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Saturday, January 19, 2013

News to share!

I wanted to come and share that Bobby and I have started a new venture together!  As most of you know we have been having a very hard time since Bobby was budget cut from the state and it has been up and down with jobs and then looked up with railroad and then that job left and so now he is doing a bit of subbing for a very low rate of pay.  We are in great need of prayer for our family and how things will work out to keep us afloat.  Recently a dear adoption friend presented us with an opportunity for Bobby to be an independent consultant for Thirty-one Gifts with me as his assistant so we could be a team!  Well after much prayer and discussion we leapt in faith!  So we have our business now.  These are a few pictures I have made a couple are business cards and one was to post here and on FB to ask folks to host a party with us! :) 
So if you have a few PLEASE check out or website!  We will be selling from the site as well as doing catalog parties, online parties and in home parties :)  Please share the site with others too! :) 
PLEASE keep our family in prayer!!  and PLEASE pray Bobby will find a very good job and very soon!  Thank You :)

And I wanted to share this picture too :)


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Donna said...

Hi Tami! I have been seeing you post about your new venture on Facebook. I wish you all the best of luck. 31 is a great company. I don't sell, but I buy. I have a couple of 31 hosts, but I promise to buy my next item with you all. I know you all have struggled. You have remained strong and faithful, even when the days are uncertain. I pray that this will be the start of something great for you all.

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