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Friday, December 19, 2008

"Always Together" but now far apart physically but NOT in heart

When Noah was at St. Lucy's Center in Taiwan he had many roomies that he played with and I know he loved :) He STILL to this day over 3 months since leaving St. Lucy's will stroke their pictures on the computer so inside I know he remembers! I wonder what else he remembers and often wonder does he miss it there. Our agency told us about a sweet and beautiful baby girl shortly after we found out about Noah that was looking for a family and asked our help in spreading the word about her. We FELL IN LOVE with her. We were later told she and Noah were best buds! They were " Always Together" we were told. We began praying for a family for this baby girl and even discussed that we would go back for her if she was still available. After all if they were "Always Together" maybe they were meant to be brother and sister. Well, God had other plans and brought this angel her own FOREVER FAMILY! In the process He brought me a FOREVER FRIEND in Holli the mother of that angel! Breelyn Chia-Ling still waits in Taiwan just a bit longer for Holli to come and pick her up and bring her home! Noah and Breelyn have been separated since September so they are no longer "Always Together" which saddens both us Mama's. We have made a commitment to each other to keep the kids in touch by visits, calls, Christmas and Birthday gifts, etc. They may not be together physically right now but they are in heart, in their's and ours. Well, even though Breelyn has not arrived home yet Holli decided to begin already and we received a Christmas Present for Noah from Breelyn and her family! :) What a joy to our hearts this is!! :) They really spoiled Noah! Below are some photos and even a video to share of the unwrapping and such that followed. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU HOLLI because I am putting up this video because I wanted you to see Noah enjoying your gift though I look like an idiot in it and my house looks like a tornado hit it! Kinda did LOL Noah and Samuel and my family! It is better now so PLEASE dont look at the house or me just at Noah and such :)

Here are Noah and Breelyn back in April when they were still Together!

Here we go with unwrapping the gifties and all :)

Noah was quite interested in these Santa cookies :) He did not want to let go at first to keep opening! :) heeehee
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! I will put a better picture up of it when he wears it after Christmas! We are wearing Christmas clothes EVERY DAY because it is such a short time I can put him in them! :)
He was so into this! Look at that face :) He is concentrating :)
I kinda LOST it here! I had been looking for a few specific things for Noah for his first Christmas. A train was one of them! I cried with this one. I was already somewhat crying but I really did just loose it with joy! I wanted him to have a train and a plane since he rode in BOTH this year to come home :) and also a toddler age horse because he fell in love with horses at Uncle Ricky's. I have yet to find the horse. I dont think it exists :( not one for his age.
I had to show my other son in mischeif! heehee We are working on some Christmas things and had some yarn on the table and a bit was hanging! Well apparenty this pup is part cat! He somehow jumped up and grabbed the string and pulled the roll down and is having fun. I come up and find him and fuss Brownie NO and he just looks at me! I grabbed the camera and got this shot. Notice he STILL has the yarn in his paws! LOLOLOL


Christine said...

So glad to read how awesome Noah is doing. His haircut a few posts back is adorable!

The Family K. said...

How sweet of Holli. I think she definitely picked a winner with that Thomas train.

Expecting Good Things said...

That was so nice of you to post that! I LOVED seeing Noah play with Thomas. I will be posting your gift to Breelyn on my blog. I forgot to do that. Yep, ALWAYS TOGETHER in their hearts. And someday they'll be together again.

Lindsey's mom said...

Loved the video..I have to tell you something Lindsey said while watching it. We both have little ones so you will "get" this. She was stinky...something is brewing and I asked her if she went poo poo..she looked at Noah on the video and said.."no baby poo poo". I had to laugh at that!!

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