Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today is THE FIRST DAY of THE FIRST YEAR that Noah will spend the ENTIRE year with me, with his entire family! :) I am overwhelmed today by this! :) There will not be a day in this year that Noah was WAITING for us or we were WAITING for Noah! He will be MY SON EVERY day this year :) YIPEEE :) Just had to post about that!

Noah had a pretty good day today even though he is still not completley back to normal! :) I got the cutest picture of him on my cell phone today when I put him in the high chair! HE CLAPPED! heehee :) He knew he was getting food!

heehee That boy truly loves JUNK food :( It is a true battle. If he sees a french fry of any kind he will refuse to eat anything and SCREAM trying to get you to give him fries. You can't give him a little of this and a little fry. He wont eat anything but the fry. :( Also cookies, crackers, and candy! The new thing now is if he sees ANYONE's stocking he will point at it and scream! that happend after ONE peice of reeces! He is a smart boy! He knows what is in them now. He will point at the shelf where his gerber graduates are and scream! If he sees a yellow bag in the store he assumes it is gerber and HIS. It is quite a scene! Trying VERY hard to get him to eat a balance of things but he is so picky and seems to ONLY like cookies and crackers and junk :( excpet yougart. HE LOVES the yobaby yougart! :) I am trying to find out how to research how much calories he needs in a day, and like a sample normal menue with times and such. I worry I am not doing right.

We were blessed today to be "kidnapped" by some dear friends and taken to eat at IHOP! Noah's FIRST trip to IHOP on his first day of 2009! I was quite impressed that the children's menu had talapia and some other healthy options! :) Noah will get about 3 meals out of it but that is ok :) He saw the fries with the Talapia and some on other plates and he would eat nothing but fries :) I did manage to fool him a bit. I broke up fries, and fish, and some tomatoes and put them all there together and put some grated cheese! He LOVES cheese like his mama and when he would try to get the cheese or fries he accidentally got some other food too! :) heehee He will eat the rest of the fish when there are NO FRIES in sight! We brought home doggie bag for him :) Here is a video of a bit of the evening at IHOP! :) When it got really fun Celeste quit taping :) You can see Noah pretty good in it so I thought y'all might enjoy it :)

I wanted to thank ALL of y'all who have followed us in 2008! Who prayed for us, cried with us, rejoiced with us, sweated with us over the money. Helped in any way towards bringing Noah home. I have SO MANY friends from this blog and this adoption experience :) I am so blessed. It is so nice to know and follow along on y'alls walk with Noah's roomies! And I ask you to be in prayer for Breelyn Chia-ling as she comes HOME this month! I am so excited for Holli and her family :) It is amazing how CLOSE you can become to people when you walk this journey together but so FAR apart!

Thank you also to our Church family and our kinfolk! :) We are so blessed to have you each in our lives and Noah is beyond blessed to have all yall :)

Special Happy New Year Wishes to Aunt Liz and Uncle Andy and cousins Katie and Kristen, Uncle Ricky and Aunt Nancy and cousins Ricky and Krystal, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Carole and cousins johnny, kayla, darla , and Ronnie Joe. I believe they are all following along on the blog now! :) And Also to Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Harold (Fondly known to Noah now as Pawpaw! ) Noah does not have a living grandfather and Uncle Harold gave me away at my wedding because he was more a daddy to me anyway so it is only fitting he is Noah's Pawpaw! Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE! We wish you a year of love and blessings in our Lord Jesus!

WE send you kisses in the wind!


Tina said...

Happy New Year! We started our New Year out in IHOP too! LOL Maybe Next Year we can coordinate that adventure~

Expecting Good Things said...

Happy New Year! 2009! The year Little Miss Breelyn Chia-Ling comes HOME! Just months after her best friend Noah comes home. I'm getting more excited and nervous every day. 7 days before I leave!

Tish said...

noah is a junk food junkie like matthew! i was very diligent about not giving him sweets and stuff, but i think it is just ingrained in him!!! happy new year!!

Dianne said...

My little guy is the same way with the junk food. If he sees you with something else that he thinks he wants he will scream unless he gets some. French fries is one of those things.
Little ones are so cute, aren't they??

momwithfaithandhope said...

Oh, good, so Gracyn isn't the only junk-food lover??? LOL French fries and soda won her heart over in Taiwan the day we hopped on a plane.

Tisra said...

That is a humbling, wonderful, amazing thought- EVERY DAY THIS YEAR, he will be your son! Awwwww! Your beautiful miracle baby. :-)

hoping THIS will be the year we meet our daughter

Expecting Good Things said...

Miss ya! Hope all is well. Thinking of you!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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