Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deck the Halls...

We were finally able to put the Christmas Tree up today! I am dealing with some bad teeth and some painful TMJ it is suspected so I basically was put in the recliner to watch and photograph! :) Also I have a few pictures from the past few days! I have been blessed with quite a few hand me down Christmas Outfits so I am having a BLAST dressing Noah each day. I will just wash and start over! :) They can only wear Christmas outfits for such a short time so I want him to get use out of them! :) Anyway here is the beginning of our Deck the Halls!

Look at that boy! Grinnin back at me over his daddy's shoulder! It was so sweet how Bobby and Celeste had Noah helpin them the whole time! :)

Noah thought the lights went on HIM and not the tree! heehee

I just bawled during this part! Here is Noah putting the FIRST ornament on the tree! This is the little homemade Baby's first Christmas ornament I made him last year using and update photo! It hung on our tree last year WAITING for Noah to be home! This year HE HUNG IT HIMSELF!!!! :) So adorable!

Here is the ornament!

Here is Celeste (Jei Jei) pretending to EAT her Baby's first Christmas ornmanet! heehee

Here is our first panda boy ornament! My friend Liane gave this sweet gift to us the other day! :) Panda Boy has to have a panda ornament collection! :)

I just loved this shot! Even though it is the back of Noah It is just so sweet. Everyone workin on the tree and him looking along!

I loved this shot too! The boys are concentrating on fixin that ornament!

More helpin Daddy with the tree! :)

Again I bawled! Noah putting the star on top of the tree! :)

The Sisemore Family Christmas Tree!

With the lights out in the room!

On the 3rd of the month my mom gets a check and so on the 4th is her day for me to take her runnin errands and all she needs done. Well, being Christmas is coming this particular 4th was quite long. We are in Walmart and Noah is riding in the cart and was fussy so I went ahead and gave him his bottle in the buggy! Well, he drinks it up and then lays his head down on my hand on the bubby! :) I had to slide it out real easy so I could grab the camera and get these shots!!

Isn't he the MOST beautiful thing????
aww weee! My sweet baby boy!

He thinks he is big sitting in my rocker recliner! :)
sooo cute! :) again the recliner :) rock rock!
My sister in law is the one who gave me most of the little Christmas outfits that her boys had worn. Well one year her 2 middle boys wore the same size so she had 2 Christmas outfits that were identical! When I realized this I had to give one to Cassie for Caleb! our PLAN was to get pics of Noah and Caleb together in the outfits. Well, as you can see Noah wanted no part of me putting him down under the tree!
You can see them both in the outfits but not at all what we PLANNED! heehee
Now he has his mama back he is happy again! :)

This is the sweetest picture of Celeste and Noah! neither is smiling as you can see but for some reason I just really love this picture!
We have more deck the halling to do yet so more pictures will be coming! :) I pray this Chrimas Season finds you all well and reflecting on the wonderful gift of a savior our Heavenly Father gave to us!
WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


Karrie said...

Hi there! I am SO glad to see that Mamma is taking it slow and taking it all in. It is SO precious that Noah is hanging that same ornament that you made while longing for him last year Great is God's faithfulness. Keep getting better Honey! You are so precious to so many people!
Love, Karrie

The Family K. said...

I love all the symbolism of Noah putting the star and the first ornament on. I can only imagine how special that was for you to see. Hope you feel better!

Ramona said...

Tami - you did a great job from the easy chair! I felt like I was right there with ya. How lucky are you to have such a wonderful daughter who obviously loves her little brother to the core. And Noah, geez, he looks so happy and healthy!

Ramona said...

BTW. Your tree looks beautiful!

momwithfaithandhope said...

I abolutely love the shot of Panda Boy sleeping in the cart during your shopping trip! So precious. Great job with the tree! And capturing the memories on film is an important job! So hats off to you - sorry you're uncomfortable! Hope that TMJ issue is resolved. Enjoy your very first Christmas with Noah!

brazzel6 said...

Tami, love the pictures! Noah is a darling. I don't have a panda ornament, and I think I need to find one! Also, the picture of Noah in the buggy is the sweetest thing! What a great Christmas you are having and will have at your house this year! The tree looks great!

lorabelle said...

Tami your tree is so pretty. I wish that I could have our kids put ours on, but it's too high with this tree. The symbolism is beautiful though...
You post is full of fun and excitement and lots of love as always... You are such a good Mommy!

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