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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Will you Marry Me??

Four Years ago tonight my Binky Boo (aka Bobby, my hubby) stood up at our Church's new year's eve talent show portion of the evening and proposed to me in front of the entire Church! :) This began an amazing adventure that as I look back over the past 4 years I am in shock at all God has done and the joy Bobby has brought to mine and Celeste's lives! and now Noah's too :) I never knew romance was for real, that it could really exist and BOY was I in for a shock with my courtship with Bobby. He treated me like a queen! He still does now though not to the same level but only because of time and money I beleive! Tonight that sweet man called me on the phone from work and said the same words to me again! :) I hate we are apart tonight but I know we are close in heart! Bobby has changed my world and I KNOW he is a gift from God to me and to Celeste and Noah! :) I can't even begin to express how wonderful it is to have a GODLY husband who tries SOOO hard to give us a good life, who spends vacations going to Children's Camp for a week with our Church kids, who on top of working 2 jobs still helps plan lessons, lockins, outings, etc for our Children's ministry, plays with our son, works on teaching our daughter to drive and spending time with her, and helps me with the house to excess when I am sick. He loves me and I can't tell you why but I thank God above he does and that he loves our kids!!! I dedicate this post tonight on the anniversary of my proposal to the BEST husband and father there could ever be! Here are a few pictures to share! :) I hope you enjoy them and if you have a minute PLEASE lift my sweet binky boo up in prayer to the throne of God!

Here is a montage of our wedding photos done by a dear friend of our family! Bobby gave me the wedding of my life that I had waited over 30 years for and had secretly dreamed of but been too scared to really hope for!

My Binky Boo! :) Off to work Christmas 2006. When Bobby works on holidays he ALWAYS makes sure to somehow be with us as much as possible!

This is the spot that Bobby first proposed to me the first time LOL when I said I can't aswer you yet! It was very very soon after meeting and he knew then I was who he would marry. He also asked to kiss me the here and I said NO. poor guy! THANK GOD he didn't give up on me :)

Here we are on our wedding day again.
just playing :) took on the cell phone :)

Playing with our son. I know you can't see Noah but the picture is so good of Bobby I had to keep it :)

Thanksgiving 2008 at "Uncle Ricky's" home! :) "Aunt Carol" took this picture with our camera If I remember right! :) THANK you Carol!

Daddy and Noah sleeping! :) This is also on our Thanksgiving trip at "Aunt Liz's house" :) aren't they sweet :)

I thank God that I have a man I do not have to BEG to go to Church. Bobby wants to be there and gets so upset when work prevents it! He was as anxious as I to dedicate Noah back to the God who gave him to us! :)

Great Shot! :) I LOVE how his eyes light up when he really smiles!!! This was actually on our trip to Jackson to go and have USCIS fingerprints done for the adoption of Noah! :)

This is Bobby, Celeste and I in Dallas at the Galleria Mall! This was the hardest week of my life! When we took my baby girl to college and had to leave her! I did not think I would survive the pain but with Bobby I did and I can tell you alone I never would have made it! The picture is very grainy but I love it :) Unfortunatly not print quality :(

Bobby, Noah and I walking at "Uncle Ricky's" to see all the animals! :) I ADORED this day! I wish we were close enough to go out there and walk and spend time outside like that alot more often! :)

Bobby and Noah! MY MEN!!!! :) Aint the gorgemous???!!!!??? :)

Celeste and Bobby! :) This was at the car wash the children's Church had to help fundraise for Noah's adoption! :) LOVE LOVE this shot! :)
Another shot of my men! :)
Bobby and I outside St. Lucy Center on Gotcha Day! :) Taken by our dear friend Jackie! :) We were so blessed to meet and spend time with them on our trip! :)

This is Bobby, Noah and I at St. Lucy's Center orphanage in Tainan, Taiwan on the day we were gifted with our baby! Over 3 years of praying and waiting for our baby from God but oh boy what an angel He gave us :) THANK YOU JESUS you brough Bobby and I together so Noah could be in our forever family! :)
I may question myself alot on if I am being a good mama or not but I never question Bobby being a good dad! Most men his age would not want to start a young family but Bobby felt as called as I did, he had longed for it even longer than I had. He does all he can to be an amazing daddy!!!
I am crying as I type this post. When I first met Bobby I was so scared I wanted to run! A friend said to me, its ok, you never have to see him again! PRAISE GOD that did NOT happen! :)
Bobby, I love you more than you will ever know. I am trying to be the wife that God would have me to be to you though I can never be the wife you deserve I am trying! I LOVE YOU!


Melissa said...

Awww, what a sweet sweet post! I believe you are blessed to have a wonderful husband, but I bet he would say he is blessed to have you!

Sarah k said...

Awe.. what a sweet post! You go Bobby!! You have an amazing guy there Tami and I am so happy you do! The pictures were great too! I loved looking at them all! Happy New year friend!

Sarah k

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

What a beautiful Tribute to your sweetie! Happy proposal anniversary! BTW, Rhea proposed on NYE and then we were married one year later on NYE! Also, BTW, we got all the way to the waterway to shop yesterday, got out of the car and realized we left the camera! ARGH!! We had a great day though. I hop eyour day was great too!

Ramona said...

What a nice post, Tami. Your family truly looks happy and you have 2 beautiful children. Celeste seems like a great big sister and that Noah, wow. What a difference a few months has made. Happy New Year!

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! God is good!

The Family K. said...

Now that's sweet. He sounds like an incredible husband. Congratulations on your anniversary. I enjoyed seeing your wedding pictures. You made a lovely bride.

Expecting Good Things said...

Aw! I love that post! Your family is beautiful and I can't wait to share in the fun when my baby girl gets home. Love ya girly!

Dianne said...

Tami, that is such a sweet tribute to Bobby. I can tell how much you love him. You are so blessed to have each other.

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