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Friday, November 14, 2008

You know you are a mama when...

Thursday I took Noah to the Pediatrician's office and then she sent us to the hospital to have some bloodwork drawn. As I am holding my son down for them to draw blood and do a flu nostril test and such I am crying as much if not more than Noah is and I thought to myself. I KNOW I am his mama for sure! Sometimes I don't feel like his mama, I feel unable to comfort him at times, or that I don't know exactly what it is he wants and wonder if the Nannies at SLC would understand more of what he is wantin and needin and feelin. But let me tell you what as I held that sweet angel in my arms and had to hold him still for them to stick him and him screamin and thrashin and tryin everything he could to get away and to turn and crawl up to my shoulder and as those tears streamed down my face and I had to try so hard not to shake and make him move, I FELT LIKE HIS MOM. Others around watched him in pain and fear and were like aww poor guy, its ok sweetie but I WAS feelin the pain with my baby. I was too busy tryin to be the strong mama to think of pictures of that first but here are some other panda boy shots for yall... and by the way I have not forgotten I still owe y'all a belated first birthday party video. It is still belated in comin for your viewin pleasure! I pray to have some time in the next few days to finish it up. anyways here are some pictures from the last week or so....

This was the mornin after the belated bday party. Noah's uncle Ronnie and Aunt Beth could not come to the party but brought him some balloons by he next day. He is quite injoyin them! :)

ROFL He got so tangled in them dancin with them! It was adorable! :)

Here he is lookin up at them! :) You can see his 3 and half top teeth really good here! :)

These next few are from our Marriage Conference trip last weekend! Noah is starting out early to be a good hubby someday!!! :) heehee First marriage conference at 18 months!
Here is Panda Boy EARLY last friday morning and NOT happy about bein woken up so early! I thought I could get him to play while Daddy was loadin the car but NOPE he was not a happy guy.
Here is Daddy pickin up Noah and lovin on him right before loadin him in the car. They are both in jammas cuz Bobby had worked all night long and was gonna sleep in car while I drove to Houma. My tired boys!

Here we are awhile later on the road waking up only long enough to take a bottle! :) He looks so cute with all his blankets and toys and such in the back seat! :) He did pretty good travelin for the first while. He slept for about 3 hours, including sleeping through a diaper change! now that's tired heehee. Then he woke, took the bottle, fell back asleep a while. He CRIED for the last 2 hours :( it was dreadful! we stopped several times so I could take him out of his seat and hold him and walk around with him and such but as soon as we were back on the road he was screamin again :( Very hard on everyone but praise God we got their safe and sound!
Here is Noah at the conference doin any cute thing he can to keep ME from paying attention to the conference and not him! heehee
Here is Noah along with Sara Jane and her daddy Mr. Joey(in background) in the cry room they had at the Church we were at. It was a very nice cry room with chairs and toys and a huge window to see out into sancutary and a speakers so you could still hear what was goin on inside! :) Noah loves his overalls :) He looked so adorable! :)
Here is Noah sleepin in the port a crib at the hotel! I joked I was takin it home along with our luxirous thick thick soft bed they hotel had! This was the ONLY night EVER Noah has slept through the night without wakin up for a bottle or anything. He fell asleep in the car on way back from the conference at about 10. Slept through me changin him into jammas and such and woke and fussed just a bit. Went back to sleep by 10:30. I woke him up at 6:30 am to dress him for breakfast! I was shocked. THAT is why I almost took that porta crib home with us :) heehee Our bed was a very very nice comfortable king size bed! The hotel was wonderful and we had gotten a very good rate for the rooms. If you are ever in Houma, LA I recommend the Holiday Inn!! :)
Last night my dear daughter Celeste treated me to a movie :) Soooo, that meant Noah went to his first movie ever! :) Here he standing at the glass door bangin on it :) and he is so excited to go out the door!!! :)
The movie that she took me to was The secret Life of Bees! I enjoy Queen Latifa in Last Holiday so I was looking very forward to it. The movie was very good though not a light movie but a very good one. Though there were some very funny scenes and we came out with a new quote that Celeste is using ALOT. If you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know the quote I will scroll down a bit before I say it... you scroll passed it to another picture...
ok, so the quote is..."Take that boy's brain and put it in a bird and the bird would fly backwards!" LOL now to us it struck us so funny! heehee maybe you had to be there I dunno!
Today we had to take my mother on some errands and she took us to lunch. While mama and I were up getting the food Celeste took this picture :)
Is he not the cutest thing! :) heehee
Well, while mama was doin a few Christmas errands that Celeste and I had to give her privacy for we managed to amuse ourselves in the Christmas section and found us some interesting hats! heehee so what do you think?????
lol :) Noah thought we were quite nuts! So we just had to add him to the fun!!!!
As you can see he is not thinkin it so much fun and lookin up like what on earth are yall doin and what is this on my head????
Well, tonight we went to visitation and viewin of my dear friend Amber. It was so strange to see her and to really make it real and very hard and emotional. In a room opposite the room Amber was in they had a laptop set up that was playing a video of Amber singing Amazing Grace! THAT was tough to go in and lisent to and watch but I had to hear her sing one more time! Just beautiful! Talk about bawling! I keep hearin over and over in my head tonight some words Amber was singing " My chains are gone...I've been set free" Praise Jesus this is so true for her and for all of us thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior! :) It really struck home to me as I prepare to speak at our Church's Ladies Meeting next week. I am to share my testimony of sorts of all God has brought me through. YES my chains are gone!!!! Even in her death my dear friend Amber is still sharing her heart with me and reminding me WHERE to look!
Please be in prayer for the family and friends tomorow afternoon (saturday) as we have Amber's funeral service. I do not have a copy of Amber singin the Song Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) but I did find a live performance of it by Chris Tomlin and friends. I pray this works and you wil be able to hear it and as you do if you can think of my friend Amber and her family and friends.

We send you blessings and Kisses in the wind!


June Berger said...

I love all the pics of Noah and Celeste. Celeste really loves her little brother, that's evident. So sorry about your friend, but oh so thankful she is home with the Lord. Praying for her family and friends.

Here's a link I thought might interest you:

This is a lady that is a mom adopting a child with DS, that's how I met her on line.

lorabelle said...

My heart was just breaking picturing you having to hold Panda Boy down to get his blood drawn. That is so hard on our babies, but I think just as bad for us! You are this little boys Mama Tami and I feel this from the bottom of my heart. Meant to be ~ Period!
Love the photo's of you and your kiddo's being silly! Too Funny...

Again, I am so shocked by the loss of your friend and I have had you in my thoughts all day as I know that this was a difficult one for you to get through...
Take care,

brazzel6 said...

Tami, Noah is so cute!!!! I know that I have typed that before, but looking at all the pictures of him I just had to tell you again! :) Love the hats! What a hoot!!!!

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I will be praying for you and the family!


The Becks Family said...

I'm sorry you had to go through the blood draw with Noah. Isn't it just so hard seeing our kids hurting and not being able to do anything about it? I'm sure it was harder on you than him. (He probably forgot about it already). He looks so happy in all the photos! What a sweet little boy.

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