Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Needing some help and some prayers!!!

Hi all :)  THANK YOU SO MUCH to the friends that still follow along, email me and ask how we are, send words for prayer and encouragement, etc!  We soooo appreciate you all!  We are still in massive need of prayer.  This not having a job for so long is not going well.  Bobby is subbing as a custodian at the schools BUT the first pay does not come till FEB 15th for everything worked in January.  In addition to that the pay is VERY VERY LOW.  We are prayerful it will turn to an actual position with higher pay but we have no way of knowing. He did not sub thursday to go to an interview for another part time saturday job to proctor ACT testing but the interviewer got sick and was not there.  He took advantage of the day off to go and gather some applications and talk to more places.  PLEASE PLEASE be praying for us!  Bobby and I together have started a Thirty- One Gifts business!  We are praying this goes really well and will help along!  If you have heard of thirty - one and are saying I dont use tote bags it is WAY more than just tote bags though they have those too and the best quality!  Its tote bags, purses, wallets checkbook covers, and tons of organizational stuff etc.  The personalization stuff is awesome!  They have little expressions now which is like the things where you build your family to put on your product.  Anyway PLEASE check out or website and see if there might be something you would love, or contact me about doing an online or catalog party!  and please share our site with others!! We REALLY NEED Customers and parties booked!  If you book a party you can earn free products!  How great is that! :)  

This is what I made for January to seek hostesses for my parties! :)  I do not know what the hostess rewards will be for February parties but I know it will be great! 

and this is a button I made for our FB page for our business :)  you like??

Now on to what most of you really want to see :)  PICS :)  I am doing a thing on FB where I am doing a picture collage each day and writing a bit about our day!  My hope is at the end of the year I have a kinda scarpbook to print of our 2013!  Health wish I have not been feeling well so somedays are better than others with this.  Here are some from the past week or so :)  Would love to hear comments on what you think :) If you have seen on fb sorry but I was told there are folks who come to the blog that do not check the FB every day and some are not even on fb at all.  soo here you go guys!
These were some cute ones of Jeremiah snuggling with Celeste and of Noah eating my shirt while we waited for Jeremiah's EEG down south!  He is such a funny dude!  And that is an in and out bag that I earned from Thirty-one!  They really encourage and reward us!!!!

LOVE this one!  the one on the left is Noah tellin me I wuv you with all my heart! Then the top right is at our community group praying over Noah about medical trip coming up and the bottom right is Jeremiah being happy at that same event :)

Top left GUMBO at my fav place in Lafayette! Prejeans!  then a few shots of Noah and Jeremiah at the restaurant.  This was after all our dr visits, tests, news, etc.  and then the picture of my feet after I finally got home.  It was hard to tell in pic but feet ankles and even up to my knees were and still are swollen bad! This trip was a mixture of news.  Some still not completely over yet so I will save that till we know for sure what is going on with that.  The Neuro did decide Noah does NOT have spina bifica occulta according to the spine MRI even though he does have a sacral dimple and other symptoms.  He also diagnosed Noah with high functioning Autism.  I am not totally sure I agree with that diagnosis but that is what they said.  He is not classic at all and we were educated at length about what Autism daignostic standard is and what specific things made this diagnosis and so we have alot to digest.  Jeremiah had some medication changes and we found he was aspirating severly so even though we both enjoy his by mouth feeds so much we have had to stop ALL by mouth feeds.  It is possible in the future with alot of really good therapy and a good feeding program if I can find one that he may be safe to try again later after a passed swallow study but for now we are to bollus 3 times a day formula and a little baby cereal to help that stay down and not risk aspiration by reflux.  Also some changes were made to his meds to hopefully help the decline going on with him.  We have to go back early march for genetics for both boys and orthopedics for Jeremiah that is desperate because of his hip and back.  Not sure at this moment HOW that trip is happening but we are trusting God.  Please keep both boys in prayer and soon I will have some more to share about some other things revealed during MRI.

just a fun day at home! :)  Noah loves Emergency on tv :)  and dancing :) Jeremiah on his space blanket and smiling 

on the left is Noah singing in school one day and doing movements, top right is therapy at home with special instructor and bottom left is Noah with therapy dogs at Grace Respite Night we are blessed to have once a month Jan thru Oct.

This was yesterday.  Noah dancing again on the left and Noah and Jeremiah rocking on the left bottom and the top left is our business cards that came yesterday!! :)

School days with the babies!

This was a LONG day.  Fittings for AFO, wrist splints and elbow immobilizers for Jeremiah and then a dr appt for Noah who started feeling really bad.  His o2 sats were down and he had really bad bronchitis.  The foot was an injury when I feel down the ramp that morning!  You name it , it went wrong that day!

For those who have been around a LONG time.  Who remembers me babysitting the newborn twins before Noah came home?? :)  We saw them a little when Noah was first home and they came to a party and all but have not really seen then alot but recently their mom and I met back up on FB. :)  And this past Monday evening we babysat them and their 2 older sisters!  Noah had a blast and I LOVED having them again! :)  So did my heart good :)

These were taken day one of our trip to Lafayette for dr appts.  2 of them are taken through an aquarium at the hospital :)  the other is Jeremiah gettin hooked up for EEG

This was last Saturday.  Our Thirty-One start up kit arrived , I spent the day laminating stuff for lapbooks I am making for school and the bottom right was a picture I made at my mary kay party! :)

My adorable boys
Here are some of the bags we have!  There are tons more items too but just thought I would share a few pics of some stuff!

 Thanks for listening guys!  PLEASE keep us in prayer for health, finances, job, the business, and me personally for multiple things!  I really appreciate you all! :)

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!

The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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