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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello from the world of NOAH!

Hi all :)

It is so amazing to me that we are really home with NOAH! Seems like we worked so long and so hard to raise money and get everything together to go and get our boy and now we have him! WOW! Panda Boy is the cutest and snuggliest little guy. I believe he is bonding with Bobby and I. Until yesterday I could not put him down without him screaming. Now IF I lay on palat with him and play toys he will play there and not have to be literally held :) He is so fun. He is having sleep issues and at this point I dont think he is on Louisiana time or taiwan time. Just a mixed up version of life somewhere in between. He thrashes in his sleep when he does sleep and will have these horrid looks of pain on his little face at times. I have been online very little since we came home because when he sleeps I am so exhausted I want despretly to sleep as well. I have been working on the below video of coming to america and the first couple days. I got it completely done (which at a few minutes here and there took forver) and then the windows movie maker would not save it so it could be uploaded and I still don't know why. So then I uploaded pics to one true media and have made one on there, it does not have all the words and such the first one did I just did not have the energy to do it all over again. But I pray you enjoy the pics and music :) WARNING! There are alot of pics and some are so incredibly cute! :) I hope it gives the family and friends who can't be close to come and see Noah a glimpse into things here! It is funny cuz things are hard hard in some ways but I am so joyful and happy. I am still in shock I guess that they really gave me this baby! :) Noah has trasitioned to the Similac Advance very well so this is such a blessing! :) They sent us a welcome kit for adopted families with free samples so we tried them first and they worked so now they have a customer. We just had to buy formula for the first time yesterday they had so much free to us :) We had several different kinds of diapers that we had bought or were given and of them have decided that Huggies Supreme works best for Noah! :) It is funny that the huggies that are solid white with mickey mouse are horrible, but the ones that have the green and pooh on them and say Supreme work so much better. both are huggies. Very odd. Celeste was a luvs baby at that time they were best but have not proven so with Noah. Pampers I always thought were so good too and they have not proven as good either. And I change babies alot compared to alot of people. I have had people in the past complain when I kept there babies that I change them too often! LOL anyway I am not sure if anyone other than Aunts cares about all the diaper talk but there ya have it :) Noah eats very well. He is definitly a gerber baby. Does not like the other brands we tried! too funny :) he also will eat tiny bits of whatever we give him of regular foods :) Well, I will quit babbling for now. There is so much more I could share on Noah but I am sure y'all are like hush already! heehee Please enjoy this vidoe :) (for Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Liz the picture of when Noah reached and went to Mamma is in the video for y'all to see!)

Thanks for all the prayers and caring everyone


Staci said...

Cute pics. So glad to see you home and adjusting to your new life with panda boy!!

lorabelle said...

Welcome home!!
Love to finally see big sister and little brother together.
Hang in there, you'll get some more rest next week. This week is/will be the hardest...
Keep smiling...
Lora & Allie

June Berger said...

So happy to hear from you and to know that over all, most things are going well. He sure is a cutie pie! Looks like his sister might like him a little bit, LOL ;o)

William's Family said...

Welcome back to the States! I'm so glad to read that you're able to have a positive outlook despite the various challenges and a serious lack of sleep. You are a stronger woman than I. Congratulations on your beautiful boy!

Ruth said...

Welcome Home! So glad to see you are home & starting to settle in. Thank you for sharing your pictures - what a great family you have!!

Sarah k said...

Ok... I LOVE IT! That is too sweet and I was crying!!!! I love happy ending/beginnings!!!!

Sarah k.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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