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Friday, February 13, 2009

Diaper Boy

Hi all :)

I thought I would share some pics from the sweet sweet time I had last night with my baby boy! We were supposedly watching a family movie together, which I did TRY to watch and keep up with for the sake of Bobby and Celetse but Noah decided HE was my entertainment and I grabbed the camera! I will say before you see the pics and the video that my house is a WRECK! Now as excuse I give to you the fact that I had 6 children (between the ages of 4 months and 4 years), 2 dogs, a husband, and a mom to deal with all day and evening yesterday at the same time preparing for a trip! It was totally unexpected but my friend had an emergency and she was desperate! I love her kids but we were trying to get ready for a trip Celeste, Noah and I will be taking next week and so I have been washing like crazy household linens, clothes for all going and staying and such. Anyways by the time they were picked up last night I was a bit pooped to try and clean especially since I have been feeling under the weather to boot. Bobby suggested we watch a movie we got him for his birthday so we did! My house is never the best lookin on the block but this is a bit above :) lol Anyway, ALL that to say PLEASE don't judge me too badly on the condition of my house but these were too cute not to share!

Runnin Noah! :) He was in SUCH a good mood! :) He just goes and if anything or anyone is in the way you better look out! Brownie is laying there on the floor just got missed!

More running! He does ride this car ALOT but last night he decided to run across living room while pushing it and making LOUD noice the whole way! It is funny because I do think he hears better! :) He is making SOOOOO much more noise than he use too! All day if he wasn't verbally making noise he was banging things to make it! heehee. I know I should NOT let him run inside, but he was so cute I just didn't even think about it!

This shot was actually from earlier in the evening! Bobby was being amazing and helping my by stirring as I added some last minute things to the taco soup that did not need to cook as long! :) Noah wanted to help daddy! :) Daddy obviously does not mind!

Silly boy! LOVE the grin :)

More smiles! He was havin so much fun the camera did NOT bother him :)

Here is a picture from earlier in the day! :) heehee this is 4 of the 6 I had, the 2 younger( age 12 months and 4 months) had already been put down for nap! These guys were sitting on the couch so we could vaccuum after cleaning up toys and then lay some down on couch for naps! :) They are from the left, Samuel 2 and half, Trinity just turned 4, Tathen 2 and half, and Noah 21 months! :) They look like they are in a line up heehee

He is layin in my lap here with hands in his mouth but making all kinds of sounds! heehee :)

Great smile again! :) To bad he is not dressed! That would make a great 8 x 10 to frame :) I may do it anyway!

here he is climbing up my legs in my recliner! :) so cute
This is not a good shot but it is so cute! Laughin with mama!
And here is the cutest video! He began goin around tryin to march to something on the movie! By the time I got the video going the music on movie was done but he was so cute :) It is loud because the tv and me sound so loud but you can here him making some sounds and such also :)

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my night of entertainment with Diaper Boy half as much as I did living it!

WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


The Family K. said...

For a kid who just had a surgical procedure, he looks unstoppable and as always, precious.

Amanda said...

Glad to see Noah up and around so soon! :)

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

lorabelle said...

Oh My! You really had a house full for a little while! Smiling because I have the feeling if anyone could handle that, it would be you! I'm so happy that someone else's living room looks like mine!
Thanks for always keeping us updated on all the fun pics of Noah. He such a beautiful boy!

Charissa said...

Looks like he is having a great time!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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