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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noah Surgery!

Noah's surgery went well! Thank you Jesus! I was NOT allowed to go back with him till he was asleep because of Heppa Privacy laws. Funny heppa is to protect patients and NONE of the parents or children like that parents can't go back. So if it is to protect us seems we would have a say. oh well. They did give him some versed and he was VERY VERY LOOPY! heehee Basically he was drunk as a skunk. He let me hand him to the nurse to carry him back with no problem which has NEVER happend!! I was shocked. As soon as she was round the corner I broke down crying. I texted a couple people that he just went back and my dear friend Lora called and talked to me for a good while telling me what they were doing back there and such. Her hubby is an anesthesiologist and so she was albe to tell me exactly what was happening. It was so wonderful to have a friend there on the other end of the cell phone to help distract and calm me some! Especially since the procedure did take longer than even the doctor thought it would so I would have totally been going nutso! We found out that YES the Surgery was DEFINITLY needed! There was "TONS AND TONS" of gunk and fluid behind the eardrum! The Surgeon said that Noah will hear better than he has probably heard in his entire life! He said he fully expects his speech to come on really quickly. He did say there is no guarantee that nerve damage had not already happend from all that being in there untreated for so long and so bad and all so it is possible that there could still be further hearing problems with the nerve but we will have to wait to see on that much later he said. Noah has really really think ear secretions and will have to go to the ENT every 4 months for the rest of his life to keep them cleaned out good so that it does not affect hearing or cause infections but things look really good right now! :) It was not too long after he came in to talk to me that they brought Noah out SCREAMING. He kicked and flailed and screamed beyond comrpehension. Lora had prepared me (thank GOD!) that he might be angry from the gas they used and he was worse than I have ever seen. I could barely hold on to him he fought so bad. But he was also still doopy so I was not able to even lay him in the bed cuz it was not a crib. I doubt that woudl have helped anyway. He wanted me cuz when Bobby tried to help with him he freaked worse reaching for me! It was a dreadful experience to not be able to comfort my baby AT ALL and I did wonder if he had been home longer or been with me his whole life if it would have been better but there is not way to know that. He and I came home and basically I held him and finally he gave up in my arms and we slept a couple hours. He has been VERY VERY cranky and crying on and off ever since we woke back up. They told us to have a quiet day today and that we are doing! :) He and I are staying in the bedroom together with a few toys and lots of snuggles :) We have some pictures of everything before they took him to surgery but none of the surgeon coming in or when he was finally out because he was wiggin out so badly noone thought to take pictures, we were just all trying to help him. THANKS SO MUCH for all your prayers and love to Noah and I! :)

Daddy and Noah ready to go to the car EARLY this morning! :)

Mama and Noah in the waiting room at the surgery center before they called us to register. He was very quiet and clingy. I think he knew something was up.

This was what we saw on his bed when we came in the room! :) So cute :) I have the gown still by the way to put up and show him someday :)

This is the Nurse we had when we first got in there :) Asking questions and signing consents and such.

You can't see mine too good but Noah had an ankle id bracelet and I had a wrist one. We went together :) heehee

This is me putting Noah's gown on him.

All dressed! He looks like a sweet asian girl! :) Someday maybe his sister will look like this!

Here we are reading his story coloring book!

Exploring the room with Daddy

Meeting with the Anesthesiologist who "WOULD" have let me go in if it was up to him, BUT Heppa and the hospital will not allow :(

The Nurse and I fighting him to give him his I dont care medicine!

Drunk as a skunk smiling at EVERYTHING! We turned the lights off in the room to help him relax and I was trying to rock him to sleep but it did NOT work! Praise God he did good anyway!
Daddy kissing him right after we prayed over him before they came for him

And this was last night! I was sitting across the room and saw Noah from the back playing happy in his garden and then he lifted up the wipe box and I was like HUH? How did he get that. LOL and HOW is he pickin it up one handed. Well, here is how! heehee
As you see he pulled the ENTIRE box of wipes out several at a time and made a nice mess of them! He was so proud of himself! lol Oh well, its only money!
Ok, back to snugglin with my baby boy who is now throwin vienna sausage at me because he wants me off here and back with him!
WE send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


Jill said...

Bless his little heart!! I am glad to hear that he did so well and is on the road to recovery. I will keep you in my prayers!
Hugs, Jill

The Family K. said...

It sounds like an emotionally gut-wrenching day. On the bright side, it's great to know that the surgery could have such a great impact on Noah's hearing and speech. I hope you all get some good rest.

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

Oh, I am praying for a speedy recovery for your Noah!

lorabelle said...

I just emailed you a minute ago, but after reading your post thought I should comment. Chris just stood here with me and disagreed with the what the doctor explained to you... At least here in Indy, he would and could have let you gone back with Noah until he was asleep.
I'm just thankful that everything went pretty smoothly and they were able to get all of that wax cleaned out. All is good now and he will be hearing so much better. Get some rest and keep us posted on how he's doing.

marina said...

It sounds like it was really hard - I'm glad it's over and behind you both. He looks so sweet in the hospital gown!

Sarah k said...

I am so glad that things went so well. And I am glad that he will be able to hear again! Or possibly even for the first time well! That is awesome news! You did great TAmi!!!! This is great news!!!

Sarah k

Mel said...

PTL everything went well. You must feel so relieved!! And Noah is such a little trooper.
God bless you both,

June Berger said...

I'm so glad everything went well, I had been praying for him (and you) throughout the day! Glad it is all over and that it should help.

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