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Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi all,

I know I owe y'all a video of belated first birthday pics and some other things as well and I will do those belated. I guess its ok since it was a belated birthday party! Anyway, today a terrifying thing happened!!!! Bobby and I were in the store shopping with Noah and he was ready for a snack so I was feeding him in the bubby. He has taken to lovin those little peanut butter crackers and has been doin so well taking a bite off it and eating it without me having to break it up. So here we are going along and it appears he is swallowing and eating just fine one second and the next second he is CHOKING!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN FOR REAL CHOKING! :( My heart fell out of my chest :( WHY is it that no matter what kinda of training I have had in the past for nursing and other things that when it is MY CHILD EVERYTHING FLEW OUT THE WINDOW?? I DID NOTHING RIGHT :( I jerked him up and was screamin at bobby he is choking and I was scooping out his mouth and hitting his back. BY THE GRACE OF GOD it worked! Up came the food he was choking on and he was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs!!!! I have NEVER been so glad to hear anything in my entire life!!!! I was so upset. The next time someone says to me I am babying Noah by giving him baby snacks I am gonna smack them! Not really but THIS is a good example of why!!!! YES he is 18 months old by he only had 8 teeth, none of them molars even. Anyway I called the doctor to make sure if I should take him to ER or not but she handled it herself. He is fine! Mama is gonna be ALOT more picky on what I give him from now on! The thing about it is it really wasn't that much in his mouth that he was chokin on so that makes it extra scary! The Early Steps people have evaluated his eating before and they said that he is delayed in oral skills in his eating and they have to come before talking. They are suppose to work with him on that! They come tomorow to set up our IFSP. Basically the plan for therapy for the next little while. I am SOOO angry at myself that I freaked instead of going into action with the correct procedures but PRAISE God He protected my baby!

I will be workin on the video and such. Here are a couple of pics to tide you over! These are from the Belated Birthday day!!! :)
This was T-Totally Hilarious!!! :) I have no clue why he decided to feed me some of his cake but he did! I was CRACKIN UP!!! :) It is a miracle I didn't choke! Laughin and eatin don't go together :) heehee This unfortunately was not on the video :) but the picture is adorable! :)
That face again! He is gorgemous!!!! :) HE LOVED havin a belated Happy First birthday Noah party! :) heehee
WE send you blessings and Kisses in the wind!!!


Ramona said...

Tami - how scary! So glad little Noah's OK. That's so cute of him feeding you. We had J evaluated by early intervention, too. We've got some work to do.

Shannon of Room for More said...

Tami--I know you were scard. When Levi was 18m he choked on extra cheese pizza in a restaurant. I jumped up grabbed him from behind and shoved my fists in his stomach. Up came the cheese. My heart took along tome to STOP beating! God protects his babies & helps us moms recover! ; ) I love the birthday pics. I am glad that you guys are well!
BIG hugs form TX,

William's Family said...

Hoo boy. I'll bet that was scary. I think you handled that situation much better than I would have. I'm glad to read that Noah was fine in the end. Praise God!

Paula Perry said...

My i feel for you. Sarah decided to eat a 5 nt (taiwanese dollars,about 2cm across). She was playing and then it went quite, then coughing...i was then banging her on the back really hard and out popped the oh my i don't know where she got it from but it is SO scary. just a few weeks perviously she's chocked on ice when she was strapped into her high chair so there was the panic of getting her out of the chair...oh dear. I know how you feel. Praise The Lord that He is looking over us and our kids!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh Tami. . .I know how you feel. I have "chokers" for kids. Peyton got a ritz (mini sandwich) lodged in his throat while in a car seat! That was the most scared I've ever been. (He went pale) Gracyn choked on an apple (already). . .well, Peyt did too a year ago. . .Hang in there! You did great. Stick to Gerber graduates and cheerios! Glad Noah is doing okay.

lorabelle said...

OMG'sh! How scary for you and for poor little Noah...(and Bobby, too). And everyone else who was anywhere near ya'll in the store!!
LOL, but in a lovin way Tami.
So glad to hear that everything and everyone is alright.
Allie LOVES French fries and McNuggets and one afternoon I actually gave her a nugget to munch on because she had been doing so well with her nibbling... Of course she picked that one time when I looked away to shove the entire nugget in her mouth and start choking! Felt like such a looser parent... She was fine, but totally lost her privileges to hold and nibble on nuggets for awhile!

brazzel6 said...

Tami, Thank God you were able to get it out of his throat! I totally understand your fear and panic! Nic got choked on a grilled cheese when he was small. It was VERY SCARY!!!!!!

The birthday pics are SO CUTE!!!!

The Becks Family said...

That IS so scary when that happens. ugh! I remember when I was in Target and B has a hot dog and she choked like that. I FREAKED! So glad it turned out ok. Follow your Mommy Gut Instinct when it comes to what he can eat. Don't let anyone tell you different. I love the pic of him feeding you cake. That is SO cute! I SO want to meet little Noah someday! :)

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