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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Noah Celebration, First Sunday at Church, and first Cici's trip!

Happy Sunday Evening all! :)

Yesterday Noah decided he would get down in his room for a FEW minutes and look at some books and play with some of the toys! Freecycle, sell it site, garage sales and goodwill have been so good to us over the past 10 months of gathering! I had worried he would not be happy with what we had gathered and all but he seems to love everything :) The piano in the picture was CELESTE'S along with a few of the other items! I can't believe he is playing with things Celeste did and I managed to keep a few of them all this time through all we have been through :)

Also, Yesterday my mother took Bobby, Celeste , Noah and I to Chili's (our fav restraunt!!!) to celebrate NOAH! :) She wanted to treat us to something special and have a celebration! :) She is just SLIGHTLY excited about this new grandson of hers! :) Here is a picture that Celeste caught of us at the restraunt. We hold hands around the table before every meal to pray. Well, Panda Boy does NOT like us to hold his hands, so Bobby and I just touch him in some way to include him in the circle. I had no clue Celeste was taking this picture but here is what she got of Noah during the blessing of our food at Chili's:

Is that not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen? I wonder if he has been watching us since we began this and noticed we all close our eyes so when we touch him for prayer and he closes his eyes now! :) Maybe its a fluke but either way it is so cute! :)

This morning was our first day back at Church. Every since we got home we have taken time away from the normalcy of life to kinda seclude ourselves at home and get to know Noah and allow him to know us. We were not goin to Church or any regular activities or having any visitors
durin that timeframe. I was sad to see it end but at the same time missed my Church family so was happy to see them today! I am not ready for what the coming week holds and am VERY apprehensive about it and loosing this special time we have had at home but have made a commitment that I will learn to say no when I need to so we can be home more. I do NOT plan to raise my son in the car! Anyway, as I started to say, today was the first day back at Church. Here is a WONDERFUL picture of Bobby and Noah in their Sunday Clothes! :) It is not the best shot of Noah's little suit but a WONDEFUL shot of his face! :)
Isn't that smile AMAZING!!! :)

This is me TRYING to carry Noah into the sanctuary for service! Little Jon Luke Hutson is so enthralled with Noah he is visiting along the way!
This picture is just so gorgeous of his face I had to share! LOOK at those eyelashes!!!!

We took some pics of Celeste and Noah together but they did not come out. Tryin to get use to this different camera and pics come out odd sometimes. Here is one she is probably gonna kill me for posting! :) She is acting silly and like MOM enough with the camera! :) LOL

After Church we were treated to Cici's Pizza for lunch! Here is Noah and his first experience with Pizza! :) He basically liked it! lol I had to break off tiny pieces for him to eat as he only has 5 and half teeth and is not real good with solid food it seems. But we had to try and put a peice in his mouth to see what he would do! :) so cute :)

I don't know if you can see or not but his rash or whatever on his cheeks that he has had from when we got him is getting worse. At first they were just so rough, now they are rough and red. I am wondering if it is exzema or something? He now has a rash under is arms, you really can't see it but you can feel it. Maybe its heat rash. It is hot here in Louisiana but it was hot in Taiwan too so I am not sure what it is. His hands and knees and feet are sooo dry and rough. Never felt a baby with such rough skin. I am on a mission to research if there is a special way I should be caring for his little Taiwanese skin.
I am not sure if I posted this picture yet or not but it is a result of the new camera we are trying to get use too. Do not ask me HOW we did this but I think it is kinda neat! Anyway, see for yourself :)

Well, I best post this and check blogs and a bit of email quickly before Noah wakes up for a bottle and I have not been to bed! Pray for us tomorow. We are babysitting my friend Liane's 2 year and 3 month old son Samuel starting tomorow again. Pray that they get along and that I have the physical stamina for all I need to do. I have been tryin to lay down when Noah naps and that wont happen with Samuel here unless they both happen to nap at the same time. Also I need despretly to get laundry done and the house in order, but Noah is not pleased if I am not right with him and of course that is where I WANT TO BE! :) Off to finish up online and watch him sleep till I fall asleep :)


Megan said...

Noah you are adorable, I could just squeeze your cheeks. Congratulations on making it home safe! Can't wait to see more pics.

Sarah said...

When we adopted our Ian from China, he had terrible dry skin and his legs were actually scaley. His cheeks get red and rough too. Turns out he has ichthyosis which is a genetic skin condition where he is missing a protein in his skin. There are very mild forms of this. Not sure if Noah has this, I actually doubt it, but it's worth checking into. I've tried prescription creams on Ian but the thing I found that works best is good ol' vaseline creamy lotion. I get the one with cocoa butter so it smells good too. Good luck. Noah is a doll for sure.

The Robison Family said...

Noah is so adorable! His smile is contagious! I love the blessing pic! Good job Celeste!


Tina said...

Hi good to see your family "wallowing" in God's precious gifts! We look forward to seeing you when Noah is more settled and up to meeting yet more people!

Kerry Shealy said...

He looks great! I can tell how much you adore him!

As for his skin...a little suggestion...take milk out of his diet. If it is eczema, he could be allergic to milk. If you take the milk out of his diet the red patches should begin to clear up in about a week. It's worth a try! We didn't know our little one was allergic to milk until 18 months when we took him off milk because of a fever. He had always had eczema and it suddenly cleared up! What a relief?! He loves soy milk!
Kerry (RR)

Ramona said...

Tami - you've got some great kids! Noah looks so at home and comfortable with his family. Aren't these guys amazing?

June Berger said...

He is so beautiful! I was going to say how nice and rosey his cheeks were, then read you said they were dry. I agree with Sarah, that's what I use on Jonathan and Joseph, both have darker hispanic skin and Vaseline with cocoa butter works best for both of them. Jonathan couldn't tolerate the milk here either, I had to find the Guatemalan powdered milk that he had in Guatemala, but I did! I still use it and he tolerates it best.

The picture of him during grace is so precious! What a blessed baby he is, he is so obviously loved! And what a blessed family you are, to have him to bring such joy to your lives!

William's Family said...

What a beautiful boy! You've got some cute pictures there.

You may want to have his skin condition checked out in case it breaks out into hives like William had. The sooner the better, since they're really itchy and can wake him up when he's sleeping.

Congratulations again!

Melissa said...

Wanted to let you know... i gave you an award :)

I hope Noah's rash is not anything serious

Lou said...

He is precious!!!!! I love all the adorable pics.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Love the photo Celeste caught on film! Gracyn had the same rash on her cheeks. I think we had her outside in the "dry" heat too long. I put some aquaphor on it and it cleared up in a couple of days. Maybe too many baths?? Can't wait to see more updates! Hugs, TIff

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