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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift!

In our family back from the time my Great Grandmother was a girl they had a tradition if you will of trying to be the FIRST one to say Christmas Eve Gift!!! :) If you said it to someone first they were to give you a gift! heehee well they never really did that but we do have a Christmas Eve Gift Traditon. We have a tradition in our family that began when my brother and I were little. On Christmas Eve (usually after supper) we would get to open ONE gift! It was ALWAYS a gift of Mama's choosing and ALWAYS involved pajamas! :) Well, I continued that with Celeste for the past 20 Christmas Eve's and have been so looking forward to Noah's first Christmas and doing old traditions with him and hopefully adding some new ones. With this in mind, Months ago I bought Noah the CUTEST sleeper with reindeer heads as feet for his Christmas Eve Gift and for him to wear on Christmas Morning during all the wake up festivities! I have been so excited. WELL, it came up MISSING! I was QUITE upset and I have torn the house and car up looking for it, Bobby has as well, and Celeste and my mom got into the game. Well, we could not find it :( SOOO, YESTERDAY of all days, YES December 23rd, I have to go and TRY and find a pair of Christmas Pajamas in a town that I have a hard time finding things I like to begin with! Well, I went everywhere even to expensive stores at the mall, and NOBODY had ANY christmas pj's not even ones I didnt like. I had one last place to visit. Old Navy. I had been to the one in one town and they had not had anything but since I also had some funds left on a gift card I won,(thank you so much Shannon!!!) I decided to try the one in a close by town that I had not been too yet. Well, I walk in and see a manequin baby with the PERFECT pajamas on it! I thought, ok this is why! They had blue bottoms with santa all over them and the top was light blue with santa and said "SANTA'S BEST GIFT!" That is just too perfect! I mean I know that Noah was a gift from Jesus but Santa is the spirit of giving and so to us that represents the love of giving we should have in Christ! and YES Noah is the best gift I got!!!!!! Anyway, I immediately look at the size on the manequin and it is 3 to 6 months, well that wont do. So then I search the store, find the place these type of jammas were and literally look through EVERY box they had! Some were Christmas and some not so they had ALOT. I wish you could imagine me ON THE FLOOR in the Old Navy digging through boxes! Sadly the only other one I ever found was a GIRLS one! PINK as anything! UGGGGH :( I cried! So I go searching and I found a cute little outfit that is like a long sleeve long leg onsie. it has the fold over shoulders and all so I decided that would have to do. I mean it is cute and I was SOO thankful to find it but when I wanted that other so badly it was kinda a let down. Anyway it turned out to be $2.71 counting tax!!! Can you believe it?? Wow. Then I went to walmart and since this outfit did not have feet we tried to find Elmo Slippers for about the millionth time this year and no 4's in site nor a 5 which we would have used in a pinch :( uggh but we found on little loan pair of baby slippers with Santa heads!!! :) heehee So so cute! So we got those to go with the outfit. So last night after Noah went to bed and Bobby was at work I pulled all the stuff out of my closet to get it organized in bags whose gifts were whose, what still needed wrapping, what is being left out from Santa, what is stocking, etc. Well, as I was doing this I moved a larger item literally out of the closet and knocked it over in process and GUESS WHAT was STUCK to the bottom of the bag that thing was in???? THE BAG WITH THE REINDEER SLEEPER! UGGGH I mean YES I am thrilled but we literally spent ALL day driving around looking for jammas so it was something to then find it! heehee So now the one from Old Navy he is wearing today as a playsuit with slippers and all on! I LOVE these slippers. the tops are kinda small but the inside if big enough for his feet, so you have to kind of push through to get his foot in and then they are actually a bit big. the point you ask??? HE CAN"T PULL THEM OFF!!!!!! I love it! :) Anyway I know what you really want to hear..... PICTURES!!!

Here is Noah in the outfit from Old Nay and the santa slippers :)

Here is Noah playin with Brownie :) so cute :) gizmo is down there too he is the blackish smudgy thing! heehee

Here is my Christmas Gift! :) Jei Jei was wrapping and decided to put a bow on Noah's head. He ran around with it up there for the longest time :) We decided to get a shot of it :)

And for those fans of Table boy shots here ya go! :) Fall here brings leaves in EVERY time someone comes in and Noah just loves to play with them till they crumble in my floor! Luckily he does not try to eat them!

