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Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Friday, O Christmas Tree, Target Card Drawing etc.

Today was black Friday for most folks but we did not venture out into the crazy fun of all that.  For us today was Family Friday!  :)  We went and visited Bobby's Sister and Brother in law (Noah's Nana Beth and Poppy) and to see our neice and her baby :)  did a couple of errands and headed home to put the Christmas Tree up :)  Here are some pics and all from our day at at the bottom is the Vidoe where I announce the winner of the Target Gift Card!

This was how Noah began the day.  He was NOT in a good mood.  I was quite worried about how things would end up going!  FYI that little pooh shirt he has on was worn first by his big sister! :) 

Noah huggin Nana Beth!

and huggin Poppy!

Noah givin hugs to cousin Emma Elisabeth :)

Me holding my great, great neice!  One of the percs to marrying an older man!  Isn't Miss Emma Elisabeth the cutest thing :)  She has the family birthmark just like her mama too  :) 

startin to put up the tree

Daddy can I help! :)

I think Millie quite enjoyed learning about this tradition :)

Noah was so into trying to help :)  He saw the girls workin on the branches, so he wanted to as well :)

My family workin on the tree :)

Noah and daddy puttin on the first ornament :)

He is just lookin at it :)  so cute :)

ooooh Wow!  LOTS of stuff in this box to get into! :)

helpin Nanny put on an ornament :)

Sooo fun :)  Noah was so amazing to me!  This 2 and a half year old literally helped put up the whole tree and he would walk over and get ornaments and get someone to help him put them up the entire time!  When we were all done he threw a fit because he wanted to help some more!  So cute!  I was amazed he would be so helpful and involved at such a young age.

Putting the star on with Daddy!

look at my tree! :)

The Sisemore Family Christmas Tree!

Tonight was the drawing for our Target Gift Card!  I want to say thank you to all who donated and entered the drawing.  We are so blessed by the generosity of you all :)  So without further ado here is the drawing and the winner announced! 

Congratulations to you!!!!!!  I can't wait to hear how much fun you have with your gift card!  :) 

Jeremiah sweetie pie, Mommy really felt your absense alot today.  It seems so much harder right now because when we first laid eyes on you I just knew you would be home for Christmas and so now that we are preparing for Christmas and you are not here I am so very sad, but I KNOW that God is in control and you will be home soon!  Catch my kisses in the wind frogie boy!  I LOVE YOU :)


The Family K. said...

"Woohoo!" shouted Judy, as she performed a dorky victory dance across the living room carpet.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

heeheee!! OK JUDY! I want video of said dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lorabelle said...

Sounds like you have been super busy and having a good at it!
Glad that you had a wonderful Holiday! The pics of Noah and Sesame street are precious...

Empty Nester said...

Hi friend! So enjoyed watching you put up your tree! Kat and I are going through Christmas decs today, but won't decorating mine for another week or so. Everyone is already asking about Baby Jesus so that will be the first thing we do!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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