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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AIT Check and sweet gift for Bobby and I

Hi all :)

Well, we went to AIT this morning and it went very very well :) NO probs :) no questions at all really! God is so good! Noah was such a sweetie at AIT. I had had nightmares of a squaling baby and then thinking horrid of us. He was wonderful. made a game of goin back and forth from me to bobby :) and then it happend. Noah smiled a small smile at Bobby! I did not even see it. and of course NO CAMERA cuz ait took it away. :( waah then we played some with him while we waited and then mama got a few small smiles too! :) YIPEEE! breakthrough! He played with us and he sorta smiled! :) Hallelujah! Its like when you have a newborn and they smile for the first time but even more so! :) We came back to hotel and he flipped out again :( he does not like comeing into the room. He screamed and sceamed. Finally we took a SHORT nap. He still thrashes and cries in sleep :( so he woke up before nap out screaming but has been happier this afternoon. We ordered room service thinking it best for now to stay put! Got ice cream and NOah had his first bites of that! : HE LOVED IT! I know he is too young but I couldnt resist. I LOVE to feed him :) Well, here is a slide of pics of last couple days! :)
hugs all and Bobby, Noah and I blow you kisses in the wind!


Collin and Amanda said...

I'm so glad to hear things are going well. The slide is wonderful.


Sarah said...

Congrats on your little Noah, he's adorable! I don't leave comments too often but wanted to tell you something we were told when we adopted our Ian from China. Ian always cried when we had to go back to our hotel room too. We were told it was probably a negative association because that was one of the first places we took him after we received him. Those first hours were unpleasant and happened in our room. Just a thought that that may be why Noah doesn't like the room either even though he's starting to warm up to you. Hugs and good luck!

schoolmother said...

Wow! LOTs of pictures. Noah is such a cutie--I like the nap pictures. And the scenery is beautiful. Thanks.

BarbC said...

Yeah! A Post from you! I have been waiting for more on Noah... but knew you had your hands full! My computer isn't playing the slides.. have no idea why! I will watch them later at my mom's. Glad things are going well.. loved reading about the smiles.. praying for your trip home. I know Noah is going to do fine on the plane and just think, you will be too busy with him to think about being scared! LOL! Love ya! Barb

Sarah k said...

LOL.. I love the sprawled out picture on the bed! That is priceless!! Thank you for blogging so well while over there Tami. I miss you and am enjoying your blog so much! It is so wonderful to see you guys with Noah and see all doing so well! God is great girl!!

Sarah k said...

And how are you getting Picassa and blogger slide shows on here? I couldn't get Picassa to work...

Sarah k

momwithfaithandhope said...

Welcome home! Love all the photos - and good for you for giving your boy some yummy ice cream! Looks like he has a good appetite, Mom! Get ready to cook! Enjoy your sweet panda boy.
Hugs, Tiff

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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