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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Noah WesLee is 17 months old! :)

Noah is 17 months old today! :) I am so excited that this is the first month update that I GET TO TAKE THE PICS and send the update! heehee :) I can't believe Noah has been home for a week today! WOW!!!! :) Who would have thought!!! We had an interesting day. Noah is still sick but actually today seemed to feel worse than other days but we did have some sweet times :) First off , for the first time Noah got in the crib today! :) He spotted a toy as I was going past and reached for it and I set him in there fully expecting a Taiwan temper but he played a while as long as we were right there playing with us :) Did not last too long but still it was a photo op if nothing else! :)

Noah would get so tired today but naps did not last long. Here is one of those prescious times givin him a bottle. Jei Jei caught it on film before he was asleep. Look at that face. He just gazes into my eyes! so so sweet!

Being Noah's Month Birthday and him turning 17 months today we decided to measure him on the wall! Now this took some doing and finally we measured up from the floor and marked where he was measured at the docs the other day but it is so cute and I love the first mark on my wall! :)

Another first today. Noah not only did NOT cry in the bath today, he actually played a little with toys and smiled a few times! Isn't he the cutest thing????? :)

And this is just the sweetest sibling moment!!! Jei Jei waited so long for her baby brother but she is sure lovin him good and he loves her to death! Sometimes I worry he prefers her. But I am trying hard NOT to go there in my mind.

Is that not the cutest thing :)

I am so in awe of the fact that my Panda Boy is here :) and that he is doin so well considering. He had a nightmare durin one of his short naps today and woke up disoriented and screaming and seemed scared by me instead of comforted. That was so hard :( He did allow me to love on him and all but it was just the look on his face of fear at seeing me. I know its only been a week and he has to process all this. I mean he was with them almost 17 months and has only been with me for 11 days. I can't believe I have only had my son 11 days total and only been home a week. At the same time I can't believe our hermitation we decided to take is one day from over. wow! Seems so quick. We will go to Church Sunday and Samuel comes back next week and life will go to a bit more normal. For now Bobby is still on leave so that is good. Praying sleep improves before we add keeping Samuel to the picture.

I can't express to y'all what this feels like, me posting about Noah on his month bday! :) For those still waiting. It does FINALLY happen! And you have NO CLUE the joy you are in for. And also how hard but at the same tim how wonderful it will be :)


Collin and Amanda said...

Wonderful post Tami! CONGRATS AGAIN! And thanks for sharing this moment and your honest thoughts!


momwithfaithandhope said...

How sweet - Happy 17 months Noah! Glad he and his sister are bonding, and the picture of you feeding him is just precious! Hugs, Tiff

lorabelle said...

Happy 17 months Noah!
I missed a couple of days following your blog and WOW, I missed a lot! I'm going to combine a few comments into this one. Sorry about your friends camera, I'm sure you were really upset. Sounds like she is a really understanding friend, you are lucky! Don't worry if Noah likes his big sis somedays more than you. It's a good thing and you won't worry one bit if you need to leave him for an hour to run errands etc. It's a GOOD thing, Mama! There are days when Allie likes one of her brothers more than me too...LOL.
It's wonderful to see all of the cute pictures of Noah. He is doing Great!

Christy O said...

So very happy for you all!!! How wonderful for you all to be together, and Noah will soon be very comfortable. God bless you all!
Christy in WI

Jackie said...

Hi Tami,
LOVE the updates! Noah is just precious and I love how he gazes into your eyes at bottle time.

Keep the pics coming!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Noah~~

I have enjoyed your story so far. Love your pictures and videos. We recently adopted a 16 month old. We've had little problems with her adjusting. It's almost been too smooth. Was Noah a special needs? If so, what is his special need? He looks like a healthy and happy little guy. His one eye looks turned in a bit. I know a lot about that as I have amblyopia myself and had surgeries and had to wear a patch when I was a kid.

Anyways, look forward to more pictures as your story continues!

Mel said...

What a cutie!!!!
Wonderful to see pics of Noah being home with ya'll. GOD is so good.
Greetings from overseas,

meichun said...

It's so wonderful to read your blog with Noah's update and enjoy all the pictures. He is adjusting so well at his forever home. Mei Chun

marina said...

Noah looks great!! !It's surreal being home with them finally isn't it?!?

schoolmother said...

It is so wonderful to read all this news of Noah home at last. Absolutely wonderful. God bless you.

William's Family said...

It's so great to read about how Noah is gradually opening up and trusting his new family. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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