to care for our family!  I must say it is hard for a man who is a good hardworking man, a loyal employee of 20 years who is used to working and caring for his family to be in this position of trying so hard to have door after door slammed in his face.  I pray so hard for my husband against discouragement and that he will be upheld as we wait on the Lord to show us His plan! We have have even been so blessed that there is groceries in my kitchen and several bills have been paid!  We do not know how the big bills are getting paid this month but we know that God is in control!  Bobby and I were married in 2005.  This is our 7th year of marriage.  So 2013 is our 7th year together!  We are praying and claiming it to be the year of Jubilee for our family!  The 7th year is a good year biblically! This song is one we love :) Thought I would share!

Music is VERY dear to my soul!  Worship music is how I feel closest to God!  I thank God for my ipod that I can use youtube when I am in a wifi zone!  I cling to so many songs by Kari Jobe, Vicki Yohe and on and on!  Music expresses things words alone just can't! 

another song that means alot to me!
Ok, now on to some pictures from the past month or so :)
OK. I have been trying to get these pics and post this but blogger wont let me upload from the computer anymore. I guess it is this old falling apart computer of hubby's I have to share now.  PLEASE pray the Lord provides a new computer or at least a new to me one soon!  I do so much advocacy work and school stuff using the computer plus keepin in touch with everyone that I can't imagine not having a computer at all so even with no sound and constantly shutting down and on and on the issues with this one I am thankful for it!  Anyway I THINK I have figured out how to upload to picasa web albums and post here from it.  So we shall see :)
YAY It worked!  And it is easier anyway!  woohoo :)  So on to pics! :)
This collage is of some pics of us before Nannie Beth's (Bobby sister) memorial service.  Dont my guys look sharp! It was such a very hard and emotional day but I know Beth woudl have LOVED how they look!
We were BLESSED to win a trip to Jubilee Zoo and a free LIVE Christmas Tree!  These next few collages are from our day out there :)  THANK YOU to Jubilee Zoo and Macaroni Kid Shreveport Bossier! (oops pics did not come up in right order so there are more after these next couple)
These pics are from Homeschool Farm Fun Day! :)  Both my boys so respond to horses!  I am blessed to have any pics of the day because my camera BROKE at this event :(  Some of these were taken by others and some was on the camera when it broke.  It broke before the boys rode even sigh.  All I have is the ipod camera now which is not good but I am thankful for it.  So am depending on it and kindness of others now for pics.  sigh
Jeremiah at the homeschool Farm Fun Day!  He LOVES the ponies :)
Back to Jubilee Zoo pics!
More Jubilee Zoee
Picking the perfect family Christmas Tree!
Deck the Halls
The beautiful tree! :)  This is the biggest tree we have ever had!  It did not look this big at tree place! :)  lol  It was an exact perfect fit!  any taller and it would not have :)  It was hand picked by God!
Some of these were made Christmas Eve and the other was at the Moms of special needs chidlren's Christmas Party.  All taken with an amazing camera that I WISH was mine! LOL

Pics from the Moms of Children with Special Needs Party

Most of these were taken at our Churh's Christmas Family Dinner.  The one with all the kids and CARS was at our cookie decorating day at our house!

Just some shots from the season.  Day 1 truth in tinsle ornament, doing our advent stockings, Noah dressed as a Fireman and Jeremaih looking at the tree up close!

more decking the halls!

A Christmas collage I made!

Gingerbread cookies with Jei Jei (Big sister in Chinese)
New year's Day!  Bible reading at midnight and games at home New Years Night!
A fun Saturday in January

At a medical appointment.  God has really blessed us with my new helper Matasha!  She calls herself TaTa to Jeremiah.   She helps with medical stuff but also is my right had in school with both boys!  She goes above and beyond every day!  She helps Jeremiah to be involved in so much! :) 

Bedtime fun one night

Gait Training! :) 
Jeremiah making a polar bear and helping paint his letters! He was actually holding the paint brush!  This is when he got tired and was starting to fall alseep!
Noah making his Polar Bear and Painting letters!
Well thats about it for us for now.  Please keep Bobby in prayer for a job.  He did get some sub work at the school for custodian but the pay is min wage.  No way to pay our house payment or anything.  We are praying if it becomes permanent the pay will go up.  Praying hard that God will show us what He has for us! :)  Sometimes it is hard to trust but part of my Bible study today with Good Morning Girls said God's Word will never fail!  God's word says He will provide for us and care for us so I KNOW He will!


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Soozie4Him said...

Tami, I don't do Facebook, so your blog is the only way I can keep up with your family. I've been praying for you guys!! Been praying for Bobby's job, and everything to get a little easier for your family. Is "Good Morning Girls" on FB, or is it a yahoo group?

Your boys look beautiful and you do too. God bless your sweet family.

Love in the Lord,
moot96 AT aol DOT com

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