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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happies and Happenings!

I wanted to share with y'all some pics of some Happies we have gotten in the mail and just some happenings here in our life with Noah! :) He is SUCH a blessing to my heart! He seems to have regressed this past couple days and is back to being a complete clinging vine. I can't put him down, even to walk beside me and hold my hand or anything today. He just melts into a fit on the floor. He totally freaks if I go an inch away from him, actually worse than when we first got him in taiwan. If anyone comes near me with him in my arms he cries and turns like they are monsters come to steal him. :( breaks my heart :( I got up earlier today after putting his coat on him and walked into my bedroom to get my keys and he ran after me SCREAMING at the top of his lungs arms in the air and this look of TERROR on his face. Like he was petrefied or something. very odd. Please pray for my sweet little man :( I dont want him to be so upset. I have gone back to holding him all the time and everywhere we go and all which is fine but it worries me that he had gotten where he liked to walk around some and now none. It woudl worry me he was in pain in his legs or something if not for the fits when folks come near us. Anyway, these pics are all from the weekend through monday.

Sunday afternoon we had an online Christmas party for a Secret Santa Swap we were apart of through FTP Radio that our friends Denise and Matt have some radio programs on. Each of us had a secret santa and was a secret santa for someone else. We all mailed out our gifties to each other well in advance so we would all have them for the party that took place in a chat room on FTP. We would lock the mike while we opened our gifts and everyone could hear us open and our reaction, then we would unlock and get to meet and talk to our people and such :) Here is Noah when my friend Matt was talking in an Elmo voice and telling Noah it was his turn to unwrap his gifty! :)

Isn't that adorable?? He began clapping! heehee :) that we dont have on film as we were too busy laughing! heehee

Here is Noah opening PART of his gifties from secret santa. This is a sweet puzzle with animals for our animal lover :) He really was spoiled in his gifties as he got multiple things including a stuffed panda , bear, Vtech helicopter, the puzzle, star shaped soap and bathtub soap dish! :) Noah has had such a blast with it all :)

As if that wasn't enough fun for early Christmas fun when the mail arrived Monday there was a boxed addressed to Mr. Noah Sisemore! :) heehee Mommy was as excited as noah! :) My friend Barb in Mississippi had sent along a happy for Noah as she calls it and some other happies for the rest of the family.

Here is Noah in my lap as we are getting into the box! Isnt he gorgeous???!!!

Here we are pulling out Noah's happy! A beautiful BIG quilt! :) Noah loved it and we proceeded to play a good round of "where's the baby" heehee :) Noah has this in his crib now. Barb is a very talented and generous friend! :) I can't imagine the time it took her to make this for my sweet baby boy! Here are some more pics of it including the inscription on it :)

This is the front. I love the beautiful Noah's ark!

on the back this square is there with the inscription of his name meaning and a verse to go with it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Such a prescious sweet touch! Noah is definitly my comfort. When I am upset just holding and snuggling him and smelling his sweet neck can make me feel so much better :) I wish I was better able to comfort him at times, though he prefers me over anyone at times I still feel like I dont know what he is trying to tell me and I dont comfort him. But it is getting better! I had to laugh at the rest part of his name! that must come later! heehee

This is on the front under the Noah's ark but I wanted to get it so you can read it! :)

Barb also put in the box a tote bag and an apron that say Mississippi! She lives there and knows I am from there and knew that would bless me! :) She also added some Christmas ornaments that I just ADORE! They are colorful balls with the names of Jesus on them!!!! I had a fit! :) Bobby put them up on the tree and as he was doing so he would let Noah hold each one and read it to him and tell him about it and then put it on the tree. Well, when he was doing that with the red one Noah decided that he was not taking that one from him to put on the tree and he took off with it! Luckily mama was sitting in her chair camera in hand! LOOK!

can you tell by the legs he is taking off with it!?!

Noah is good at running now! heehee Here is he taking off after the dogs! Poor doggies! He so luvs them and will try to pick them up. Celeste little pup is so tiny he can actually get it and pick it up, by the ear, by the arm, by the tail! we are constantly hollerin Noah no, gentle! lol I told Celeste she better watch that pup good. We dont want Noah to hurt it.

