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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Noah!

Well, we sit here in a hotel room in Taipei, Taiwan with OUR NOAH! I am amazed at all God has done to get us to this point and just so incredibly blessed at this amazing creature who is my son! :) He is even more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined. Pictures do not do him justice. I am just amazed by this little 16 month old baby boy who just shy of 72 hours of being given to us is doing so welll considering. It overwhelms me emotionally to think about how would I as an adult react if I lost EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING I had ever known just boom! I can't even fathom what I would feel like and just the thought of it petrifies me. That is what has happend to my son. He has no way of knowing how long and hard we have prayed for him, or how much we love him or what we hope to give him in America. All he knows is everyone is gone. Considering all this the fact that he will snuggle on and off into my neck :) That he has smiled a few times. That he is beginning to play with us a bit. That is amazing to me! Yes he still cries on and off in this mournful cry and yes he is still lunging for taiwanese strangers but he is letting us in and I am so honored. We received a cd of photos of Noah that were taken at St. Lucy Center beginning at 4 days old and ending with Gotcha Day. There were tons of pictures we had never seen. Below is a video of my amazing son. I have added a few at the end of the last 24 hours :) Please enjoy and I hope I can figure out how to safe this on a dvd so someday Noah can see it :) Noah, Bobby and I TOGETHER send you all Kisses in th wind!


The Becks Family said...

Your video is so sweet. It brought a tear to my eye. His passport photo is the CUTEST! He's like a little man. :) Too cute. Can't wait to see little Noah on US Soil. :)

Lou said...

Beautiful!!! I had tears too!! And love the passport picture! Congratulations!!! Bring him on home!

Sarah k said...

That was wonderful! I don't think I can look at your page these days and not cry!! honestly! The CD from SLC is always a nice surprise. It is just wonderful how they keep memories for you before you even know of your child they are thinking of you and him... too sweet! I love the pictures. He has such a wonderful personality!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED what you wrote at the end!!!!!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful video! I can't stop crying! We serve and awesome God! I'm so glad that Noah is coming HOME!!

schoolmother said...

I am so excited to hear you are on your way home. I look at the title of your blog and just have to say praise the Lord.

William's Family said...

It's wonderful to hear that little Noah is slowly starting to love and trust his new family. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. He is a cutie now and was a cutie then.

lorabelle said...

I love seeing his sweet smiles... The video was great! This is how I remember Noah when I visited in May. He was happy and his little eyes would take everything in. What an angel! Hope you have made it home safely by now.

Christine said...

Congrats! Noah is just precious!

Rachel said...

Welcome Home! I'm so glad Noah is finally with you. He is adorable!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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