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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goodbye January...Hello February!

Well, in our family January went out with a bang and February came in with a bang! Celebrations and parties galore :) Many FIRST for Noah and some for us too :) We celebrated our FIRST Chinese New Year last Night on the last day of January to send the month out good :) Chinese new year began on the 26th but it last for 15 days so we are at least celebrating during that time even though not on the actual first day! :) It was a much worked for event and seems EVERYTHING that could go wrong did but in the end it was a wonderful Night. It was rather simple really. I cooked homemade cream cheese wontons (experiement that will definitly be repeated :) !!!! ) , and Chinese noodles with veggies in it and Bourbon chicken (though I cheated on this and we bought it frozen so I really only heated it up! It was all yummy :) I NEVER did find the offical red envelope I needed but we just used a red envelope that Daddy came up with. :) I have been thinking abou what to put in Noah's envelope and I know money is to go in there and other things can as well. We decided that each year Noah will receive how ever old he is in dollars. So this year he got a crisp new $1.00 bill! :) We has some little noise makers and things as well for him to play with. Next year I will probably add some other things to the envelope when I have a chance to pray and think about it more but the money aspect has been decided :) I had alot of fun trying to put this night together and was asked by someone "Why are you worrying so much about celebrating Chinese New year, he is 1 and will never remember?" This question was shocking to me actually because folks do first birthdays all the time even if babies don't remember. And yes Noah may not remember BUT he will someday see that we started from the Beginning to celebrate some of his culture along with our own. It is very important to me that Noah be proud of his heritage! :) We enjoyed adding a new holiday to our lives :) I am so loving that Noah is here and we have so many first holiday's to enjoy with him. I already can't WAIT till Valentine's day! MY FIRST valentine from a SON! :) and to give to a son! :) Anyway I will continue to share as I show the pics that some of you I KNOW are waiting to see :)

Noah WesLee Sisemore FIRST Chinese New Year Celebration with his Family!

Here is our Table! We set a place for Grandma even though she is still in the nursing home's rehab program right now :) We will take her new chopsticks to her up there :) I tried to kinda make it look festive with what I was able to find in town and all :) We had some decorations around and such as well :) I plan to search online for next year and see what all else is available :)

Noah chowin down on the noodles! His favorite part of the meal! :)

It was important to me that we try to eat this meal the way Noah would if he were still in Taiwan so MOST of us ate with chopsticks! LOL no wonder they are so little over there! heeheee :) just kidding. Of course Noah is not ready for chopsticks so as you saw above he used his hands :) On Jon and Kate plus 8 her toddlers had chopsticks that were for little ones and joined together at the top or something. I WANT to find those for Noah soon :)

I FINALLY DID IT! I got a peice of chicken! :)

Jei Jei doing well! You can't see but Nannie decided to use a fork! :) Said she was too old to learn to use chopsticks and she was starving and needed nourishment! heehee

Daddy goes at it like a pro! :) He was stationed in Korea for a time and I know he traveled quite a bit in Asia at that time so he has previous experience :)

Some sweet giggle time with mama and her panda boy after our aftersupper cleanup :)

More giggle time, off to put our outfit on :)

Here is Noah receiving his RED ENVELOPE! :) He LOVES paper so he was thrilled :)

He took the dollar out, handed it to me and went back in looking for more! heehee :)

Daddy and Noah :)

I love this little grin :)

He loved the noise maker toys :)

he played with them for the longest time :)

another shot of Noah and Daddy! check out the toys peeking out! :) The outfit was too big but that is ok! We did the best we could to keep it up so he could wear it! :) Was a gift from a friend :) I think he will get some more years of wear out of that outfit :)

My Sweet Panda Boy! :) He has no clue why we are standing him in front of the door with decorations and saying smile Noah! LOL

Celeste (Jei Jei) got cute with the fans from the table! :) She got pics of EVERYBODY like this :) heehee

Here is Noah's fan picture :)
I LOVE this shot of Noah! You can see his little runny nose and his cheeks all rough and chapped again. That happens every time he is sick! The doctor says he has Allergy induced asthma and she thinks it is from the change from Taiwan to the states. He is on medication and she thinks he will outgrow it!
Here is a shot of Noah and Jei Jei bein silly right before bedtime :)

Well that was the end of January with our Chinese New Year Celebration :) and we Welcomed February with a Super Bowl Party at Church! Noah's first Super Bowl with daddy! And YES I know the team he is wearing was NOT in the super bowl! lol but I had to go with what I had! It was really cute because Sara Jane came dressed in a cheerleader outfit for the same team Noah had his football outfit on from :) So of course the mama's got out the camera's :) They looked like the paparazzi was on them :) heehee

Noah was NOT happy I put him down! This is the BEST shot :)
Noah and Daddy Watchin the game together :)
another shot with daddy

Noah and Mama

Tried to get a shot of Noah and Jei jei :) He as wanting me! He has been even clingier than normal for him lately! I just keep remembering that if he needs me, he needs me! I mean he has only been home 4 and half months, if he was a 4 and a half month old baby and cried for me I would go to him immediatly! That is where we are with him :) I told our home study folks that is you took away every person, sight, smell, taste, place, and thing I had ever known for 4 and a half months you would find me in the nut house! I think he is doing pretty amazing to be honest! :) I just love love it when he snuggels close to me :) He is so sweet when he lifts those adorable arms up to me for me to pick him up and hold him :)
Well, now if you read this far THANKS and congrats! lol :)
We send you blessings and Kisses in the Wind!


Ramona said...

What IS it with noodles? Jaden can eat noodles to no end. Looks like you have a wonderful CNY. Noah is SO handsome in his outfit and the food looks like it came out wonderfully!

lorabelle said...

Noah's little outfit is so adorable! Blue is definitely Panda boys color. Allie feels the same way about her noodles too, too funny! She will eat those suckers anyway I fix them, only she See's us eating with chopstix and she demands that I give her the little ones that I purchased for her in Taiwan. It's adorable to watch her try and she gets really frustrated and ends up allowing me to feed her with mine.
Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Gracyn loves noodles too! More than rice. Your table looked GREAT! So festive. "Combi" makes chopsticks that are joined at the top and built as "training ones" for the toddlers. You can also roll up a wad of paper, place it in between at the top of the chopsticks, rubberband the top of the chopsticks and they work like giant tweezers! Panda boy looks great in his Chinese ensemble. E-mail me next year if you want the Chinese Red Envelopes! We have tons!

The Family K. said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful celebration. Noah looks so handsome in his outfit. I love the creativity with the CNY menu - sort of Cajun Chinese fusion. It's wonderful that you are making efforts to teach him about his heritage this early on. Way to go!

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