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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Party Animal and the Lockin and lookin back!

Last night was our Annual Christmas Lockin at our home and this years Chrismas one was for the little Girls in our Children's Ministry! :) This year was QUITE a bit different that previous years have been! First of all we had much fewer girls than we have ever had before, and also there was another male there besides Bobby! :) heehee Noah was there exuding his joy to one and all!!!! :) I just love looking through the pictures and my baby running through them! :) He decided that it was a baby boy lock in as well and that he planned to join in on a good bit of things! :) The girls always do a pajama modeling and not to be outdown on center stage Noah got the Christmas Tie Bobby had been wearing around and was modeling with it! It was quite adorable though short lived because Mama could not risk him harming himself with the tie around the neck! But of course had to get some pics first!!! :) he tried to join in on alot of the games :) He ended up napping late for his afternoon nap and went down at 2 and slept till 5 so I was pretty confident he would be able to enjoy some of the festivities before he got cranky and tired and I would let him stay up as late as he could and be happy so that just maybe after all girls were picked up at 8 he might sleep later and I could catch an hour or so! Well, he loved the whole thing and was QUITE the night owl!!! :) Here are some pictures to share

Here is our sweet little group of girls!!! :) They are striking a pose! :) heehee

We had Noah bring a gift for the gift exchange game! :) We wanted to include him as much as possible! :) Here he is during that game as we open a gift!

MY BABIES!!!! :) I just love this picture! If any of us sits on the floor Noah thinks it is with the express purpose for him to sit ON us! :) heehee and if we lay on the floor that purpose if for him to CLIMB on us! heeheee

Here is the party Animal! this picture was taken at 2:30 AM!!!!! Can you believe it? He never did get fussy. He does NOT like to go to sleep with others around and so I decided not to press the issue unless he was just cranky and I had to put him down. Awhile after this he climbed up in my lap again to rock rock with the blanket and began this battle of keeping the eyes open. Sleep won over at 5 minutes of 3 in the morning! :) I was able to lay him in his crib and he did not even wake up or fuss or anything!!!

Another shot of the Party Animal at 2:30 am!!! :)

We played a game with the girls called pigs in a blanket where they had to get under a blanket and then one child was the farmer who came and would sit/touch the child under the blanket and all they can do is OINK and the farmer has to guess who is under the blanket. Well, NOAH decided HE was playing and got his blanket and headed for the floor!!! :) heehee

of course he could not stay under long :) Isnt that face adorable!!! :)

Here he is thinking HE should be the farmer and he is tryin to find Tori under the blanket! heehee

Here he is with his tie modeling!!! :)

We always have a birthday cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday at our Christmas lockin each year whether it is the girls turn or the boys turn to do Christmas! :) Here is a shot of the girls singing and getting ready to blow out Jesus candles! :) Daddy has Noah away from the lit candles! It was a wonderful night and I kinda liked the smaller group because I just felt like it was more personal with the girls! I definitly think Noah did better than he would have done if we had a larger group or if any of the girls who these 7 had invited had been able to come. he knows all these girls from Church and Lagniappe so he was comforable! Stay tuned till January for the Boys Be on God's Team Lockin!!! :) It is usually in February to coincide with super bowl but one of our little boys is moving Feb 1st so we will have it early so he can be there! :) It should be a group this small or maybe smaller unless we add some before then! :)

I also thought I would share with you our stockings hung by the Chimmney with care!!! :)

This is ALL our stockings! Nanny, Grandma, Mommy, Daddy, Celeste and Noah!!

This is a close up of just Celeste and Noah's!

Noah in the 3 months since he came home has fallen in LOVE with Elmo from Sesame Street! I did not expect a 16 month old to watch Tv when we brought him home so I was kinda shocked when I he seemed to be intrigued by the tv even in the hotel room in Taiwan! I thought man he is lookin at it so hard like tryin to figure out "how'd they get in there?" heeheee still I did not think to show him children's tv because he was a baby. About a week after he came home I was babysitting my friend Liane's son Samuel who is 2 and a half and loves children's tv of all kind and so I put Sesame Street on for him. EVERY time Elmo came on screen Noah would RUN to tv and be glued! I decided it might be good for him to hear the talking and the english so now Noah watches Sesame Street EVERY week day! He doesnt "watch" it all but will play during lots of it but if Elmo is on he is usually watching! He likes big bird too but Elmo is the bomb! heehee Also the past month or so I have noticed if we are in the store and he sees ANYTHING Elmo he grabs for it and especially if it talks he recognizes the voice. He adores the new Elmo Live at the store every time and will hug it! heehee So one day we are in Big Lots and I see this Elmo STocking that sings! Mental note to self GET THIS THING ASAP. So the next payday I flew up there to make sure I got him one! :) Here is what it does!! For some reason the video insists on loading sideways :( uggh so lay your head down to as you watch! heehee

And lastly I wanted to share these pictures with you! My friend Judy shared pictures of her William last year at St. Lucy's Center that were taken today so it sparked me to check and see if Noah's were taken on Dec. 13th too and they were! IF I had realized that sooner we would have made plans to have Santa Pics done today! I believe from now on that will be a Dec. 13th event in honor of his first Santa Pics at St. Lucy's Center! What a sweet sweet thing for them to do by taking these pictures so that someday these babies families would have them and in years to come the babies themselves and their children!

Here he is! Dec 13, 2007! Noah's FIRST ever Christmas Picture! do you see the tiny toes at the bottom! I wish I had seen these at the time! It was much later before I ever saw his toes! I remember each picture and being like UGGGH I want to see his feet and toes! heehee I bought a baby's first Christmas 2007 ornament and it has a place for a picture so THIS picture is going in it and it will hang on our tree EVERY year!

Here is another shot of that day! My baby boy is looking up! :) So so sweet! :) It was sooo hard last year and ALL I wanted for Christmas was NOAH! :) THIS YEAR I HAVE HIM!!! How I wish I could have held that tiny Noah in my arms but I thank God for the Nannies and folks at St. Lucy's Center who DID hold him in there arms when they could!

WE send you blessings and KISSES IN THE WIND!


brazzel6 said...

The lock-in looks like fun! I can remember going to several of these when I was growing up! Your stockings look like ours. People walk into our house and comment on the number of stockings! Well, can't wait until we add our last child. :)Noah's stocking is so cute!!! Nic loved Elmo at that age. He even came to us in Guatemala with a singing Elmo. What a little party animal! CUTE!!!!!!

lorabelle said...

Where in the world do you get all of your energy Tami? You hosted a lockin for how many little girls and were up at 2:30 am taking pictures of Noah still awake. That is amazing! You go girl!!!
I posted Christmas pictures of Allie and Jaden from last year at SLC as well. They are all so adorable. Pretty Lucky Mommies we are, I agree!

Tish said...

looks liek fun! i can't believe noah stayed up that long! he sounds so much like M...won't sleep if anything cool is going on. and M is also crazy about elmo! love the photo of noah with santa!!!

Ramona said...

Tami - what a fun night! And including Noah was a great idea. Sounds like he was the hit of the party.

marina said...

His red jammies are too cute!! I need to post
Sarah's St. Lucy photo with Santa. It's kind of sad isn't it?!?!

The Family K. said...

Wow.. that little boy of yours is a trooper for staying up so late. And you, too!

William and Noah are definitely cut from the same cloth. He has the same smitten reaction to Elmo and can spot him one hundred feet away in a store. We also let him watch a bit of Sesame St. Most of it bores him until the little red guy with the squeaky voice comes on.

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