Wel after all the happy opening festivities were over we needed to get to haircuts! Bobby needed one for work. Now I go on record as I have many times before with saying I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING! but I try. heehee It had not occured to me all the new skills I would need to acquire upon adopting my sweet son! :)

Likd learning to cut daddy's hair ONE HANDED! heehee Look how he is watching! He insisted on being in my lap and when I had to take my other arm from around him he started crying so much :( poor guy.

see him justa hollerin cuz I need both my hands :( so now I have to learn to cut with hollerin goin on! lotsa new things! heehee

Well, after daddy I decided to cut Noah's hair. When we took him last time I was not happy and thought I can do that bad myself! at least I listen to myself. Noah likes for me to run my fingers through his hair on top so I decided he needed to keep his length on top but we were gonna cut the back and sides short. Now again remember I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!!!! So I totally messed up the sides. the back is not too bad except around the neck. Part of the problem is I dont have enough guards. I have a few but they are way different sizes so when I needed one size up form what I had used so I could blend I did not have it. Its a good excuse anyway! heehee

WARNING :( these are sad to look at as he was NOT happy! Funny thing is he his NOT crying cuz I am cutting his hair, but because I put him down! lol

My poor baby boy!

Jei Jei was so sweet to help hold him and Daddy was photographer :)
Ok, safe in mama's arms!

LOOK at that face!!! HOW did I get so lucky to get such an amazing baby!??????? His face just radiates light and joy! do you see it?? He is my panda boy! :) the cut again makes him look older which I hate but at least it is neat though with my mess ups on the side and the neck it not as it shoudl be :( I may pull the cutters back out and try and fix it soon! or maybe leave bad enough alone LOL
After the haircutting Noah had his special therapist come over. She is a play therapist and main focus is to be language but also to address all his delays. right now she is mainly working on building relationship so she can get him to work with her. Celeste was home for this session and able to take some pics for me! Maria brought BUBBLES!!!!! Noah's firt time ever to see bubbles! :)

He is totally enthralled in this picture! so sweet :)
Now he is into the game and he is holdin the wand!!!

Look at him concentrate!! :) heehee

Maria gets a hug! YIPEEEE! :) so sweet :) I am so blessed to have Maria come out to work with us! She is a doll!!!! :)
Well, I best sleep before he is up!
WE send you blessings and kisses in the wind!


brazzel6 said...

The haircut looks good to me! He is so cute! You are braver than I am with Nic's hair. His is so straight that it even scares the lady that cuts it sometimes! :)

I understand the clinging! My two youngest have been through this many times! Kensli still does this at times and she is almost 4. Her's usually has to do with sleeping at this point. It gets so tiring, I know! I'll pray for you and Noah!

Love the Santa suit!

The Family K. said...

I can't tell you messed anything up w/the haircut at all. He looks perfect to me.

I hope the clinginess gets better. That can be tough for everyone involved.

lorabelle said...

Allie still goes through these clingy spurts as well and I can't figure out why... I just go with and give her what she needs. It is an obvious need at that point even if it started out as a want. LOL... It passes, so I guess she just needs the reassurance that things are the way they are. Precious wonders and little monkeys just posted on something that might help. Check out her blog! Love the haircut and I agree that you did a great job!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

All three of my babies were clingons and they were biological... I wonder what Milana will be? Haircuts look great & I think that blanket is adorable... especially with the mom & dad animals looking like married couples complete with clothes! Santa man is just too cute too! Big hugs and strong arm muscles, from one clingon Mama to another. =0) Sara

June Berger said...

I think the haircut looks great, at least what I can see ;o) . I shave my hubby's head too. Used to do my older boys, but they like it longer now, so I keep my hands off, but that's a threat I use if they don't get their hair cut, "mommy'll bring out the clippers!" great modivator!

He is absolutely beautiful! What a face, I bet you can't stop kissing him! lol

Praying his anxiety at not being held by you subsides soon.

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