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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Difference a Year Makes with Santa and Noah! :)

We took Noah to the mall to see Santa yesterday! Daddy was working at his second job security at that mall and so we went when daddy was on Santa's end of the mall! It is amazing the difference a year makes in Santa pics for NOah and for Santa!!!! heeheee I was actually VERY upset that santa did NOT have his coat on! I DON'T care how hot it was YOU ARE SANTA you are suppose to have a coat on. I mean come on if Santa can wear a coat in TAIWAN he should in LA! Nothing ever seems to just happen as planned in our family. We go and take him and they take the picture and we pay to have it put on a cd so we can put it on computer and print pics we want and such and get home and the cd is BLANK! UGGGH :( So now I am crying because how do we redo his FIRST time sitting on Santa's lap in America :( I am like they ruined it and it can't be fixed :( Well, called daddy at work and said go tell them what happened. Well, they still had the picture on their computer there! YIPEEE but it would not load to a cd! uggh It took till late this afternoon before they got it to finally load. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY, but anyway we have it now! Here is last year's and this years Santa Pics!
12/13/07 Tainan, Taiwan ~Noah ( 6 days shy of 8 months old) and Santa
12/19/2008 Louisiana ~Noah (20 months old to the day) Jei Jei (aka Celeste~20) and Santa
Noah was NOT happy at all to be close to Santa but was intrigued from a distance! I figured he was going to cry so I was like just get the picture QUICK! heehee Then he was scooped back up in Mama's arms and stopped screaming IMMEDIATELY! So weird how he can shut it off so quick! Gotta love it! :)
I am getting SOOO excited about Noah's 2nd Christmas (his first at home!!!!!! ) I have been VERY busy bartering with a friend and Noah is going to have a HUGE blowout Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Have to be big enough to make up for TWO YEARS!!! :)
We are going to drive around and look at Christmas Lights tonight! :) I am so excited! :) I know Noah may not be old enough to enjoy the lights necessarily but he likes riding in car and listening to radio so he will enjoy too! :)
Also, Noah has a new skill now that he is 20 months old! One that Mommy is PETRIFIED OF! He climbed up on the loveseat for the first time and then on my recliner! EEEK! I have not gotten pics of our new climbing skill as it scares the begeebes out of mommy that he will hurt as he teeters on the edge so I rush and get him down or yell at the closest person too! perhaps soon I can get a picture when I feel more comfortable with what he is doing!
Tomorow our children's Church has a cantata and Bobby and are the Children's Pastors so we need to direct and such and Noah does not do well going to others and not being able to come to me. PRAY that he will stay with Jei Jei without a problem! or I may be having to figure posters and such with him in my lap and him trying to rip them the whole time the kids are trying to see the words! heehee
Merry Saturday before Christmas!
WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!!


Lindsey's mom said...

He is to cute!!! Santa does need his coat! I totally agree!

Lindsey's mom said...

He is to cute!!! Santa does need his coat! I totally agree!

Lindsey's mom said...

sorry it posted twice??? not sure why???

lorabelle said...

Look how much he has changed. Panda boy has just blossemed since being home with his family!

Ramona said...

Have you noticed how the lady accompanying Santa in these pictures changes with each baby? Or is it the hat? Our little ones just aren't into Santa this year, are they?

momwithfaithandhope said...

How cute - at least you have a photo with Santa. I didn't even attempt it! Maybe next year! Have a Merry Christmas!

Julie W said...

What is the name of the mall?? I want to call and complain!! How can they not make Santa wear his coat?? That is CRAZY!!! (and sad for the parents if ya ask me!!)

Oh well, at least you got a cute picture! Love Noah's outfit!! What a Merry Christmas you will have this year!!

Expecting Good Things said...

I SO agree with you. Where is his coat? No wonder Noah is crying!

Sarah k said...

Cool comparison!!! I love it!!!

Sarah k

Tish said...

that is a priceless photo...just the way they should be! noah sounds like M about not wanting to go with other people. and you are do they turn off the tears that quickly???

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