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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Noah, Noah, Noah! :)

Noah is doin so well at times :) Sleep is still a major issue and I believe it is because he thinks we will leave in his sleep or something. He wants to be held to sleep but will fall good asleep roll out of my arms and then just a short while later wake up SCREAMING! Boy can he scream loud! heehee poor guy! He is doing so well, much better than we thought he would be able to :) He has learned some english as far as comprehension goes. It amazes me how much he appears to comprehend. He had his FIRST Early Steps Eval and did amazing :) The intake coordinator said she saw things that were VERY encouraging and good signs to his ability to learn! Which I KNEW he could learn cuz he is daily! :) She figures him at about 9 months old developmentally at 17 months of age. She says his behaviors and such are that of a 9 month old. She is concerned about his feeding, thinking he should be able to eat more and bigger items and such. Course he only has 5 and half teeth and all are front teeth so he is behind on teeth. That does NOT bother me :) Celeste did not even have her FIRST tooth at this age and she has NEVER had a cavity :) She says he would definitly benefit from intervention but he has 3 more evals from different ones to go through before the decision is made, it is not all her. I know at least 1 of them is an Occupational Therapist. It will probably be at least a week before anyone calls to set up the next step because she says they are way overburdened with intake right now.

Anyway, here is a video of one of the things we taught Noah to do! :) heehee My 17 month old can't speak at all but HE CAN KISS! :) We are talkin to him all the time and he does comprehend but so far no words in english or chinese! In the video try to look at NOAH and what he is doin and NOT ME or the HOUSE! heehee

Also here are some pics of some other things Panda Boy is doing :)

Noah has discovered the TV! LOL it is so funny. We have to really watch him because he will run to it and try to touch it, stand and just stare! I know he is thinking, HOW did they get in there! LOL

Here is a picture of Noah and Samuel on the first day we kept Samuel. :) I guess one of the benefits of being in an orphange is social skills. Noah is 17 months, Samuel 2 years and 4 months and Noah has MUCH more social skills. He will intiate play and try and share and offer his water bottle and everything. Samuel is not so sure about all this. He actually acted sad a bit this week. He use to LOVE to look at NOah's pictures and would smile and try to say Noah and all but now that Noah is real and STAYING he is NOT so sure about this! Above is a rare moment I caught where he actually engaged with Noah! :) Praying Samuel forgives me for bringing Noah here! It is funny but he wanted NOTHING to do with me for the longest. Noah is fine with Samuel unless I hold him in the rocker or change his diaper. Noah will scream! It is funny watchin these guys! :)

As Always Jei Jei has a blast with Noah and Samuel! :) They just love to rough house :) Both of them :) You should pray for me when these two rowdy boys are both climbing on ME! :) heehee

Noah LOVES his baba for playtime especially and as he does with all of us when we are on the floor he loves to climb and crawl on us :) Baba will have to leave to go get something and Noah will fuss in my lap and when Bobby comes back he gets these amazing smiles and Noah toddles to him arms in the air! It is adorable and I am almost jealous, BUT Noah wants me all the time so IF I even try to use restroom without him when I come back he is SCREAMIN and arms up! He definitly has connected to me as security. I PRAY IT IS ATTACHMENT and healthy! He much prefers me when tired, or feeding, or diaper changes. Like he already knows Baba will be goin to work and Mama will be primary caretaker :)

I just LOVE this photo. Noah is at my legs and he is studying a toy INTENTLY. I am not sure you can tell that. He is SOOO curious and he has to figure everything out! He has already watched me try and fix the pictures in his little picture book enough that now he has figured out how to take them out! uggh :) I have to tape them hin there now and tape the flaps closed! He is ALL boy as in havin to take it all apart :) He seems very interested in tv though when I am watching cooking, old dragnet or adam 12, or medical shows! We are joking that he will be either a chef, a cop. or a doctor! Don't matter what he is , he is MY SON! :) I just LOVE to look at THAT FACE! :)

Well, just thought I would share NOAH NOAH NOAH! :)

Till next time WE send you kissses in the wind!


The Becks Family said...

I got up this morning to a little Noah video!! That was really cute and I love how he runs back to you. Oh, how I want Breelyn home. Tami, he is adjusting SO well!! Wow! Love it!
Aching for my baby girl

momwithfaithandhope said...

I'm with Holli. What a great video to wake up to. Noah is lovin' his Momma. I love how you say, "bay-bee" - it's so cute. Hugs, Tiff

Ramona said...

You're so right about having great social skills! Noah looks right at home, healthy and happy. What an angel!

The Family K. said...

You'd never know from that video that Noah has just been home for a few weeks. Just watching him running back for you time and time again is beautiful. Oh - and the kisses are so cute!

Sarah k said...

Ok.. in tears Tami! You are such a good mama and a proud one too!!! And Noah YOU GO PANDA BOY! I love it! He is such a sweet sweet boy and I am so happy to see things going so well for you guys! He is just a blessing and You too girl!!!
Sarah k

lorabelle said...

Well, I sure hope that you picked him up again and gave him a big smooch when the video was finished taping because it sure looked like he was coming back for another smooch! LOL! Very sweet!

marina said...

He looks great - I'm so happy for him and for you. He really is a sweetie isn't he?!?!

Jackie said...

LOVE it, Tami!! Thanks for sharing the photos -- looks like everyone is adjusting well.

It keeps getting better and better, girl.

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