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Thursday, September 18, 2008

DEATH of a Camera! :( and more on NOAH

Evening to y'all :)

I had a catastophe happen. My friend Cassie says you are definitly the mom of a newborn baby because I called her hysterical after I did this. uggh I am so upset with myself. We got ready to go to walmart to get a few things Noah needs. Well, his first trip to wal-mart so of course I want pictures :) So out to the car we go and I have Noah, the diaper bag, my purse and the camera in my hand loose. Now WHY It was not in camera bag or at least in my purse WHO KNOWS! It usually is. And HOW ON EARTH I could have done this WHO KNOWS, BUT I put the camera on top of the car, climbed in back seat, strapped Noah in his car seat. Climbed out of back seat and got in front seat. Bobby takes off. Well, we had to pick Celeste up on the way to walmart so while we are waiting on her I wanted to take a picture of Noah NOT SO PAITENTLY waiting for his Jei Jei! heehee I told him to get use to waiting on Jei Jei :) Anyway can't find the camera. At that point I just thought I forgot to bring it. Well, we are not that far out from home and Bobby wants to apease me so he says we will go home and get camera since it is his first outing and all. SO we drive home and Bobby heads inside to search, is gone a long time so Celeste heads inside. A bit later Bobby calls my cell phone and asks me to recheck my purse. Which I did and of course it is not in there. Then I start goin over in my mind everything and I kept thinking "I KNOW I BROUGHT THE CAMERA" Well, all of a sudden it hit me and I got out of car and am searching close to car. Noah is SCREAMIN cuz I am out of car so I stand right by it and holler to Bobby. He and Celeste come out and I tell them I think it was on top of the car. Well, Bobby's brother John had come over from next door by this point and says I think I know where it is. So he and Bobby take off to up by John's mailbox. A bit later they come back with the results of my stupidity with them. I loose it and am crying hysterically! See for yourself

I am crying beyond hysterically at this point. I mean first of all THIS IS NOT MY CAMERA! It is my friend Liane's. She has basically let me use it for months and months because she is not a picture person like I am but it is still HER camera! SO I am of course like Liane is gonna kill me and on top of everything else I dont have a way to take pics of Noah now. How can I survive with no camera for pics of my baby :(

Well, I am blessed to say my friend Liane was very very forgiving. I am so blessed she is such a good friend. She was very worried about how upset I was more so than the camera. And I am also blessed to say I do have a camera to take pics of Noah with . It is not near as nice as the one I had but it works. So the pics above of the destroyed camera were taken with the new camera.

Anyway just thought I would share with yall about that. I still am upset with myself beyond upset really and cry whenever I think of it but I guess I am just loony. Cassie says, no you are the mother of a new born baby! new born to you, not sleeping and running on nothing so your mind is gone.

Speaking of that new born baby to me anyway! My sweet little man! He is doing so well. If we could get sleep down and baths without fits then we would have it made. Guess what I found durin a fit by the way?? :) A new tooth broke through! Noah is now the proud owner of SIX teeth! :) I guess you can call this tooth a tooth, it is just coming in. Celeste so kindly is holding Noah to show the tooth to the camera! Believe it or not he did not CRY when she held him like this! :) lol

Also, Noah has branched out a little :) He will let us put him down now and will play if we stay VERY CLOSE. :) Check it out :)

But every once in awhile we are back to Mama!

Safe in Mama's arms again! :)

And we decided to see if our little Taiwan boy woudl eat cajun food! :) So I made Gumbo and here is Noah's first bite of Gumbo! :)
He loved it and ate a ton of it! :)
And here is a picture of one of my fav times with little panda boy! :) He has drifted off but not completley as he is still holdin the bottle. But when I first start rocking and feedin him his formula he will just gaze into my eyes! I LOVE IT :) and sometimes he will let me hold the bottle and he will touch my mouth with his tiny little hands! I JUST LOVE IT :)
I am still in shock I guess that they really gave me this sweet baby boy! :) Part of me is like when is someone gonna come and take him away. I am so use to keepign other peoples babies for years and years but this one is ours! :) He is doing amazing considering all he has been through and lost and to top it off he is sick. I am giving him the medication the doctor gave me for him but I am concerned about it. Praying that it starts working on this congestion soon. At times he sounds so bad. Please pray the insurance gets figured out soon. Bobby's insurance would not put Noah on until we were were home with him and had the legal adoption papers they gave us at St. Lucy's so we are waiting on the some forms they want filled out (WHY WE COULDNT DO AT LEAST THAT BEFORE WE GOT HIM I DONT KNOW UGGH) and then we will send that and a copy of adoption papers to them. Praying they will get it goin quick. Dr. wants to send him for some evals and such. Bobby's job has been so funny about all this. He has to get PROOF we were really adopting in order to get his leave approved. and of course we did not get the adoption papers until we were in taiwan.
Anyway, I have babbled on and on and I am sure you are saying hush already!
night yall
I am gonna finish up here and watch panda boy sleep :)


Sarah k said...

Ok.. I am sooooo sorry about the camera hon! I know that has to be just mind blowing. I am so glad that you have another one though to capture the everyday life of Noah though.... He is just too cute sweetie!!!

Ramona said...

So THAT'S what's inside a camera! :-)

And what a handsome boy Noah is!

William's Family said...

I love that shot of Noah's teeth. From the pictures, I've also just discovered that your house has all the fun toys. Can we come over and play?

Glad to hear that Noah is starting to get more comfortable. William did that, too - the don't want to play by myself thing - for many weeks after coming home. However, I'm happy to report that he is now in the playroom by himself while I type. We still have our moments, but wow, 6 months can change a lot!

William's Family said...

One more thing - I love the gumbo tasting bit. The big world out there with its staggering diversity of cultures just got a bit smaller (and more delicious) for one little boy.

The Becks Family said...

Awww. I love that he is attaching to you. So cute. I think a new baby DOES make you lose brain cells. My sister always tells me that I used to be pretty smart before I had Bailey. Totally worth it. :) So sorry about the camera. That sucks. I'm glad you're updating your blog!! I was needing a Noah fix. :)

June Berger said...

Sleep deprivation sure can make a person very sensitive to things. :o( He is such a cutie!! Oh my gosh, don't you just want to kiss his face all day?! That's how I feel with Jonathan. Sometimes I just look at him and cry because I'm so blessed to be entrusted with him as my son! Isn't God so good??!!

Karen said...

Noah is perfect! Soooo glad you are home with him. I am just getting the message you left on my blog. I am in Alexandria, LA. Where are you in Louisiana??

Hugs, Karen R

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