Last Saturday the Big Sisemore Family Gift Exchange gathering was at our home. My friends from out of town happend to be coming to see us the same day as that was what worked for them :) PRAISE God they were here! Was a wonderful time with them and they had brought gifts for Noah so he had some things to open :) They totally blessed our family not only with Christmas Presents for Noah, hand me down clothes for Noah, and her hubby the CHEF cooked us homemade Chicken Enchiladas to DIE for (wish I had a picture of those! :) heehee) and homemade salsa and chips and pinto beans :) YUMMO MEAL :) It was a SHORT but wonderful visit! My camera messed up so the picture of Celeste and Joy's children did not come out. Also we forgot to make a new picture of Joy and I :( we will have to get together again soon and remedy that! Here is Noah opening one of their gifts! The little suit was made by my sister in law's mom and Noah is the 4th Sisemore boy to wear it! :) He will wear it to Church tonight as well! :)

Can you see it in his face? he is so INTO opening presents! :)

At that gift exchange the adults had drawn names and everyone was suppose to get gifts for the kids. My brother in law Ronnie had me as his name drawn and he gave me a card with $10 in it! Well, an old family friend of ours sends me a card each year and usually with money and this year he sent me $20 and it arrived on Monday so I decided to take the money and yesterday I went to the little beauty shop round the corner here in town and got my hair done! Now let me tell you this was HUGE for me! My hair was LONG , about the small of my back long in back! Bobby loves long hair on me, I love long hair but with Noah at this stage and so in love with putting his hands in my hair and tying it in knotts it was recommended I cut the hair for now. I had been feeling kinda drab anyway, which is not unusual for me but usually my hair is the ONLY thing I like about me and lately I have not liked that, though looking upon some pics this morning from last month it wasn't too bad. :( anyway, I went to the beauty shop and she shampoo, cut and styled it.

Here is a before picture of the front. We did not think to take one of the back! DUMB! Noah is so cute with his books! He is so into board books :)

Here is little man sitting in a chair like a big boy! :) By the way , we ended up at the doctors with him Monday and he is 24 pounds and 12 ounces now! :) He was too uncooperative to get a height this time but he seems taller to me.

Here is the cutting process. The back has been cut! Apparently when my hair is shorter though it draws up so it is really even shorter now when dry! If you can see that is quite a jump from the small of my back.
Ok, this next one is just after she got done. She styled poofier and a bit different that I care for but here it is! Bobby says he likes it, I am not so sure. on and off. IT FEELS BETTER so that is the main thing! And later in the day when it calmed down a bit it was cuter and I like it more. So what do you think?????

I think it makes me look EVEN Fatter if that is possible. I need a large roll brush to do the bangs cuz if they are not dried with one they are too long and in my eyes so it is interesting now! Celeste is begging me to get hair dye and color my hair. IF i can save $55 I can get it highlighted like I had it for my birthday gift! So fess up guys, what do you think???
Sunday Afternoon after my mother in law was out of surgery and doing welll and our neice was with her, Bobby's brother wanted to do our private gift exchange anyway for the sake of the kids. It had been planned for earlier in the day but surgery was going on at that point. So we went over to their home and had some sweet time! Noah's first time in their home and he just seemed to know that it was ok there! :) Now he has spent time with them all in our home multiple times but still a whole new place and he was great!

Here he is opening his gift from Uncle Wesley, Aunt Michelle, Melissa, Logan, Gavin, and Nathan!

Here he is right at home pulling toys off their toy shelves! :) heehee

Here he is playing with his cousin Gavin! :)
Earlier today we opened gifts from Samuel the little boy I keep some. He is not here today because they did not want to risk him being sick for Christmas so we had to open without him here.

This is Noah waitin on Jei Jei to hand him the present right after I had him dressed. You can see the outfit and slippers pretty good here!
Here is Noah ripping into the wrapping paper! :)
do not ask me WHY he shoved that thing on my head but he did! Celeste thought too funny and got a shot! :)
I will try to post tonight with pics of opening Christmas Eve Gift and wearing reindeer Jammas while waiting for him to be good enough down to go be Mrs. Claus!
And remember I got ya! CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!! :)
We send you blessings and Kisses in the wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Isn't it crazy how things go missing, and you HAVE to HAVE it for your baby. . .Your hair looks great! Got your text message babout your Mother-in-Law. Glad her surgery went well. Praying for a speedy recovery. Enjoy Jesus' birthday!!

lorabelle said...

I love your hair! Isn't it amazing what a good cut will do? Really really like it!
The pics of Panda boy are super good too. I can't believe how much this little man is changing. He looks so happy.
Hope you had an awesome Christmas.

Doug and Terrye said...

Love the hair! You are very pretty, and your hair accentuates that :)

Terrye in FL

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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