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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wawa and first bad owie

Noah has been doing amazingly well in alot of areas lately and we are even pretty sure he is talking! :) He says dada alot, though not always for bobby, but he does it definitly any time he is around bobby. He also is making what sounds like jei jei for Celeste. This is amazing and I am excited it really appears Noah is talking. Well, I have been a bit down that he is not saying mama or anything like it or anything at all for me. Well, the past couple days he has been making some sounds and I kinda wondered, is he trying to say mama? Well, then I am like I am trying to convince myself of something that isnt. So last night I rocked Noah and put him down bout 9 and by 11:30 he was WIDE awake and screaming! I was not quite sure what is going on. This is the 2nd night he has done this. The night before he was up most all night and unless I held him a certain way with me he screamed. Well, to keep him from thinking it was time to get up up I rushed out of the room to grab wipes and was gonna change him in the crib in case that was our upset. Well, as soon as I set foot passed the crib he was running across the crib, arms in air SCREAMING like in petreified fear "WAWA WAWA" I stopped and scooped him up and hugged him so tight and he stopped crying and then grinned at me! well obvisouly we are awak and happy to have mama! I am CONVINCED he was calling mama in his way. So I am pretty convinced I am wawa! lol who would have thought. As I later rocked him in the bed with me I cried because it is just so wonderful to think he is calling me something I PRAY. I am having doubts again but I was pretty convinced last night that was what he said. He did not sleep much last night either and I am not sure what is going on with that, though it was better than the previous night!

My little panda boy is definitly getting a mind of his own and as he has been sick and all his nose is running constant so I am wiping it with wipes and all. Well, NOAH does NOT care for this and so day before yesterday he decided to RUN FROM ME! uggh first time this has happend. Well, he ran, tripped and smacked the corner of our couch on the bottom and lets just say it is VERY hard. I was petrified cuz his head jerked back! Ok, just another 20 years added on to my age is all! His neck seems fine but his cheek and eye are not. Almost immediatly the cheek bruised up and by the next morning the eye did too. His first BAD owie! His first BOY injury! I have been told to get use to this because with boys there will be alot more. Not so sure how much I like my baby being hurt MORE :( ugggh I tried to get a good shot of it so you can see it but he is not cooperating and it is not showing well in photo but here it is

Can you see the redish bruise on the cheek close to his eye?
Another shot of it here. It is now bruised kinda lightly black under the eye. like major circle under the eye

I know this is a blurry horrible shot and can't see the owie at all but I love the grin :) He is TRYING to keep me from taking his picture and finding it quite funny! :) lol
Noah is definitly into climbing and in addition to climbing ON everything he is also climbing under and in everything not just the coffee table anymore :) Here he is giving the exersaucer a new role :)
You can't tell but he is just a laughing :)

now he is trying to STAND up on the bottom of it! lol Guess he is doing some science :) heehee
We (Panda Boy and Wawa) send you blessings and KISSES in the Wind!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh Tami, I hate to break it to ya, but boys will always be boys! Noah is so full of life, and looks to be pretty active! Still cute with his bruise - what a champ!

Sarah k said...

WOO HOO!!! We have a name Houston!! This is great news and progress Tami! I am so happy for you hon. I remember watching as Jer got to 1 1/2 before saying mama! NOw we are trying to get him to the point of really talking and it is great to see progress isn't it??? You go WAWA! I love it! I am so sorry for the owie. That is horrible. BUT that is a boy for ya. Jer hit the same spot on his forehead several several times.... They are pretty resilient!

Sarah k

lorabelle said...

Yep, he's all boy! Just the beginning for sure...Since I have 3, I feel pretty safe tellling you that there will be plenty more to come. Sorry!
I'm happy to hear that you figured out who you are! Love that he is progressing so well and so fast.
Way to go Panda Boy!

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