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Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow! That is the only word I can think to describe yesterday. I shared that I would be sharing at our Ladies Meeting. EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong yesterday afternoon preceeding that meeting DID! I had been praying for a long while about this time and what I was to share and had gotten several songs I felt would be used in the sharing of my story. Well, on top of all the other things that went nutso yesterday when I arrive at the Church and am getting everything prepped and ready for the meeting we realize that somehow windows media is damaged on the Church computer and so Carlos can not get my video or my audio songs to play on it to put up on big screen in Sanctuary. ugggh :( I have burned these off my computer on a cd rom and used windows media because I knew Church had that. I tried audio one in cd player. NOPE wont play :( I was the most upset about the video because it was just so powerful and it so speaks of how I feel. Well, Carlos is like if we can use the Pastor's laptop he MIGHT can get it to work. turns out laptop was broken! UGGGh Well I am literally at the alter crying. I mean the ONLY thing I knew about the night was these songs! I am feelin like all I want to do is go home and I have no clue what I am going to do. I get a text from an old dear friend who I had invited to the meeting that she is running late and just leavin her house but she is coming! YIPEEE! So i ask if she has either a laptop or a cd with at least the song the video is too. She has a laptop so brings that with her. Upon her arrival Carlos heads in there to try and work magic! Carlos is my friend Cassie's dear hubby. Our sound guy and also the main nursery worker for the night so the ladies can all be in the meeting! :) He is great and worked so hard to make this all work for me but to no avail. he could NOT get it to work with tv's. But he did get it to play on laptop so he put it on a podium and said I could just play it from that with volume up real loud. So at least I have that. Now that was not set up till after I had to start talking though. I had a song I had planned to start with and let me tell you it was NOT easy to start without that lead in. When I stood up I had NO IDEA what I was to say or going to say. I just started talking and sharing a story. My story. I have spent most of the day today trying to figure out what I would say about the meeting to y'all and well a friend that was at the meeting blogged today about it and so I decided I would copy and paste her post about it to give you a listeners view about it.
Here is what she posted:

Ok so that is only part of my day; from there I go right to work. I had thought I would do that and then come home and get some work done, well, nope. I got a text from my friend reminding me that she was speaking at her ladies' monthly meeting and wanted me to come. She had invited me before, and I knew I needed to go, but Thursdays are soooooooooo hard! I toyed with it, weighed my options, knew I was tired, knew I needed to get some work done, knew my sister-in-law was cooking, but also knew my friend is so much more important than all that stuff-I went.

Her part was a testimony time for her to share what God has done in her life. I have known her for years so for me to hear where she is right now was an amazing thing. To see her standing up in front of these ladies talking from her heart, not hiding, not cowering, just sharing, was in itself amazing. I remember when she couldn't look people in the eyes. I know being up there was not easy for her to do. Although hesitant, a bit out of place since I don't go to church there, I was instantly glad I was there with her at that moment. My heart has been so burdened for the prison ministry and what she shared gave me such insight into what these other women are struggling with. Her testimony is not so unlike the story of the woman with an issue of blood for 12 years who just knew if she could but touch the hem of Jesus' garment, she could be healed. My friend had to but take that one step towards Jesus and let Him heal her; it was that first step that hindered her. One step and one touch, just one and we are surrounded by the consuming power of Jesus' healing. She shared what it was like to take that step and the battles she faced in her journey. I am so glad she did.

I thought about the devotion Max Lucado did on Mary, Martha, Lazarus. Lazarus was the trumpet-the one with an awesome testimony. We can't all be trumpets, my friend gets to be. She has a trumpet testimony. I don't. She ended her testimony time with a video clip of Nicole C. Mullen's song "One Touch" and an encouragement to those who plant seeds. We don't always see the fruit of our investment in the lives of others, but it doesn't mean there isn't any. I have to confess I was a bit jealous of those who got to share in that leg of her journey that I missed out on. I really kind of abandoned her, not being sure how to help her. Not the first time I have thrown my hands up in defeat. I felt like my efforts in her life were futile....I have felt like that many times in my life. Her words reminded me that God gives the increase, God does the work in lives, not us. All of these that have my heart, I lift up to Him, I give when He gives me opportunity, I share, I testify, I love-He does the rest...not up to me to bear fruit.

Friend, blow that trumpet....we all need to come to that place where we reach out for that one touch from our Savior!

Watch the video-One Touch

Here is the Video that the link she put in goes to and that I used last night :)

I bawled when I read that. What more can one ask for in life than to be used by the Lord to help others. Me, a trumpet? I dont know maybe. PRAISE God that HE TOUCHED ME!! I KNOW I've been made whole!

You know at the end of it all, everything that went wrong before really did not matter. Music is the way I feel, the way I express myself. It is such a part of who I am. And yes it can tell so much. I can't tell you HOW I talked once I got up there but I did. I just shared my heart. There is so much more I shoudl have said, could have said but I must believe for such a time as this that what happend was what HE had for me to say that night! The only one of the songs I was able to use was that video but it was the most important. Before the meeting I did not think I could possibly do it and I almost allowed the enemy to convince me that I was not who God says I am. BUT GOD!

I will post some pictures of Noah tomorow! :)

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


Sarah k said...

Awesome Testimony Tami! I am so proud of you for just letting go and letting God. This story reminds me of about a month ago. I was suppose to sing in church and God told me to sing a song that He had me write. I hate doing that because then I have to play the guitar. BUt I obeyed. We had some sister's in Christ coming that were from "house of Promise" and I knew I HAD to share this song. I got up there and sang. While I sang and played a mic steadily fell towards my strum hand and I had to bodily back away somehow while sitting on a I did get through it, but not on my strength. The women said they were blessed by the song and I was so glad and blessed that I had shared it then. Though the enemy attacked we walked away triumphant as obedient servants... Good job they faithful servant!!!

Sarah k.

brazzel6 said...

Beautiful, Tami!!!!!! Thanks for sharing words of encouragement through the video! The Lord alone knows how much I needed to touch the hem of His garment at one point in my life! This past week I was back at that point again!

God is so good! I love it when I can get "ME" out of the way and let "HIM" work! This is something I have to work on, because I like to be a lady with several plans just incase!!!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

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